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Spider-Man 2 : the Game
(hx) 12:26 PM CEST - Aug,03 2004

"Two years have passed since Peter Parker first hit the streets of New York City as the conflicted crime-fighter Spider-Man. Now he finds himself battling his most diabolical villain yet, the mechanized, multi-tentacled Doc Ock. The nefarious Doc Ock was once Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant nuclear physicist. But a freak accident transformed him from a timid researcher to a criminally insane megalomaniac who blames Spider-Man for his horrible transformation. Now the scientist Peter once idolized for his remarkable intellect has marked our web-slinger for death...."

Spider-Man 2 is a third-person arcade adventure sequel which has been published on all major platforms - Xbox, PS2, GBA, Gamecube, and PC. However, the PC version (subtitled "The Game") isn't a console port, but a totally different game. The console versions were developed by Treyarch, while the PC product was made by the Fizz Factor Game Studios. Also, the ratings provide the most noticeable clue: the PC product ($29.99) is for everyone, while the console titles are for teens.

As you'd expect, Spider-Man 2 works along the same basic lines as the last one (review 66%) but is actually a desperate attempt to completely expand the concept and the way it's implemented. In an attempt to liven things up a bit, the Spider-Man 2 does more than merely pit Spider-Man against Dr. Octopus. You'll also face other baddies, like Mysterio, the Puma, and on multiple occasions you'll fight off against Rhino.

Most of the game is played in a 3rd-person perspective, with the expected keyboard/mouse setup for controlling Spiderman. The controls are very easy - most of the action is done by your mouse buttons, including attacks and object interaction. The Spidey can be made to jump and cling onto walls with a click of the right mouse button, while left-clicking performs whatever action is highlighted on the context-sensitive crosshair. The PC version is horribly restricted. Rather than being able to swing from anything, you are limited to designated swing points, and you can only fire webshots if the cursor indicates that you can do so. The game follows the same generic formula - you brawl with thugs, fight bosses, and solve the occasional puzzle. Needless to say, it doesn't take long before the simplicity of the game becomes painfully repetitive. Besides, the game is short - way too short. It took me about 3 hours to finish the game.

There's really not much positive to say about the game, so I'll keep it short and simple. If you've seen the movie then it just feels like the PC version was cobbled together for the sake of making a PC version. Also, the graphics are uninspiring. Flat and lifeless are two words that spring to mind and the animations aren't exactly pretty either. I would expect better graphics for a PC game.

Overall, Spider-Man 2 for the PC is a piece of crap. It's one of the worst games I have played this year. If you want a real Spider-Man 2 game, stay away from this and buy the console version.

Related links:  homepage, demo (197MB)

Minimum system requirements: Pentium III 600 MHz or Athlon 600 MHz or higher processor, 128MB RAM, 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX 9.0b-compliant 16 MB video card* and drivers, 100% DirectX 9.0b-compliant true 16-bit sound card and drivers, 827 MB of uncompressed hard disk space (plus 400 MB for the Windows swap file)
*Supported Chipsets: All NVIDIA GeForce chipsets, NVIDIA TnT and TnT2, All ATI Radeon chipsets, Matrox Parhelia

snd: 2/5 - poor bad voice acting, boring music
gfx: 2/5 - dated, dull, unexciting, blocky environments, poor character animation, some crappy FMV, bad collision detection
playability: 2/5 - boring, lack of depth, repetitive goals, extremely short (~ 3hours), sloppy control scheme
genre: 3rd-person action
platform: PC (also available on PS2, Xbox, GC, GBA)
release: June 2004
developer: The Fizz Factor
publisher: Activision
Overall: 38%

last 10 comments:

Waldo(08:05 PM CEST - Aug,03 2004 )
There is one good thing about this game :D Bruce Campbell voice over in the training. Other than that spot on review :P

xxxx(08:09 PM CEST - Aug,03 2004 )
:shock: wow, i think it's pretty fun and the graphics are pretty good for an arcade game. is a game like this even worth a review? this is a kids game mostly and not intended for the masses. ask my cousins what they think of the game, they have been glued onto it for a while playing it over and over again. i think HX you should reconsider reviewing kids games. if i were to tell them to read your review, they'd probably laugh.. as for graphics, hmm, i think they are pretty good and the game was fun.. true it is short, but still fun and using the Unreal engine.. Spiderman himself looks pretty damn good and gives us a good glimpse of the upcomming villains for the next movie perhaps.

