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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
(hx) 12:23 PM CEST - Oct,20 2003

I had been waiting for Max Payne 2 since the day I completed the first Max Payne (review 93%). Now Max Payne is back and it has yet again exceeded my highest expectations in form of gameplay and graphics, with a few flaws, but none that detract from it, nor will keep me from playing it over and over again, like the last one. So what you can expect from Max Payne 2?

Like in the original game, the story in Max Payne 2 will be told through graphic-novel-style still pictures narrated by the characters. The game is set in New York City (a few years after the first Max Payne), and you play the role of Max Payne, as he rejoins the NYPD as detective. Of course, he's older, wiser, and much worse for wear. The story will unfold over the course of a retrospective that covers a recent series of events that led up to his current situation, like in the original game. This time around, the love story theme will play a much bigger part as Max becomes involved with a murder suspect, a sexy killer Mona Sax.

The gameplay isn't any different than the first that isn't necessarily a bad thing, so once again you can expect pretty straightforward shooter with plenty of John Woo-style fight sequences and enemies to blast away. The third person perspective is still there, as are the plethora of weapons, from automatic pistols to shotguns, to machine guns. You will find some new weapons, like the Kalashnikov assault rifle, the MP-5 machine gun, and the Druganov sniper rifle. Bullet Time 2.00 is sharper, groovier and even more useful than it was in its original incarnation. I'd say the gameplay is much more intuitive this time round, even psychedelic dream sequences aren't frustrating. To make gameplay a bit more interesting, you will enjoy is the part time switch playing as a different character - the beautiful and mysterious Mona Sax.

After you complete the game, it will unlock a few new gameplay modes. The first three modes are a repeat of the original game's modes with more deadly opponents, a limit on save games and New York Minute which give you a time attack mode. You'll also have Dead Man Walking, where enemies endlessly spawn while you try to stay alive as long as possible.

I would like mention that Max Payne 2 (Havok engine) has the most realistic implementation of ragdoll I've ever seen in a game. Karma-ragdolls are not that good (used in UT2003), when body's fall from a distance, they bounce too much. I bet you will love to watch how grenades send the bodies flying through the air. Imagine you toss a grenade into a courtyard where a few baddies are. The grenade will blew the guys way up in the air and flung a couple trash cans up onto the balcony where you are standing! Damn cool. The environment is pretty cool too. If the first game's textures looked great and really brought out the New York atmosphere, then Max Payne 2 does this even better. Good job Remedy! :)

As a whole, this game rocks!  Honestly, this is by far one of the best shooter I have played yet. I just can't give it an exceptional 100% rating considering how short the game was. Also there's no multiplayer (co-op mode would be cool). Personally I don't complain about the game length. Why stretch the story if it's perfect as it is now. If I go see a movie and it lasts 10 hours I'll get bored after three hours no matter what it is, and the same happens with games like that, with a strong plot, you lose focus to the story and it comes boring. Of course, if the game is boring or something, hell it can last 50 hours! In other words, I rather have a short awesome game than some long crap. If you are a true gamer and like this genre then 100% buy this game!

System requirements:
Minimum: 1 GHz Pentium III / Athlon or 1.2GHz Celeron or Duron processor, 32 MB DirectX 9 Compatible AGP Graphics Card with HW T&L support, 256 MB RAM, 1.7GB free HDD space
Recommended (medium graphical detail): 1.4 GHz Athlon or 1.7 GHz Pentium 4, Celeron or Duron processor, 64 MB DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics AGP graphics card with HW T&L support, 512 MB RAM, 1.7GB free HDD space.

snd: 5/5 - very solid, cool music, well done voice-acting - James McCaffrey (Max Payne), a few minor bugs
gfx: 5/5 - impressive (Havok engine), Bullet-time 2.0 rocks, best rag-doll physics even seen, the cutscenes are pretty cool even if they have no animation, a few minor clipping glitches
playability: 5/5 - incredible cool and intuitive gameplay though pretty linear, great-story, psychedelic dream sequences rock, too short ~ 10 hours of gameplay, well polished, no multiplayer
genre: first-person shooter
release: October 2003
developer: Remedy
the game is similar to: Max Payne
publisher: Rockstar Games
Overall: 94%

last 10 comments:

:)posted - Oct, 20 2003 - 12:41
I think the only issue i have with the game as it stands is the fact that they didn't get Sam (the Writer) to be Max Payne again. I know he didn't look tough or anything but he gave the first game a really world look.

Peteposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 12:53
Cool review. Quality over Quantity. Shame that there isnt a multiplayer. But i suppose Max Payne 2 Mods will be available to keep the game going.

MASSiVEposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 12:55
played it, nothing special, altough everything is really nice done, little things to like the slow motion that sometimes poppes up when u killed someone is really cool, when u open the handle for the water you actually see the waterlevel rising, but its always tesame thing, kill,kill and kill, gets bored fast, and many bugs

bugposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 13:22
i finnish the game and there was none bugs for me

xposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 13:59
No bugs here either, Great game - Too short though, Mp1 had the same problem as well but i guess that leaves us hanging for Mp3 Eh?

SkillZillaposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 14:07
you woth have gotten more out of the game if you had used no cheats.

xposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 15:38
Woth? wotheva. I cant comprehend how you could even presume someone using cheats with this game? it is really easy (almost *too*)on the first mode and there is painkillers everywhere - 8 Hours game time here and i explored every nook and cranny and saved/reloaded alot of rooms multiple times to come at it again with a different style (Go in first shooting everyone then i see an exploding object, reload and try it again with that in mind). 8 hours, no cheats (duh) - multiple attempts at rooms and even time to stop and check out interesting scenery. Just like Max Payne 1 (Also 8 hours).

LeoZetaposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 16:10
The game is perfect. I could complain about some stuff not opening with shots/blasts, but that would push it too far. And yes, the game is easy, there are painkillers and infinite saves... But I just L O V E going BulletTime with a Sawed-off Shotgun. NOONE can hate it ;)

Erbozposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 16:27
It's a good game, unfortunatelly a step backward compared to it's ancestor. Max Payne looks like a cheap salesman compared to MP1, too brushed up, storyline & environments not as good as Max Payne 1. Forced way too many times for bullet-time, so BT lost it's magic. I remember the fun I had playing Max Payne 1, Max Payne 2 didn't equal it, too bad.

Shortyposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 17:02
10 hours gameplay? lol i finisged it on the day or release 15th in 6 hours :)

LUCKY BASTARDSposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 17:19
Lucky d00dz, my MP2 crashes when i load Chapter seven of part one:/ I need a complete save game where you can choose the chapters to play...but none has it:(

CrazySpoonposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 17:24
It's clear the reviewer USED CHEATS...look at the screen shots. You can see he has no health left yet he has a full inventory of painkillers...sure he's not cheating.

XsploitXposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 17:27
im stuck i cant kill Vlad how do u pass it... all the pathway is bloody distructed only corners of floor left how da f u pass it anyone help plz

FIREMANposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 17:55
XsploitX u must shoot out the supporting wires of the platform vlad's hiding.Then u must shoot out the pins from the metal wires , its best using mp5's scope

Peteposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 17:56
Its understandable that cheats were used for the review, so that you can take screenshots of the action, without the baddies killing you in the process. Also, people play their games differently, some are good players and finish the game quicker, vice versa etc. I might buy Max Payne 2, but Hidden and Dangerous 2 is coming out on the same day in the UK. I will have to wait for reviews and/or demos.

hxposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 21:36
Exactly, I always playing games with some trainer/cheats to be able make "nice action shots". The guy should send me his own better looking screenshots w/o cheats :))
btw: Thanks for defence Pete.

JaviLoLposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 21:40
I think the game is gonna be a number one, like MP1, even if its too sort, like hx says, if it were longer, story would get boring. I wonder if it will work full quality in a GeForce4 Ti4200, PIV@2400 768MB DDR... Anyone knows?

max paynes mommaposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 21:46
what impressed me the most was the physics engine. the way dead enemies fall off buildings, bang into metal beams and land like a sack of potatoes was very nice.

COolposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 22:30
max paynes momma , it's called Havok engine, that's the thing that does it!

L.Aposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 22:52
i wanna C some kick ass MODS ! some MATRIX & SWAT mods ELIMINATE all just like in MP1 !

max paynes mommaposted - Oct, 20 2003 - 23:51
one complaint is that light sources do not go out when you shoot out the blub. only a couple lights in the game did this, if you can shoot the bulb then the damn thing should go out!

eixposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 05:41
And if you shoot someone's head enough it should explode.

Ter0posted - Oct, 21 2003 - 06:26
NO pixel shading and NO mirror reflection for TI cards are a bad taste joke from the developers.. so a FX card or a high end radeon is needed to play it at the highest quality :|

The FX Daddyposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 07:42
Ter0 - that's no problem... OH... that's because i have a FX-5900. Time you upgraded boy!

Viceposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 09:25
JaviLoL: It will work. It runs smoooooth with AMD@2GHz + GeF4Ti4200/64 + 1GB RAM, 1024x768/32 + quincunx antialiasing - and everything is on the max:) setting. This game ROCKS!!! R.I.P. Halo single player.

sangsaraposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 10:34
it would be better if this review went into some detail about WHY exactly bullet-time 2.0 is cool, and it goes for everything else as well. instead of just saying, "this game is fun! it rocks!"

Mona N. Saxposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 11:53
HX - did you take these game screenshots yourself? If so, was this on your Ti4600? What were your quality settings at? Is there any female nudity in the game? =D

hxposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 12:31
Mona: yes, on my Ti4600, 1024x768/32bit, 2xAA, all details ON.
The female is there too, use cheats..I will add some "juicy" shots into the gallery right now :P

Peter L.posted - Oct, 21 2003 - 13:20
Good game, but not great. Yes, it has enhanced graphics and the story is interesting and the joke (particularly Dick Justice) are pretty funny. But games do not exist in a vaccum. There was the original Max Payne. and for a sequel, they managed in 2 years to offer NO NEW GAMEPLAY. Bullet Time 2.0 feels more like bullet time 1/2. yes, the sepia tone gives it an interesting look, but the mechanics of the 1st bullet time were better: everything was in slow motion. You could see the bullets. and gone is the satisfaction of shooting several guys at once and seeing them all fall when bullet time was over, because now you shoot in realtime. A very good game, but it feels more like an expansion pack with spruced up graphics than something fresh and new. As far as the levels are concerned, they are for the most part excellent: except that it goes down hill at the vinnie level (the one with thecartoon character head). Yes, nothing mroe frustrating than having to protect someone who purposely is in the way and wants me to save his life by running towards the bad guys who want to kill him and stand directly in the line of fire. Also, the Ai is rather weak: in one room guards entered and turned their backs to me until I started shooting them in the head. And speaking of chich, it makes no logical sense to have to shoot someone 4-12 times in the head and the character just stays there and shoot at you as if nothing happened. It's bad. The ending of the game is rather weak: the end story is an anti-climax. For a game that tries to be realistic (human faces, physics etc..) it's really a disappointment to have so many characters shot in the head from a few feet, only to survive and go on a killing spree for 2 hours. If there is a Max Payne 3, I sure hope they offer something new. While I did replay Max Payne 1 a few times, I am not eager to replay this particular title (I'd rather spend my time playing something else). Not to say that it isn't a good game, just not worth the replay value considering other titles coming out. of course, if you've never played videogames before or this is your first time at an action title, then you'll probably think it's "perfect" or the best game of the century. :-)

xposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 13:42
You are an idiot peter, You obviously had no idea wtf bulletime 2.0 was - e.g mimicking kungfu movies where you speed up during bullet time while everyone else slows down (the returner) which added a new style of *gameplay* - For you *whiners* that dislike any additions to sequels you can still use bullettime 1.0 dont cry about it eh. And no new gameplay? what about the explosive element that was added to the levels which made havok shine or playing as another character? And vinnie went and hid away whenever enemies appeared so unless you purposely ran in front of him or were too useless and let the enemeies near him all the time there was no issues. The end *story* isnt anti-climatic your playing max payne not a disney movie what did you expect? A white picket fence/house and 2 kids after a level of getting married? Get real.

Naked Chick Riding aposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 14:01
x - x@x ... LOL... you summed it up in the first five words of your post. funny funny stuff. i'd like to shake your hand.

strelokposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 17:26
Great game. Fantastic storyline, perhaps one of the best I've ever seen in resent games. I had a feeling that I'm watching a cool movie, only sometimes interfering into it to help Max :). A game has never been so close to movie. That thing I've enjoyed the most. Maybe that's why MP2 is so short. Too short. Unfortunately.

posted - Oct, 21 2003 - 18:15
the minimum requirements are nog right: i have a athlon 1GHz with 256+128 MB SDRAM, and a ati radeon vivo 64MB (about the same as geforce 2 gts), and the game plays really fluently, even above 800*600

Zeusposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 20:24
hehe i have a geforce2mx, didnt bother to upgrade yet, cause i can play my games and still ahve fun, lets see if this works for Deus Ex2, i need a real reason to upgrade. As for this game, it runs very good on my machine also a 1ghz athlkon with over 700mb sdram. yes i dont see all teh fancy effects and stuff, but its still playable without giving me the feeling i am having a shitty machine. (another thing that makes HALO look like crap). MP2 is an improved Max Payne 1, and thats what the fans wanted, they didnt want a total different game, and Rockstar achieved it. Congrats!

