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(hx) 11:58 PM CET - Nov,05 2003

Developed by the Polish company, Techland, Chrome is a tactical first-person shooter set in a 22nd century world, on one of the distant planetary systems. The colonization of the Valkyria system attracted many settlers in search of a new home as well as all kinds of criminals seeking refuge. You play the role of Logan, a veteran mercenary turned bounty hunter who is out to make it rich. Along with your sexy looking partner Carrie, you arrive in the Valkyria system in searching for a job. One of the jobs get you involved in a struggle between giant corporations, pirates, colonists, and many other parties.

Chrome contains 14 single-player missions that begin with a cinematic cutscene explaining your assignment. Almost all of them take place in a different location. These include different bases, islands, planets and moons. Each mission has a set of objectives to be accomplished. Similarly to other FPS Games, the missions in Chrome have lots of adventures based on finding objects and using them. After the briefing you select your loadout - weapons, ammo, and equipment. You have a very limited amount of space in your inventory - you can only carry two weapons and a very limited amount of ammunition. The same goes for health packs and other devices such as binoculars and grenades. Needless to say, that your choices will affect how difficult the game becomes. The weapons you choose as your favorite depends largely on your tactics. The full range of armaments includes a knife, three pistols (TC234 , TC234 SUP with silencer, BjornHD 12mm), the shotgun called NoN "Frager", two submachine guns, two assault rifles (Matson CAFS), two sniper rifles (Matson ACC, OCI Crom), a hunting rifle (Xatron Mark IV), a rocket launcher, a couple of energy weapons (OCI X-4 Electra - firing tthe electro-magnetic beam) and two types of grenades. All the weapons are not all available right away but they become unlocked as you progress through the missions. You can also take a stuff (weapon, ammo..) from your dead enemies.

The key element to Chrome is the choice of several different cybernetic enhancements (from an eye scope to dermal armor, an adrenaline processor that improves running speed, targeting assistance that allows better accuracy, a muscle improver that reduces recoil when firing, thermal vision, and a reflex booster), each designed to fit a different purpose. Using implants, you can transform yourselves into the perfect sniper, a stealth assassin, or a highly-specialized commando who doesn't fear facing enemies head-on. Aiming Enhancement System might be a good example. Combined with an appropriate weapon (such as plasma rifle - it has great range and it is very accurate itself, although it is not equipped with a sniper scope) it allows the player to eliminate the opponents from large distances, practically with 100 percent accuracy. Reflex enhancer is also pretty interesting. This implant accelerates your's reactions. While using this implant the enemies seem to move and react slower, while your's pace remains unchanged. Changing the main character's abilities by adding various implants and additional equipment enable you to use completely different tactics to defeat enemies. In addition, you can also use a long range of things you can equip in the game. An abandoned enemy railgun can be used by you for example, and there are also a few vehicles you can drive, including dune buggy-like cars and Mech robot which really makes your enemy to suffer.

Chrome has five difficulty settings. I've played the game on the medium and found it quite difficult - Snipers are hyper accurate and can see you practically anywhere, once you have been spotted you have no choice but to take them out. Fortunately (rather unfortunately) the enemies aren't too smart. Id' say that the AI controlling the enemies tends to be pretty straightforward. They often attack you will most often run straight toward you without team coordination, or they will even stand out in the open. Also if you shoot an enemy who's standing meters away from another enemy, the other guy won't even notice that his friend died. You can expect slow and cautious combat with lots of long-range sniping duels and hunts through the forest undergrowth.

Chrome fully supports multiplayer up to 32 players via a LAN. All the standard modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, domination, and assault) are included. In Domination mode teams fight for control of a few checkpoints scattered across the map. Each location gives points to the team controlling it until another team takes control of it. The game only ships with a few maps of each game type, and some of these are either copies of single-player missions or are very small.

Chrome is definitely one of the best looking first person shooters released to date. The game has a healthy length (25-30hours), longer than most recent first-person shooters, and ships with "ChromEd" editor, so you can expect to find a lot of fan-made missions in the future. So, why I gave the game only 74%? Yeah that's good question! Well, my biggest complaint is about the gameplay - I found this game to be downright boring. Again, for emphasis, this is a boring game compounded by a lack of atmosphere. Of course, you don't have to agree with me! But it's my opinion and feelings from playing Chrome. I bet some people will love this game, but my taste is different this time. Anyway, this game shouldn't be overlooked, so download and try these demos (SP demo / MP demo) and you will see.

snd: 3/5 - nice music, poor voice acting, weapons sound weak
gfx: 5/5 - breathtaking, combined indoor and outdoor environments, excellent attention to detail especially in the forests, large terrain to fight over, a few clipping issues
playability: 4/5 - interesting mix of style, 14 single-player missions (25-30 hours), included "ChromEd", vehicles, multiplayer support up to 32 players, somewhat problematic and random AI, damn long loading times even with fast CPU & 1GB RAM
genre: tactical first-person shooter
release: September 2003
developer: Techland
the game is similar to: Deus Ex, Codename Outbreak
publisher: Gathering
Overall: 74%

last 10 comments:

Albert Yosuaposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 03:37
This game is awesome. Compare to all games I've met, this game reveals a new way of graphic and adventure. I recommend five stars for this games. It offers something new than Halo Combat Evolved.