(02:30 AM CEST - Aug,04 2004 )
1) It was avidly played with by a 10-year-old boy (hard-core Spider-Man fan) and he told me he didn't like both gameplay&graphics too. FYI: He finished the game probably even faster than me:)

2) As I mentioned in the review, the PC version is completely different, as it is apparently targeted at a younger audience. Surprisingly, for some weird reason it is rated Mature (15 years and over) in the Australian market as stated on the box

Anonymous(10:57 AM CEST - Aug,04 2004 )
One of the WORST games ever... In EVERY way possible...

@xxxx - Yes, after playing it, I know it's a kiddie game.. The point is that it was marketed along side the console games - same commercial and same or very similar packaging, hence the mass dissapointment with the PC title... If it was marketed differently; i.e. different title/packaging/etc. then noone would have cared that it sucked... Activision or whoever it is are ripping people off...

Waldo(05:27 PM CEST - Aug,04 2004 )
Well they are selling it for 29.99 a box :P But yeah, the commercials have pc cd rom logo in them, the retail boxes are exactly the same as the ps 2 ones (except the ps2 logo and a few minor changes) and it does have a teen rating. They aren't ripping people off they are just lying to their faces. Quite sad, the demo was more fun than the full version :D

FX5900(06:30 PM CEST - Aug,04 2004 )
This game is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
That's why ATI will be proving coupons for it in upcoming X800XT-PE boxes. ;)

CaptStar(07:20 PM CEST - Aug,04 2004 )
Ok FX, shut up, don't be fanatical about being an NVidia fanboy. There are plenty of other NVidia users on this website, but they dont always have to talk about it.

ambazador(12:23 AM CEST - Aug,05 2004 )
haha,spiderman looks like the flame zombie indoor 3 [read doom], so FX, i dont like FX series:[ but do u have 128 memeorie?, i need it so badly coz my zomboe freak dont wanna loada so quick as i mean he can do, but the doors this my real problem so titanium fan boy and 68zero zero downfall waitmen is hera,chees!!!!

kosxx(03:49 PM CEST - Aug,05 2004 )
One of the worst game I have ever played...too short , boring, poor.......... :(

spideymx(07:14 PM CEST - Aug,05 2004 )
Ok, it´s a kiddy game but i know some kiddy games that are really great like Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban or Shrek 2 but this game is a piece of s**t , i consider myself a hard bone spidey fan, (just look at my nick ha :) ) and this game is crap, to hell activision, this is an insult for spideyfans like me.

xxxx(08:37 PM CEST - Aug,05 2004 )
ah well, i thought it was fun.

spideymx(11:48 PM CEST - Aug,05 2004 )
Ok xxxx, your opinion is very respectable but... how old are you? When you play the console version you will throw your copy of the PC version to the waste basket, I bought a bootleg copy of the game and I even regret spending those 3 dollars, i&acute;m saving to buy an xbox and play the other version, original lol. :twisted:

lucas(12:47 AM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
spideymx> I bought a bootleg copy of the game and I even regret spending those 3 dollars
your $3 supports terrorism! the media told me so! be a good citizen and download it like the rest of us

Waldo(03:15 AM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
You paid for a bootleg version?

