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1503 A.D. The New World
(hx) 01:51 PM CEST - Jun,02 2003

1503 A.D.: The New World is a historical RTS-trade simulation game, the prequel to 1602 A.D (1999). The game take you back 100 years to the beginning era of European exploration of what they entitled the New World. Although, 1503 A.D. is a completely new, stand-alone game, it uses the main elements of 1602 A.D. So, those familiar with 1602 will immediately feel at ease with the basic interface and real-time design of the new version.

In the game, you start out with single ship looking for a suitable place to drop anchor and settle a new colony that will one day spawn into a sprawling 16th century city.You set sail equipped with but a few tools, some building materials and a scout. The first thing you have to do is to find an island offering optimal conditions, such as fertile ground and seams of ore. In order to find out just what conditions are like on an island you have to unload their scout and send them ashore to explore it. If conditions turn out to be favorable you can found their first settlement.

Naturally, the populace will demand certain goods and wares, so your first step will be to set up production chains to create the goods your colonists want, starting with food. All inhabitant demands have to be met before they can advance to the next level of civilization. This means that for a city to flourish and grow you have to ensure a supply of goods adequate to the demand. Creating a warehouse leads to the creation of markets, mines, smelters and various trades, etc. The game features over 45 resources which are divided into raw materials building materials, consumer goods, and weapons, and over 350 different buildings. The most important resources are gold, wood, iron and tools. These allow you to produce the other products such as, for example, food, clothing, armor and ships. Needless to say the production process is very complex. In terms of trading, you can either use the automatic trading option or load your own ship and set sail on a trading mission to find partners and compare prices.

In the game there are several civilizations to deal with, such as other European settlers, Native Americans, Inuits, Aztecs, Africans, Mongolians, and so on. Of course, each race has its own traits and characteristics. In addition to the different cultures, developers also added a complete set of pirates. They're a thieving lot who can sometimes make life at sea pretty difficult. However, they are quite willing to do a player's dirty work by attacking other, potentially dangerous players :)

A.D. 1503 features 12-mission (yet highly challenging) single-player campaign, several single-player scenarios. The goals set for these missions vary widely, ranging from simple rescues through the erecting of a settlement which must then grow to a flourishing city to full scale sieges. There's also an Open-Ended mode with random maps where you can create your own colony with no restrictions or deadlines and turn it into a great Empire. Sadly, the multiplayer support did not make it into the final release. They promised to release a free multiplayer patch later (at the moment, matches with up to six players are planned), however the patch is not available yet. If you are waiting for the promised patch, then I recommend you to watch this thread in the official forum.

Anyone who likes management/strategy games and have not played 1602 or 1503 yet, will probably like this one. Despite the fact, that the game is quite difficult. For those of you who remember 1602 A.D., 1503 is basically the same as the previous game, so if you have played 1602 and loved it, then I suggest you stick with it or try this playable demo (169MB).

System requirements: Pentium II 500 MHz (1GHz recommended), 128 MB RAM (256MB recommended), 930 MB HDD space, DirectX 7 compatible 3D AGP video card (16 MB)

snd: 3/5 - good, nice music - songs fit the historical period well, minimal effects
gfx: 4/5 - a bit dated but pretty detailed, plenty of animation
playability: 4/5 - enjoyable though pretty much the same as 1602 A.D., campaign mode is difficult, no multiplayer yet (promised MP patch), no scenario editor
genre: historical RTS-trade sim
release: March 2003
developer: Sunflowers
the game is similar to: 1602 A.D.
publisher: Electronic Arts
Overall: 72%

last 10 comments:

dam you ugly!!posted - Jun, 02 2003 - 18:03
man it seems like hx will give anything with a box cover >70% he totally out to lunch.its basically close to a remake of the old colonization game. with better graphics and hot chicks. its got some shit faced water though. it looks more like a "blue paper" then water but. also the graphics seem more like a bad painting than actually buildings its like some decided to paint inside of draw. you can't do suicde rammings with the ships. you can't have a crew abandom vessell. you can't change your sailing colors. you can't have people chant war cries. you can't stop using the bloody phrase "you can't _____" yeah ok i stop with that . ok the bloody grass looks too much like lawn grASS . i mean do they got mowers in 1800?, i don't think so. SO WHATS UP WITH THE BLOODY "HIGH QUALITY LAWN CARE" hmmm you tell me? . ya sure they got all that pretty stuff eh?. they screwed up the clothing of the people it looks to modern. its like someone decide to make modern version of the past clothes not past version of past clothes. IT LOOKS FAKED UP. kinda like when you see too a over hyped "game cube" game. man they don't have lots of tents thats a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. i mean if you can't change tent styles then how you going to camo and how you going to party?/?? you can't party with no funky tents now can you ?? it be no fun?? the games got lots of good economic stuff in it. like you can buy food. food is good . and they got multiple food types. THE TRADING IS AWESOME. anyway this game is like 50%. is medicore. what did i say that> oo silly me its medicore.

x@x.xposted - Jun, 02 2003 - 19:44
What are you playing the game at 320x240? Give me a break. The game looks better than the original. If you cannot download the demo as was suggested, go to and check out the reviews from other web sites:

ViriiKposted - Jun, 02 2003 - 23:00
You know.. HX pretty much gets it where I like it.. Why don't you get a life since you're thinking big long sentence can drive people away from this game. At least I know you'll never have a girlfriend unless you got with with a wooden leg. This game is pretty good actually.