FIREMANposted - Oct, 21 2003 - 23:59
wanna see MONA nude?here's how u do it: 1) Make a shortcut to the game's exe file. 2) Change the Target field to this: "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys -screenshot 3) Start a new game or load one you have saved. 4) Use PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN to scroll through models. You will get Nude Mona quicker if you use PAGE UP. 5) Pressing F3 will allow you to move the camera around freely. Press F3 again to set the camera and regain control of your character. 6) Pressing F10 will make a screen shot in your Max Payne 2 directory. 7) Try not to jerk it too hard.

mona hardposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 02:58
FIREMAN, u just lit my fire!!! WOOOAHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! :)

ThunderRiverposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 05:33
Very nice game indeed. Even though it is a short time, I still think it is wroth the money. The longest game that I played is Mafia Lost of Heaven, but that's pretty much it. The reviewer failed to mention about the bullet time, which is quite amazing in the MP2. :)

Juniorposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 10:04
This game is good but i finished it in few hours.Even Max Payne 1 was longer than this one,otherwise game is ok,but not worth the price!!! Damn too short game!

Marc Kolanskiposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 12:35
x - x@x, you obviously are 16 years old and show how ignorant you are of videogames: playing as another character = changing a 3D model. It isn't "new" gameplay. even a newbie knows that. I supposed you're going to claim that new textures = new gameplay as well! ha! maybe you should play a few more games, live a few more years,before making such idiotic comments. - You would never be able to write a proper review and explain why. I'm surprised you even managed to get the CD out of it's jewelcase!

Johnny Moposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 12:45
Making things shiny isn't gameplay either. This x@x guy is an idiot. No wonder he hides behind a lame unoriginal alias. Peter was right, it a good game but it doesn't offer much more than the previous game in terms of originality. And I agree Erboz as well: it's not as good as the 1st one.

like max payne 1posted - Oct, 22 2003 - 13:28
i think not much new things... just the graphics are better. but its a bit boring just walking and shooting people, not really something new.

Kato Holgerssonposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 13:30
yeah yeah yeah...everyone knows how to play the game...NOW, explain (as if I was a little child) how the hell am I getting out of the house in "Theres no "us" in this"! Every time i try I die! That bitch Mona is blocking the freakin door and nothing works (not even blasting the old lady!!! thanx

max hardposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 14:47
HX - LOL... thanx for posting the "Female Nudity" ... about time we got some free soft-porn on this sight!!! FAR OUT... you can actually see her nipples!! 8-0 THAT IS SOOOO COOL!!! I will definitely buy this game now ... if my mom lets me!!! ;) Move over Tomb Raider ... it's Moaning Lisa!!! =D

Samposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 17:55
Hmmm.. Game looks soo cool.. i have seen the screen shorts look soo damm kool cant wait to get my hands on Max Payne 2.. hope its worth playing..

xposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 22:38
Marc Kolanski - Sorry to point this out to YOU, but you are also an IDIOT - Yes i agree a texture isnt GAMEPLAY (duh), but the NEW COOPERATIVE NPC element added when playing as MONA defending max with the sniper rifle IS. Geezus who is breeding these MORONS?

Shawn Mallardposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 01:03
I'm disapointed big time with the sound of the weapons it almost sound like a cap-gun. I'm pretty sure that the real legendary fearsome (AK-47) would better than in the MP2 game. I mean almost all of the sound of the guns,assault rifles etc are the same that suck. (Dead To Rights) is a good example of good sounds. It would better if those developers would go down to the shooting range and get a first hands on the real guns and get the real taste of it sounds not just some make-up computerize farts sound. I myself have shoot a real AK-47 and it fuckin murderous if you know what I mean. Overall the game play is excellent and graphics are amazingly detail. Scores 8/10 from me!!

Snoopyposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 01:18
Great engine, stupid storyline, play as Mona (that sucks! it's like we don't have tomb raider), nice humor, too short, too commercial, too boring. That is all =)

freddyposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 04:24
Anyone who says this game is useless is either one of three things. 1. Stupid 2. Has a low end computer 3. or is American (poor bastards) This game has the best graphics/physics to date and more interaction with objects than any other game (until HL2). There is no disputing this as it is a fact...GREAT GAME

samuelposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 07:06
New cooperative NPC is gameplay? dude, the letters np in npc means non-playing. How can something non playing be gameplay? man, you ARE the idiot moron here. Every-time you post you show just how little you know about anything.

sheckyposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 07:10
HAHAHA non-playing characters is gameplay now? x-x@x, please keep posting more of your idiotic comments, they are hilarious!