spideymx(06:24 AM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
I would download it if I had a DSL or Cable conecction but they are a little expensive here and I have a crappy 31K conection because of the crappy telephone lines here in my country, lucas I envy you and your country , Iwould like to be british. I&acute;d rather support terrorism than those fizz factor and activision guys lol :lol:

xxxx(03:55 PM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
i use tradeins as i buy lots of games. costs much less. no point having games hanging around i'm not gonna play anymore. of course i'm still stuck with the Matrix crap that you can't trade in.. but i'll find some way to be rid of it aside from dumping it in the garbage can. despite HX review and the console port i doubt i will ever see anyhow, i just find it entertaining and it's kinda fun spinning webs all over the place even if it is repetitive in terms of fighting and stuff. it's a pastime game for me when i don't feel like playing anything else. there is very little reviews from HX i agree with, but it's someone else's slant and that's the important thing.

doom3, now having it, i'm happy to say i was right about the game. it's mediocre. heavy on sound, graphics are not groundbreaking but some of the creatures thus far are kind of neat. but carmack the sly little guy he is thinks he can pull the wool over gamers eyes. the game has lots of horrid textures and even more so up close. i am currently collecting piss poor elements of doom3. next to zero bump mapping. picture quake2 and the walls that are blocky crap textures.. carmack uses dynamic lights etc to try and mask it, but you can't mask it if you walk up to the wall or elements. it's painted on tubes on the walls with higher color etc.. this doom3 is nowhere close to game of year. now i am whole heartedly waiting on HL2. i'll of course finish doom3 and again, i bought it simply to justify myself and my past comments and i'm glad i was 100% correct. overrated. what i'd like to do is take a non-important element of environment from ut2k4 and take one from doom3 and show you the differences. but you can do it yourself. i play ut2k4 and 97% ultra quality with excellent fps so why doom3 should be laggy at 1024 maxxed, is beyond me. only explanation, poor coding poor engine balance. the sound and some of the creatures is what will make doom and the constant darkness. intro to the game? almost non-existant.

spideymx(06:31 PM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
you liked spider-man 2 and you ddint like doom 3, I think you are sick man, probably those choppy graphics you get with doom 3 are because of your hardware, cus i got doom 3 and its great!!! i have an athlon 64 3000+ processor, nvidia gforce fx 5900 256 Vram and 640 Ram, time to upgrade. :P

xxxx(08:23 PM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
well thank god you aren't a reviewer. i'm not saying the game sucks, i'm saying the technology etc behind it is pitiful to be exact. walk up to a wall and look at the graphics with your card and don't try and tell me the textures are good. the textures for the most part suck and are hidden using carmacks lighting tricks. Go up to a wall that from distant looks like pipes. it's pipes alright, but not 3d, it's painted on the wall. look at the lobby area where you can see outside and see mars, that's a slanted wall with a bitmap on it. then i wont go into the lip synch or interesting teeth design on people. gimme a break people. doom3 will make it on marketing, but as a game is just a typical game with nice sound and lighting. from a graphics standpoint, nothing new. if anything, if you liked the eerieness of System shock, you'll like this. if you liked the creepiness in Alien 2 game, you'll like this, but how long does it last? if you are looking for ground breaking graphics, doom3 is 'not' that. it's a modified quake3 engine with zero bump mapping and slightly(but questionable) upgraded graphics. other things of note in doom3, walk up to boxes with writing on them, it looks like writing from duke nukem, blocky and crappy. or stickers that are a blur on boxes. things like that i never expected to see in doom3 are prevalent just like any other shooter outside of ut2k4. technology wise, ut2k4 walks circles around doom3. and why you think carmack said he is gonna do another rendering engine, ya, cuz what he did in doom3(or his team that is) sucks. funny how carmack doesn't appear as a programmer when i know for fact he did do a lot of the original coding. why? to save his reputation. doom3 is lighting tricks, poor textures, cheap tricks with scenery poor AI and great sound. that sums up doom3. any aware and quality/technology aware person will realize doom3 is based on marketing for sales and very little return. whether funding was cut or something, i don't know. but though it will be enjoyable game to play, it's nowhere near groundbreaking.. oh and im playing it on a radeon 9700 high quality at 1024x768, so far walking thru it and if i get hung up it's usually because it's so damn dark you can't see squat. doom3 for me is a 7/10 at best any higher is purely reviewer bias. i got a sleu of screenshots showing people at work that claim it must be the crappy radeon that makes it look bad... nah.. people just read on too much about this game. overhyped, over rated and that's why games of today progress so slowly. people accept the crap they put out and get sucked in by the marketing. until the gamer becomes more intelligent game developers will continue to do half assed jobs. right now imo, and not based on story or gameplay in general ut2k4 is worth more than doom3 both in technology and playability. ut2k4 only problem is complete garbage mod community with ZERO in imagination. spiderman is a completely different game, i didn't pay for it(Borrowed it) and it's a fun past time. i agree with hx review in some parts but in terms of graphics, hey, it's a arcade game meant for console and released on pc(with AA on it looks great to me). it's just a bargain bin game but actually kinda fun. but what did hx do? he based it on a 10 year old immature little kid who probably got owned for the most part by Doc Ock. what kind of reviewer takes a 10 year old kids comments as a final review for a game? as for console, i couldn't care less, i don't have one so i couldn't care less what it's like on console. two entirely different worlds that shouldn't even be compared. sorry, maybe you don't agree. but when i see all the hype and see the game right in front of me, this game will make it on biased reviews and marketing period.