CHOVE ITposted - Jun, 02 2003 - 23:21

Oomposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 04:37
actully your just stupid

LoneWolfposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 06:45
I say this game is pretty good, if you are a kinda empire builders person who likes to built buildings and then raise an armies and go to war. I mean it has nicely graphics and details. This game is "LIVELY" it cool to see anything and everything from rabbits to birds roaming in the back-grounds. The buildings itself is pretty outstanding with details. If you like pretty graphics and beautiful green and lush full of wild lifes and dangerous pirates game this is the ONE!. But I'm dissapointed for the lack of CHEAT! codes. You know good game without a cheats is a bad games. Well overall, I say this game supass "AOE" series and "Rise of Nations".

LOSER OR WINNERposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 09:00
i dislike this game. Its does not have enough fighting to it. but the trading is ok. anyways AOE AND RISE OF NATIONS suck so why compare to a sucky game? the graphics look average. basically nothing GREAT here its below average so its like 5/10 . no way i buy it. you got to better than that to impress me. below is a small note on cheating ---------------------------------------- CHEATS ARE FOR LOSERS WHO GIVE UP AND NEVER TRY TO IMPROVE AND OVERCOME. THEY ARE FOR NEGATIVE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY SUCK SO INSTEAD OF TRYING TO IMPROVE THEY GIVE UP. WINNERS DON'T NEED CHEATS. THEY THINK POSITIVELY AND TRY TO IMPROVE. HAVING CHEATS IN A GAME MAKES IT A BAD GAME NOT A GOOD GAME. CHEATS STRIP AWAY THE POINT OF PLAYING THE GAME. AND THATS TO JOURNEY AND EXPERIENCE WHAT THE GAME HAS TO OFFER IN FULL. ITS NO FUN PLAYING SOMETHING IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T LOSE. ITS THE RISK OF LOSING THAT MAKES YOUR VICTORY TASTE SWEET AND YOUR DEFEATS TASTE BITTER. you suck lonewolf!

Understand Itposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 18:07
Cheats are not terms of a good gamer A good game is not necessarily the best... Whiners are people who are spoiled by the marvels of new things.... If you have this game in the early 90s you have been grateful....and dont try to say that this is the 2000s.....people must know to respect...if you cant appreciate a game, that means you dont like it. End of line. POOF...Just say it no need to make shiity crittics

ViriiKposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 20:10
AOE and Rise of Nations are highly rated games. Give me a break.. AOE was made in 1997 and was the runner-up towards 1997 Strategy Game of the Year. Total Annihilation was still better at the time :) Rise of Nations now pretty damn fun if you play it with multiplayer. I take my chances that you are pirating it if you are bitching about it.

It's NOT a Twitch RTposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 21:46
The game is very good, the AI very tough, but MOST IMPORTANTLY: in comparison to the current RTS trend for Fast Action "twitch" games like Rise of Nations ('click fast or die!'), 1503-TNW gameplay will seem slow. It's depth of gameplay and requirement that you be able to Think will make this un-attractive to many fans of the typical brainless 'zergling rush' RTS that is so popular today.

top to bottomposted - Jun, 03 2003 - 22:47
This game is ok its almost average. i would not buy it though it just does not excite me when im playing it. it lacks that atmosphere that says "YES YES PLAY ME". the so called "brainless "zergling rush' is an effective attack pattern. If it works why would you not use it? IT ONLY MAKES SENSE TO USE SOMETHING THAT WORKS. this does not mean you do it all the time but when you think its the best choice then you do it. Just cause a game is faster pasted does not mean you don't need a brain to play it. it just means you have to adapt quicker on the battlefield, process information quicker and decide quicker about what your going to do. i have to agree with that guy who said AOE and Rise of nations are crap games. there both cheap ass attempts to please gamers. some people have such low standards that they will accept stupid games. just LOOK at Star Wars Galactic Battleground. if your going decide if a game is good base of how many "AWARDS" it gets then you dumb. its a rigged everyone knows it just look at CIV3 thats got lots of AWARDS and its a piece of shit game. its too bloody easy and too bloody slow. so spare us the bs.

Johnposted - Jun, 04 2003 - 04:55
Why do all the trolls come out for the reviews? As for the comment about hx giving every game >70%, that's just silly. Whoever said that must not have seen many of hx's reviews.

