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Ostrich Runner Interview
(korgull) 02:15 PM CEST - Sep,30 2003

GGMania got a chance to chat with Grigor Grigoryan, project leader on Ostrich Runner, the upcoming arcade racing game from Geleos. He provided us with both pretty interesting information and nine new screenshots. The final version of Ostrich Runner should be available in November 2003.

GGMania: A few weeks ago you released playable demo version of your new arcade game named Ostrich Runner. Can you tell us which people are behind this game? How many developers working on this sweet title?

Grigor: Our team consists of nine people. The main part of our team has been working together since 1998. And as a result of our work there were some projects. For example, our 3D-action "Killer Tank”. Because of our old knowing of each other, we can say that our thoughts are tied up. So it is really very easy to work together and to embody our ideas.

GGMania:  Is there some special reason why do you cast just these birds?

Grigor: The idea of the creation "Ostrich Runner” came to us in winter. At that very moment we were discussing some ideas for the future projects. We wanted to create something not ordinary, funny, and not bloody and not cruel. That is why we decided to use the graphic similar to the cartoons. And we found the technology we needed: Toon Shading. It was decided to develop the arcade racing. If we chose the cars for this racing, it would be not so easy to reach the fun. And suddenly the idea came to our mind! There will be the arcade racing of  animals. We started thinking what animal was really funny and came to the conclusion that for us it is ostrich.

GGMania: Some of your heroes look like something between Road Runner (Looney Tunes cartoons) and chickens from popular Chicken Shoot games, don't you think so? Where did you take your inspiration?

Grigor: I wouldn't say that our characters look like the characters of Road Runner or Chicken Shoot. May be the only similarity is that fact that the ostriches are main persons. If you read attentively the rules of the character's behavior of Road Runner and then play our game, you will understand that these games are quite different. We decided to use ostriches because it is the only bird which is not able to fly, but it can run really very quickly. We thought that it would be interesting to create many different and funny obstacles for such character. For example it is rake, banana's skin and so on

GGMania: Can you tell us something about background story? I think it was something about some planet where are living ostriches only and about mad professor, that want to prepare a big omelette of hundred of their eggs or something like that. ;)

Grigor: Well, all is not simpleI do not want to tell about all story's surprises. It will be better to find them in the game itself. But I will tell you about the main features. There was the planet of ostriches. They lived in suit with each other. They raised their kids and had no problem. But one crazy Professor decided to enslave this peaceful planet. In order to reach this aim he wanted to create strong ostriches-warriors. With this end in view he sent his assistants to the villages of ostriches. And they stole the eggs. But they did not see that their bags were holed. And some of the eggs started falling out. Next morning the ostriches saw the terrible scene. And the strongest and the cleverest started racing for the thief. Well, that's the end of my story. Everything else you will see in the game.

GGMania:  Will there be some another animals?

Grigor: Yes, of course. There will be a lot of other animals. Almost with every creature your character will be able to interact. Some of them will prevent you to run as quickly as possible. And some of them will help you.

GGMania: What kind of obstacles can we expect? What about power-ups?

Grigor: Well, as I already said there will be a lot of obstacles and traps. Such as stones, puddles, walls and fences, peyote, mauls. Well, I will not tell you about everything. It will be better if you feel it yourself. I will say the only thing, you will be not bored playing our game.

GGMania:  I've noticed there is selection of some ostrich runners in your game. Will there be chance to customize characters or something like that?

Grigor: No, there will be 10 ostriches in the game, and the main difference will be their appearance.

GGMania: Ostrich Runner has single-player part as well as multiplayer. Can you tell us which game modes can we expect? How many maps, difficulty levels, and so on?

Grigor: There will be 16 single levels and 10 levels of multiplayer. As far as you passed single levels, these levels become available in the net game. I would like to mention that the multiplayer includes the game in the local net (8 people) and and in the internet (also 8 people). And don't forget that there is Split Screen in "Ostrich Runner".

GGMania: The game is running on your new graphic engine. Can you tell us something about it?

Grigor: Yes, this engine is our native engine, our child. It was developed specially for the creation the cartoon's graphic. We used the "Toon Shading" technology. There are many special effects, which you will not find in other games. So we can say that our engine is the unique thing. It helped us to embody all of our crazy ideas.

GGMania: What are your system requirements for this game?

Grigor: Intel Pentium III 800MHz, nVidia GeForce2, 128MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP/98 and DirectX 8.1.

GGMania:  Is this game PC only or do you plan release it for another platforms?

Grigor: This project will be released on PC. And the modified version of "Ostrich Runner" will appear on such platforms as Pocket PC and on the mobile phones.

GGMania: When do you plan release Ostrich Runner in Europe and North America? Do you have publisher? How much will it cost?

Grigor: Well, this question is not so simple. We are looking for the publisher. So, that is why I am not able to answer this question fully.

GGMania: Do you plan some mission editor for your fans?

Grigor: Yes, there were some thoughts about this. One day we really decided to create the level editor for the players. But we understood that the editor would stretch the time of the game development itself. But if the players like our game, we shall release the add-ons or we shall develop "Ostrich Runner-2” with the editor.

GGMania: Is there something else you want to tell our readers about this game?

Grigor: Well, I want to mention, that there is opinion that this game is only for kids. And I have to say, that the adults will be also really very happy to play this game. Every person will find something unique and interesting. I think "Ostrich Runner" will be good entertainment on the break for example.

GGMania: What do you plan else? Do you already prepare some another project?

Grigor: Well, our minds are full of ideas. Some of them we wanted to embody in Ostrich Runner, but it was impossible. We decided that it would be better to create something brand-new. At that very moment I can say that we started preproduction of our new project. You know I think it is too early to speak about it. But I am sure that it will be more dynamic, there will be more fun, humor and different funny things.

genre: arcade racing
release: November 2003
publisher: demo (37MB)

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