Peter Lountposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 07:12
Just wait till this idiot starts claiming the music is NEW GAMEPLAY...

Dick Justiceposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 07:19
freddy, there are a lot more games with more interaction with objects than Max Payne 2: System Shock 2, Hitman 2, omikron come to mind. Even the original Half-Life had more object interaction. It's not like you can use any of the computers in Payne 2 or pick up objects or even change clothing etc...

max sexyposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 09:11
this game is coooooooooool :) :) :) :) :) but her is sexy

Mona Sax Fanposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 10:03
I finally played MAX PAYNE 2! and loved it. I love the atmostphere you get in this game, never fails to weird me out. Its graphics are a bit different to MAX PAYNE 1, the models are better looking, especially at 1280 x 1024! Especially Mona, she is a sexy beast. Infact i've never seen a female graphic model as lucious as her(when nuded :p),forget lara she is not realistically proportioned. Great work graphics team! It took me a a day to finish it, long enough i'd say because it was one of the most intense days i've ever experienced playing a game!

xposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 10:28
HAHAHAH you guys crack me up. NPC = Non PLAYER characters; Definition: A character in the game in which the computer controls and has an affect on the outcome of the game. The addition of these (Mona/Max/Vinnie/Others) adds what is called "team based gameplay" (Baldurs Gate/Dungeon Siege/Freedom Fighters etc all have NPC's which fight alongside your team) and since this was not implemented within Max Payne 1, It is NEW GAMEPLAY added to Mp2. Next time you try and complain at least get your game terms correct. BTW Ive changed my mind, Im glad idiots are still being bred, you all make good clowns - i needed a laugh. Thanks guys

s..posted - Oct, 23 2003 - 20:13
This game is very short, technically, I've played through on all difficulties, and been doing New York Minute at the moment... If you add all my times (which are the not the fastest in the world), you can beat this game in 50 minutes...if you know where everything is and how everything runs. But no, I disgaree, this game isn't easy. When you play it the first time, it has enough cheddar to make you reload a couple of times... THe best part is that because the game IS short, it adds to the replay value, different modes, if you just wanna gunfight and nothing else, Dead Man Walking rocks. new York minute is awesome too.. and I didnt use any mods yet. Cant wait for those :) Basically, I'm not a fan of First/Third person shooters at all... but this game is a MUST. It rocks, hardcore. Bullettime is MUCH more useful... much more fun as well. Only downside is that there is no multiplayer, but hell, you want multiplayer, it would be too hard to implement.. also, just go play Quake or Wolfenstein or something :p

Mukuroposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 20:50
uh, are you sure that you aren't confusing "killing Vlad" in MP 2 with "knocking over the tower" in MP 1 cuz I don't see any pins or anything to knock down the elevated platform. I mean it's all wood, no wires or pins.

x-x@x is a fagposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 23:14
x-x2x: it's idiots like you who know nothing about gameplay that make the world worts than it is. You are a pathetic loser. NPC means Non-playable character. Gameplay is what the user does. You don't even know what game play is. why don't you stop downloading porn and masturbating to kiddie porn all day and read the dictionary and LEARN what words mean before making an ass of yourself. The only good think you'll ever do with your life is die. The sooner the better, faggot, cause the world doesn't need a know-nothing piece of shit the likes of you. GO LEARN WhAT GAMEPLAY MEANS STUPID ASSHOLE.

Marc Kolanskiposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 23:18
x-x@x every post you make, you show how ignorant you are. Everyone is right: you don't know shit about videogames. Gameplay refers to modes or things the end user can do and control not what happens beyond your control. Having a bunch of NPC's kill each other was already there in Max Payne 1. I guess you didn't even play that game either. By your definition, cut scenes are gameplay - wake up dummy, they aren't!

curiousposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 23:19
NPC's are non-playable characters. How can something non-playable be new gameplay? It makes no sense whatsoever.

johnny moposted - Oct, 23 2003 - 23:22
to curious: it isn't gameplay. this x-x@x jackass doesn't know what he is babbling about. Just look at his previous messages, he claims making things shiny is new gameplay. what a moron. besides, he'll never admit he was wrong, all he can do is call everyone idiots but he should really look in a mirror and face the fact that the only idiot here is him.

