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F.E.A.R demo impressions
(hx) 06:32 AM EDT - Aug,06 2005

I captured some screens while playing the F.E.A.R demo. From what I got to play of FEAR though, I must say that I'm very impressed. This is how fort-person shooter shootouts should be IMHO. Using cover, running away when in a bad position, flanking etc. Very nice. Very scary. And...I hate that little girl!

It is resource heavy, but not insanely so. I ran the demo at 1024x768 with max details on all, 4x AA, no Soft Shadows - average framerate was 50 FPS (with Soft Shadows on 30 FPS) [AMD Athlon 64 3500+ / 1 GB RAM / Geforce 6800 GT]. There're some stuttering (the game freezes for a while as new textures are loaded into the video card memory) and graphical errors, but I hope they'll work a bit on optimization. I'm buying this for sure when it comes out!

System requirements:
Minimum: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent, 512MB RAM, 64MB DirectX 9.0 compliant video card with pixel shader support (GeForce 4 Ti Series / Radeon 9000),1.4GB free HDD space for installation, CD-ROM or DVD drive, 16-bit DirectX 9.0 compliant sound card with support for EAX 2.0.

Recommended: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent, 2GB of RAM, 256MB DirectX 9.0 video card with pixel shader 2.0 support

genre: first-person shooter
release: October 2005
developer: Monolith
publisher: Sierra/VU Games

last 10 comments:

lmer(08:02 AM EDT - Aug,06 2005 )
Well now that i played through the demo for the third time..i can actually run this game at full details/1024 except for soft shadows and medium texture, and it being playable on a K7 2600+ and 5900XT at exactly Ultra CLK. Good job on the technical side i must say. This is definitely on my list. A nice juicy SP shooter. The *only* remark i have is that the weapon sounds are really too quiet/weak. A must have.

JDR13(03:16 PM EDT - Aug,06 2005 )
Yes, I agree about the weapon sounds. The guns sound very weak, almost as if they're being muffled. The bullet discharge seemed screwy as well. For example, on the machine guns it sometimes seemed as if they were still firing for a second after I had released the trigger. The physics engine is far from perfect also, several times I saw bodies bounce and jiggle long after I had shot them. The graphics and atmosphere are very impressive but I can't help feeling a little dissapointed by this game after all the hype.

psolord(06:32 PM EDT - Aug,06 2005 )
Hi guys.The problem is that i cannot run the demo.I get an error saying "A REQUIRED SECURITY MODULE CAN NOT BE ACTIVATED.THIS PROGRAM CAN NOT BE EXECUTED". Any ideas? thx

Badmagic(12:36 AM EDT - Aug,07 2005 )
psolord> Hi guys.The problem is that i cannot run the demo.I get an error saying "A REQUIRED SECURITY MODULE CAN NOT BE ACTIVATED.THIS PROGRAM CAN NOT BE EXECUTED". Any ideas? thx

Sounds like the download might have been gubbed, was it a bit torrent, zip or exe you got?

Maybe re-download?


Also do you have a DX9 compatible card?

I think I remember a similar post somewhere else because the person could not run DX9 but it is maybe just my imagination.


nb411(03:10 AM EDT - Aug,07 2005 )
Nice graphics, so-so gameplay...suprised? Come on now.

psolord(04:40 AM EDT - Aug,07 2005 )
Well actually i have a gt6800. I run everything just fine. The file was downloaded with azureus bit torrent client. When the file finished it hashed ok and the installation returned no errors whatsoever.

psolord(11:05 AM EDT - Aug,07 2005 )
Also i just got word from a friend to whom i gave the exact same file i downloaded and at his computer it runs just fine!So there is something wrong with my computer. Any ideas what this security stupid thind is. The support page of vugames returns an error also and i cannot ask them direclty. My luck...!!:(

djdidge(10:03 AM EDT - Aug,09 2005 )
psolord .... Your security thing may be a windows permissions thing. I know it may sound silly, but ensure your installing it as the system admin.



psolord(01:03 PM EDT - Aug,10 2005 )
Of course i have admin rights on my pc.What the hell? :P

Shadow674(03:10 PM EDT - Aug,10 2005 )
@ pslord: Hmm, perhaps try disabling any firewall or antivirus protection you might have on? Try re-installing the game or maybe it'd never hurt to go for a system re-format since things just keep piling up in the registery =)

Anyway, about the game, I must say It was pretty fun, having ended the demo nearly 10 times now. Graphics and Gameplay are pretty good despite the few bugs which might be cleaned up in the final version. Also, a tip for anyone who has a slow CPU and wants good performance: Disable Shadows, this increases performance significantly as the CPU doesn't have to do all those complex calculations about where to caste the shadow depending on the angle of lights etc.

It made the game perform really well on my 2.6 GHZ Pentium 4 with an ATI Radeon 9600 XT.

psolord(11:15 AM EDT - Aug,11 2005 )
ok.Thanks for your help. I am NOT going to format a perfectly working system for a game demo that does not work, no matter how good it is. Truelly my installation is rather old but i keep everything perfeclty clean and up until now no problems occured. I managed to contact vugames so i'm expecting an answer from them. I will post it here once i receive so other might be helped.

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