CaptStar(10:07 PM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
Well xxxx, when I finally get Doom 3, I will post an honest review of what I think, critizizing everything that sucks about it, and praising everything that is good about it. Btw, what settings are you playing it at.

xxxx(11:34 PM CEST - Aug,06 2004 )
to avoid another blah blah paragraph. i summarize and make it easier.

- graphics, ok, but not revolutionary, if anything carmack uses the shadows well to hide the lack of quality in textures. Hoping to get into a well lit room, but ones i have seen, it's easy to spot the poor textures.

- character movement(enemy) some are great, others are really bad and you can tell they follow a path(think soldiers walking and turning on a dime)

-sound, very good, gives you an eerie feeling, though i have yet to be frightened in any degree

-difficulty, i'm playing second from the hardest. AI is simply bad for walking dead or guys shooting you. the main creature that disentigrates sort of digitally is neat and when he hits you you get that old motion sickness kinda look on the screen, hard to shoot anything when that happens. generally, i am walking through the game though i only played an hour

-maps so far are not bad, but things like i mentioned with window looking out to mars, so damn easy to see even from distance its a bitmap on the wall and not really a window, nor does a gun do anything at all to window

-lots of lip synch issues(i have audigy 2, it's not me)

-dead bodies look poor when you look at them on the floor when they are dead and actually at some times don't even look like the guy you shot

-way way way dark and if you up the gamma or brightness the obviousness of the texture quality shows emmensely.

-originality, not bad, there are some interactive panels that operate in a way you havent seen in a game.

-additional animations, like i was working on in UT2K4 Faceoff, like pulling your pda up, you see the hand animations, yet climbing a ladder you gun sticks out straight and not other arm is seen, assume other hand out of picture holding a bar.

- physics mediocre, nothing new and certainly not the Havok engine.

-looking down on yourself, you have no feet or anything, yet you can see yourself in the mirror(laziness of designers) no reason carmack couldn't have animated or drawn this in.. was hoping it would be like that. so so far using the PDA is only additional animation i have seen.