stfUposted - Oct, 24 2003 - 19:38
in freedom fighters you control your freedom fighters thats game play. i think. but in max payne you dont. i think thats it :)

xposted - Oct, 25 2003 - 00:20
-Sigh- Thanks for the insightful well researched replies as to why im wrong, but the only fact i could find in your posts i allready knew; Your idiots. Firstly, i refer you to so you can find out what the term NPC means once and for all e.g Non-PLAYER Characters. Secondly, i guess all the game companies/reviewers are stupid too for calling the ability to play a game with another (Bot/Human) team based *GAMEPLAY* since the user cannot play as them eh?. "Gameplay is what the user does." - Exactly, that is why i can choose to tell the NPC's to stay using the E command or to follow me into a gunfight which alters the style into team based GAMEPLAY. Yeah i guess Mp2's only NPC commands Stay/Follow are alot different than Freedom Fighters only commands Stay/Follow so its ok for EVERY SINGLE GAME SITE and the company itself to call it team based GAMEPLAY right?. Yeah thanks for clearing that one up. Last but not least to the guy who cant read i said "the explosive element added to the levels which made havok shine" obviously havok is the physics engine which has nothing to do with the MaxFX engine so why even reference graphics? I was using it as a verb e.g Your last posts really made your idiocy shine. To mukuro, shoot the wooden pins holding the wires connected to the object attached to the roof which vlad is in. Thank you all, Good Night!

SohNahposted - Oct, 25 2003 - 00:30
This game ROCKS! It's so intense. Everything is done better than 2 years ago. I really loved the end credits theme.

a packerposted - Oct, 25 2003 - 00:53
I hate to be the voice of dissent but NPC actually stands for NOODLES PLEASE CHARLIE. So we can all stop arguing and appreciate what great work Rockstar do.

haposted - Oct, 25 2003 - 22:57
can someone give a bit better instructions on getting mona sax's nude character model

Deividasposted - Oct, 27 2003 - 16:50

die maxwellposted - Oct, 28 2003 - 03:40
wow, so much arguing over such a terrible game. ooh, i get to shoot stuff just like the last one. i'm just pissed that i spent 60 beans on this junk. bullet time 2.0, fancy name, that's about it though. havok engine, yes it does have a good physics engine but i'll think you'll find that every action to come out in the next while will use a nice physics engine, because if they don't, the won't make any money. and it's not like the physics engines are anything to drool over, it's just math kids. just math. and i think you'll find that the havok engine was developed by a couple of irish college kids. rockstar just bought rights to the engine, just like blizzard is doing with starcraft ghost. Even the new pitfall is using it. i will agree, fancy graphics. storyline was terribly over the top, but i can forgive it because it is max payne after all. in closing i'd just like to say - deividas, you'll notice when posting that it says "use only english language" and unless you meant werrey, which roughly translates from chaucer as "to make war upon" then yes it is a 'werry good game'. otherwise, die. don't get me wrong, i thought the game was pretty good for the first two hours. and then after that, i was wondering if there was more than two chapters, cursing my luck when the third came about.

jeffposted - Oct, 30 2003 - 03:24
to die maxwell - very well put. and to that asshole of x-x@x: yeah right. everyone is an idiot expect you. I think not. Do you actually understand ENGLISH? the word play in gameplay means an activity for which you participate or control: NPC's, cutscenes etc.. all constitute things you don't control and are in no way considered GAMEPLAY. Maybe if you stop masturbating all day long with faggot pictures, you would end up with a brain. Unfortunately you're an asshole, you were born an asshole and you will die an ignorant asshole! GRAPHICS DOES NOT EQUAL GAMEPLAY, ASSHOLE! PS: NPC means a static character that is not being driven by a live person and therefore cannot be construed as gameplay in any way, shape or form. Even a child knows this, obviously x-x@x, you're a baby infant!

kromposted - Nov, 03 2003 - 09:21
real cool game dude and dont believe anything bad about this game.

Johnposted - Nov, 05 2003 - 18:00
well... I've been expecting MP2 and MP2 proved that I was right. This is one of the greatest hits in 2003. If you like this genre, you should really buy it! It's better than the first one!

Espposted - Nov, 19 2003 - 04:32
wish there was multi. Fun game though...hopefully some good mods come out, the ones on mp2mods are pretty weak so far, but it's early still.

Who Caresposted - Nov, 19 2003 - 05:04
Does anyone know how to get the nude Mona model in the MP2 demo? The "-developerkeys" cheat works in the demo, but certain models are missing. Since Mona is in one of the cutscenes, I assume her model is in there somewhere. I'll I need to know is how to get past the excluded models to access Mona's model, preferrably nude.