LoneWolfposted - Jun, 04 2003 - 06:04
You are a fool players are rather dump players who would like to spend 100's of hours playing game that keep on dying a savig without a CHEATS what a waste of time. Hehehe! this is to those who's opposes my comments, it get Bore and Borings if you keep on playing games without a CHEATS or a game with no CHEATS at all. CHEATS, bring new life to games like infinite lives more crazy stuff you can do and MORE WEAPONS, that is the true way to have fun not by wasting time to out wit the computers. With CHEATS it enhances the games to it true colors which brings out a full funs and thrills. If you are a true players who dosen't like to use CHEATS you are Half a Brains like the computers. Why use a cheap! low damage guns when you can use ROCKET LAUNCHERS, and have infinite ammo's to blast away the enemies. Why drive a low performance car when could drive a SUPER FAST CORVETTE's. Why only have ten thousand MOOLA when you could have a Millions or INFINITE with a CHEATS. CHEATS, is like a GOD's with all the POWERS and OPTIONS and it kicks the hells out of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and it brings a new meanings to a TRUE WINNERS. With CHEATS, it bring games to it true ENDINGS and that you may uninstalled it and it times to move on and buy a new one period!. Well I hope that this will OPEN UP! your HEADS, for those of you who's SO called true experiences players.

gots poeposted - Jun, 04 2003 - 08:10
lonewolf all your telling me is that you prefer the best equipment and to be greatly superior in every TECHINICAL aspect in the game. OF COURSE IT WILL EASY TO WIN IF YOU GOT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. CAN YOU WIN WITH LESSER QUALITY ITEMS? CAN YOU WIN WHEN THE ENEMY HAS SUPERIOR EQUIPMENT AND NUMBERS? being a winner is about winning not having the best equipment. obviously you totally did not understand my point. you seem impatient and you seem like you don't want a CHALLENGE you just want something EASY TO KILL. Cheating takes the CHALLENGE away from the game and thats why its lame and pathetic. and thats why people who use cheats are losers cause they avoid the challenges. based on your comment "wasting time to out wit the computers" it seems to me that your not interesting in using that brain of yours in games your only interested in blowing stuff up like rambo. VICTORY IS OBTAINED BETTER THREW TACTICS THEN THREW BRUTE FORCE. its better to capture enemy forces then to kill them? why? well if you kill a enemy unit they are down 1 unit . but if you capture it YOU ARE +1 and they are -1 thus its twice as good to capture then to kill assuming the logistics for the capture unit are in place but thats a side issue. some games may get boring after 100"s of hours of play but thats more of a game design issue. If you can't even spend 100 hours playing a game and not get bored then maybe you bought the wrong game for you. they are no cheats codes in real-life, how can you win in real life?.

Lard Assposted - Jun, 04 2003 - 09:15
when r the ppl who critise the reviewer gonna get a life ! its been said b4 you dont like the review then go make ur own site and give it what u want ! YOU CANT CHANGE THE REVIEW RATING YOU CANT CHANGE THE REVIEWERS MIND YOU CANT DO NOTHING BUT MOAN & GROAN STFU u lame ass PUNKS

LETS DO IT AGAIN!posted - Jun, 04 2003 - 18:23
wow more bitching from you Lard Ass im not surprised lol.

sergioposted - Jun, 05 2003 - 15:54
I don't care about this game.

magaposted - Jun, 06 2003 - 11:04
it seems that this kind of games are very appealing to german gamers....hmmm

wen@isgay.composted - Aug, 04 2003 - 17:15
This game is great! It's much more involving than AOE, where you just build the buildings wherever and just one of everything will suffice. This is more realistic, gameplay-wise, where you have to have a different marketplace (similar to the zerg colonies) to expand your empire. You are also challenged to dedicate certain colonies to explicit tasks (potato harvesting, spice collecting, tobacco farming, etc.), so you can't just build everything in a ten-inch square. It may be slower than those other games, but definitely much better. And the absence of cheats is definitely a plus. Thank god for pure games. You really think games like Diablo were fun once everyone had 10000000000 armor class helms and 555459958 damage class weapons? I think not. Cheats are for people who can't handle the challenge of actually acceding to the basics of the game and mastering the game level by level. Lame, I say.

posted - Aug, 24 2003 - 19:23

posted - Oct, 29 2003 - 19:04
THIS GAME mud hole once you jump in you don't get out but you get covered in crap and mud.

Lindaposted - Jan, 31 2004 - 16:25
Can you choose the language on the PS2 or XBox version of Legacy of Kain:Defiance ?

conorposted - Jul, 10 2004 - 21:44
this game stinks i can't find any patchs

dasdposted - Jul, 23 2004 - 05:28
I dont think you guys are qualified enough to give stupid reviews so just give it up

Bobposted - Sep, 15 2004 - 22:23
And neither is the guy who wrote the comment above mine so shut the H___ up

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