Asbereth Embargielposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 04:10
Agung Wibowo seems to be an Indonesian, does it not? Anyway, yeah, the game is awesome in graphics department, it obviously looks better than Halo, and is at least on par with the likes of Unreal 2. But I'm afraid, it doesn't really offer something new to the ground.

big daddyposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 04:29
beating Halo on PC is not hard.

hx-rulezposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 04:32
HX -- u've been spoiled by Max Payne 2, that's why the game lacks atmosphere! No game deserves 90%+ unless it has a nude-female-mode trick like Mona Sax. :D

KHysiekposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 10:41
Sad to say being Polish but gameplay is total shit and very irritiating. After trying 1st mission you will not want to play more :-\.

nobodyposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 11:32
Well, I tried the level and wanted to play the whole game. The graphics are excellent, there's a story (I don't know how good it is.). Gameplay is also very good. There are few enemies and they are tough. The only thing that was missing, is a good AI. But most games don't have a good AI, Halo included.

Nicposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 14:36
A nice onset and style with matching graphical elements, it's main drawback are the bugs that keep shuting it down just as things get interesting.

1posted - Nov, 07 2003 - 02:49
I just picked the game up today. I rather enjoy it. Very nice graphics. The gameplay is pretty good. It's just not as smooth as I think it can be. Movement seems a little stiff.

billgatesposted - Nov, 07 2003 - 07:37
I finished this game since im on tha scene I got this game about 1 month ago ... anyways ... this game is great it has all elements of a FPS but a bit better I like the physics of the game and aspecially the graphics, the story is lacking some depth but it is pretty interesting, I must say that the voice acting sucks ... seriously ! .. I mean even my friends and I can do better then that .... @ every one who said it beats HALO ... errm NO ! ! ! But over all I like the ogmentations and the vehicles ... game is good ... stable (xcept the fuckin voice acting) and very well designed ... if u take a look @ Chrome ED there are a shit load of Polygons everywhere! ! ! ! GREAT GFX ~ ! ! ! I recommend this game to everyone who is a FPS gamer

Fabio - Porto Alegreposted - Nov, 08 2003 - 02:53
don't know... i like the game, but the maps are huge.. you spend a lot of time walking around.. and this makes the game boring sometimes... it's just an ok game.. i didn't like the game's engine.. makes the game heavy and the graphics are not THAT beautiful.. i mean i've played Max Payne 2, and i think that it's much more beautiful AND smooth than Chrome.. it's all about what engines developers use. Oh, by the way, my system - Athlon XP 2200+, 256 DDR333, ATi Radeon 9100 128MB DDR

meposted - Nov, 08 2003 - 12:16
one of the few games I finished this year. outdoor grafics are motivation enough to continue, plus there's some interesting mission variety. i also liked the slow pace.

Big Tposted - Nov, 08 2003 - 16:36
I played the Demo and liked the graphics ... I did not like the gameplay .. the physics or movement ... the aiming and the type of weapons sucked or the storyline. Tis was just anotehr pretty game ... kind of like HALO

Kyle "Shadow" Lennonposted - Nov, 08 2003 - 17:16
:IT ALIVE!! IT ALIVEEE!! ha haven't guys hear about the come back of the INFAMOUS Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, now that's hot. I'm a HUGE "diehard" fan of Jagged Alliance 2 series. IT ALIVEEE!!! Hahaha. OOH YEAH baby this game will rock once again.

banan.1983posted - Nov, 09 2003 - 09:41
that game rulez. Polish version had some bugs, but still was a great title :) and that babe ;]

Hulkposted - Nov, 09 2003 - 18:43
Were can I get the Demo I see it is cool so I wanna play it.

PaWposted - Jan, 23 2004 - 17:56
Multiplayer is wayy fun if enough ppl are playing. As someone said b4 the beautiful environments are the reason I continued to play. If the Chrome mod community grows we will have more great times with Chrome. I think Chrome flew under many ppls radar but is really a game with many entertaining features.

Blahposted - Jan, 05 2005 - 07:40
had this game for a long time now, loved the demo and bought the game as soon as it hit the shelf, but it took so long to load that i didn't have the patience to play it for more than a few days...recently i've upgraded to WELL above the suggested requirements, and it still takes forever to load...playing it again right now, but don't think i'll be playing it tomorrow if i don't beat it tonight...flying through the levels is easy enough, but keeping busy between levels without losing interest is another story... as far as the multiplayer goes... eh... could take it or leave it, it's pretty but there are alot better looking games

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