Ben Jenposted - Nov, 20 2003 - 07:12
God, damnit. You dudes should just chill the fuck down. We all have our own opinions here. Why argue? Peace.

Michael-chesterposted - Nov, 20 2003 - 23:46
lol x-x man i feel your paine(lol get the joke) tbh i have to agree with X-X max payne2 brings plenty of new elements to gameplay. When u have to cover max as Mona from the scaffolding balconies or when u had the ex cop tramp and the prostiute(wasnt exactly said she was one but was implied)tailng u with guns in hand and personally i used them to cover me setting them down by doors i knew enemys where lurking then luring them in my fire barrage. Even on the last level when mona was on uppers floors and she was killing the ppl that was a change in gameplay because i found my self covering her and her covering me there for we was working as a team, npc or not. I believe some ppl just jumped in to Flame x-x for no reason apart from to get on the boat. Generally max payne 2 has Advanced and added on max payne in a lot of ways Including gameplay. no doubt some of u will jump on this and flame it but remeber i didnt insult anyone so unless u generally disagree please dont waste your time as there is no need to be rude.

Grand Admiral Thrawnposted - Nov, 25 2003 - 09:05
You mother flippin idiot, you spelled PAYNE wrong... Geebus (not to insult but come on, it's right there how did you screw that up?) To x-x: you rock, screw all these other losers. To everyone else: All I hear from you people are complaints about bugs, less than perfect AI, not enough gameplay time, and the inane desire to see a damn 3d model without any clothes. Minus number four on my list, name one game that can meet or exceed your long list of requirments for the perfect game you are looking for. Really can't huh? Well that is because there isn't one but if you think you know so damn much, make one yourself. Hire a team of professionals to help, develope the engine and create the levels, skin the characters, give them personality, make them come alive, create a story line, add some bad-ass weapons, some new gameplay features, and put her on the market. Then sit back and enjoy all the nazi-youth bad-mouth and pick out every little flaw and tiny thing they hate about your creation. I swear, some people just can;t appreciate anything.

Luisposted - Nov, 26 2003 - 16:33
I agree with you admiral, these bastards want a perfect game when there isn´t any, all games have flaws, this game rocks, the only thing i don´t like is that i can´t see the characters shadows because my video card doesn´t seem to support it (Gforce 4 mx 420) and they look like in tho original max payne.

Wannikasposted - Dec, 05 2003 - 10:39
That's a really cool game, although it was a bit too short. I finished it in one day. Right now i'm lookin' for some good mods. All i've seen this far aren't that good. If anyone knows some links please submit them here. PEACE!

samposted - Dec, 06 2003 - 23:37

CoolActiveposted - Dec, 07 2003 - 09:35
simply great game! New design of Max and Mona, double gameplay, solved problem with granades and molotov (!!!!). Please play it without any cheats it is more addictive without them. Best "planet earth" shooter ever. Improved AI, great "save the cognitti in a baseball bat boy suit" level. 10/10 for everything including music. Only remark is on the "mona nude patch. This really sucks, totally out of the context.

URGAY FEDEROFFposted - Dec, 15 2003 - 06:48
OK I just spent the last 20 minutes reading this entire thread, and I must say, that it has been one of the funniest things ever written. X you're right - F the others! They are cynics w/o a f-ing life! Here is the latest MP2 hack!!! You can see Mona in the shower! Rename your maxpayne.exe to maxpayne.txt then delete the first 20 lines of code. Finally go to the end of the file and type in "monashower" w/o quotes ofcourse.. Nice to see her ass not shaven!!!

The_JUDGEposted - Dec, 27 2003 - 05:36
Urgay's hack is SO SWEET...thanks for making it public! Damn!

hawk99posted - Jan, 02 2004 - 03:25
how do you get mona like in the pictures on x-box?