-using panels and stuff, is simply clicking, no arm animations, nothing. same goes for doors, they just magically open

-items found on floor, boxes you can move, but other things, looking like other PDA's scattered around, you can't interact with them, or move them, or scratch or damage them with any gun.

the game is nice, but as i said, certainly not revolutionary. it was made to cash in on Doom franchise, it was not put out to set any standards of any kind. though Creative Labs is looking to patent the sound in the game, which is good, but most i noticed is it's the first time good sound didn't lag my game, thanks to Creative Labs piss poor drivers. guess they figure if they can't improve the quality of their sound drivers, they might as well patent what Carmack did, to make their card better. i'm hoping like hell that nvidia comes up with an audio chipset that will put creative out of business. Creative is NOT a good company. A monopoly in sound and they've never progressed the total quality of their product, more so from a driver perspective.

so tonite, i will continue at 800x600 at max quality and let you know if there is any change. for the 5mins i did have it at 800x600 i didn't notice quality levels aside from AA making it look a little smoother..

again, it's a good game, "maybe" worth the money, but it's nothing to compare against HL2. HL2 is gonna make Doom3 appear as an old game. watch and see.

CaptStar(12:26 AM CEST - Aug,07 2004 )
Well xxxx, i can notice something wrong with that, you said you have full detail on but at 800x600 resolution. Every review I have read so far meantions bump mapping and they show screenshots of the bump mapping. Try making the resolution to 1024x768 at medium and maybe you will notice it. If you are running it at ultra at 800x600, you will see no bump mapping. I can see every other point in your short review though.

xxxx(01:38 AM CEST - Aug,07 2004 )
hmm, maybe there is a bug, but a pretty strange one.. i'll play it a bit more tonite and see but i'd be highly suprised it will change. there might be bump mapping in the game, but on what exactly? go check slamdances pictures i sent him last night... though they were TGA files.. i remember in quake engine you can set the format of screenshot, but can't recall how.. have to find that info..

xxxx(04:11 AM CEST - Aug,07 2004 )
at 1024x high quality it has improved alot but i still say this is by far, not, going to be best game of the year. it's very good, i just expected more. it's entertaining and worth the money for sure. if you have a decent enough rig, i'm sure you'll have even more pleasure. i got a rig good enough for HL2 and i'm good with that. jarrod when you get more ram in your rig, i'm sure it will look a hell of a lot better. i'll revise my score and give this game a 8.5/10 and i'm very much waiting for hx's review. seems its taking him a long time to complete the game. :P compared to farcry, this game is way better in terms of enjoyment for the buck.

CaptStar(04:16 AM CEST - Aug,07 2004 )
When I get Doom 3, ill probably have to play it on medium or low at about 1024x768 or 800x600.

xxxx(04:52 AM CEST - Aug,07 2004 )
800 i'd think, you don't have enough ram

CaptStar(05:57 PM CEST - Aug,07 2004 )
Ya, but I could play Far-Cry at full detail at 1280X1024

xxx's DAD(03:11 PM CEST - Aug,08 2004 )
Forgive my son, he's just a retard who has no life. He's now banging his head on the basement's wall because he's too stupid to find his own room. He has always lives together with the dogs as he likes bitches in the back street. Moreover, he won't even go near to a TV as it scare the shit out of him. So I'm surprised to see him talking shit here, literally, too. He must've off the monitor to type all those BS. & whoever belive must be a retard too.

Forgive him & don't worry, I'll teach him what a retard should behaves.

maga(08:31 PM CEST - Aug,08 2004 )

who's idea is this ? :) Lucas ? BloodUK ?

:lol: :lol:

xxxx(09:44 PM CEST - Aug,08 2004 )
lucas, as he has the grammar/spelling and overall education of a 3 year old.

CaptStar(10:29 PM CEST - Aug,08 2004 )
Its a bit off topic, but I finally got Doom 3. Ill be posting a review of my own soon. Oh, and if anyone knows why my game keeps freezing, tell me.

lucas(11:56 PM CEST - Aug,08 2004 )
xxxx> lucas, as he has the grammar/spelling and overall education of a 3 year old.
nope, not me. for once you weren't acting like a complete asshat so there would be no motive for me to make a fake account to flame you. anyway, I'd flame you in my own name, I don't need to hide behind some lame one-post account

xxx's DAD(10:25 AM CEST - Aug,09 2004 )


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