posted - Jan, 11 2004 - 19:34
THIS GAME IS TOTAL SHIT JUST LIKE MAX PAYNE 1. it seems like all they did is take max payne one story modify it so that max payne becomes the bitchx bottle. its a total ripe off of the matrix movie concept. Not to mention the fact that max payne takes almost no combat damage. the game is so bloody easy. i mean they would have been off just showing a max payne 2 movie. The difficult in this game is trival. You encounter almost no heavy resistance ever!. Explosions? yeah max paynes is like 3-6 feet from a huge bomb and does not even get a scratch on him. Umm someone forgot the flying debris? WTF is up with that realism?. Ok and i guess max payne has some type of flame resistant jacket and flame resistant skin cause he can walk threw a huge burning house without any damage. A real person might not survive such a situation. His face did not even get burned or disfigured. We are talking about hugh fire balls! Ok i see lots of flames but where is the smoke? almost no smoke fire without smoke eh some dumbass designer forgot about the smoke inhalition factor. you can't realistically run around a burning building for a very long time with the smoke but i guess if you max payne super human you can eh? max payne is no BORG or non-human entity capable of exsistinting in that environment without taking moderate to heavy damage due to smoke inhalation. This game is so unrealistic and pathetically implemented. Its laughable. totally unchallenging. --------------------------------------------------------------- OK this game is way to short it only takes like 10-20 hours to beat i mean i can play in one day and beat. SO why would i even buy it? i could rent it for like 4 DAYS thats like 50 hours and it cost me 2 dollars. The game has no replay value. So its pointless to buy it unless your a freak that loves replaying the single player missions. There is no blood in this game. Its like playing a childrens micky mouse adventure. NO BLOOD!!!! NO GOOD DEATH EFFECTS!!!!! I mean the game has probabaly not even been put on one of those "games to avoid for children watch lists". ----------------------------------- Max payne is like a empty box of candy the cover looks exciting but when you go to open the box you get disappointed cause there is nothing inside. Overall max payne gets 50/100 rating.

Wannikasposted - Jan, 13 2004 - 22:05
Yeah the game ain't so perfect, but the mods rule at least some of them. The Requem mod should be out sometime and that mod seems to be pretty cool.

The_JUDGEposted - Jan, 14 2004 - 04:49
If you're looking for realism, I wouldn't go with MP. As for blood and violence, if you're a sadistic bastard that looks for that as a virtue/necessity in gaming, I thought MP2 did a great job of that with the twitching bodies and all.

Milos Gorjaninposted - Jan, 21 2004 - 02:02
Maxey is excelent I'm playing it with that much happynes that I can't explaine it.MP2is one cool game...and SCREW everyone elsewho said that game isn't good I'm waiting for Max Payne3(check the credits in Max Payne2)

cyborgposted - Jan, 21 2004 - 05:44
how do u complete the chapter-> "the sign of her passage". please help me .i;m stranded.the old man & the babe(violet).just keep following instead of helping me.none of the doors open.

Milos Gorjaninposted - Feb, 09 2004 - 23:17
We in Serbia love Max Payne2,I thinks that is great(we also love first Max Payne) Greetings from Milos

Hornyposted - Feb, 16 2004 - 17:08
oooo i liked the most MONA SAX Nude pic :D nice boobs and pussy :DD the most companys will do that featue (viewing nice looking chicks nude) the most the game will be popular

Milos Gorjaninposted - Mar, 01 2004 - 21:57
I've finished Max Payne three times by now,and it's excellent.TO IDIOT who started his comment with:"THIS GAME IS TOTAL SHIT JUST LIKE MAX PAYNE1".You stupid... the game is great,more than that,FUCKING great.Who's with me!!!?

remyposted - Mar, 04 2004 - 11:14
Good&cool game,nice graphics,but short gameplay time,just took about 6 hours to finish it,overall it's freakinly fun playin in god mode.

dorkposted - Mar, 10 2004 - 22:15
u know, you can get better nude pics of mona sax by pressing pause. the camra will revolve around her..

Dizzy-Dposted - Apr, 07 2004 - 23:24
Okay i dont get one thing. Hov can you make maxpayne.exe in too a .txt and the launch the game ? Please explaine (P.S. i didint even play it but i realy look forward too buy it)

noelposted - May, 08 2004 - 09:20
i played maxpayne2 on my 866/133 perfect 1280x768 resolution with everything as details on high runs like silk milk and very good with a ati 7500 64mb pci but before that i was fucking around with my jumpers alot so i think i clocked my computer over 1ghz but it doesint say its a 1ghz computer i dont know the minimum system requirments are 1ghz prossecer and i played it on my 866 thats nutts i wanna know if anyone thinks my computer is clocked or not idk it doeint say but i was able to download joint opps demo that minimum req/is 1.5ghz someone please let me know somthing about my 3 year old computer that does all of this

Whateverposted - Apr, 03 2005 - 11:24
man this is a kid's game. Play half-life 2 or doom 3.

ryza 1 and onlyposted - Dec, 10 2005 - 07:31
Is there any way to get mona nude in the max payne 2 demo?

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