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Rise of Nations
(hx) 04:16 AM CEST - May,28 2003

Rise of Nations is a historical real-time strategy game which combines the strategic and in-depth features found in turn-based strategy games with the speed of real-time strategy games. The game was developed by Big Huge Games, the team behind Civilization 2 and Alpha Centauri, famous turn-based strategy games. However, the team has decided to move away from the turn-based genre for Rise of Nations. I bet most gamers will appreciate it. Rise of Nations brings a great deal of innovation from the turn-based world that creates a very different game-playing experience. National borders that define where you can build, multiple key cities you must defend, detailed tactical combat, and an in-depth technology tree all help bring that strategic depth from the turn-based world. You can win through military might, using everything from slingshots to cannons to stealth bombers; corner the market on key commodities, and wheel and deal with a wide variety of nations. You can quickly play from the Ancient Age (2000 B.C) to the Information Age.

Rise of Nations features over 6,000 years of history - you will advance through eight different ages - classical, medieval, gunpowder, enlightenment, industrial, modern, information and future, each with their own rewards; 18 highly diverse nations - each with its own distinctive nation powers and special units (Aztecs, Bantu, British, Chinese, Egyptians, French, Germans, Greeks, Inca, Japanese, Koreans, Maya, Mongols, Nubians, Romans, Russians, Spanish and Turks); many different objects such as Barracks, City, Forge, Fort, Library, Market, Oil Platform, Sawmill, Temple, Refinery, University; over 220 different unit types, with over 500 artistically distinct variations based on gender, race and time period, ranging from slingers, bowmen, musketeers to M1-A1 Abrams Heavy Tank, Missile Cruiser, Submarines, Jets and rocket-launching MLRS units defended by anti-air and infantry to nuclear weapons.

In addition to building and weapons, there are also wonders (Angkor Wat, Colosseum, Colossus, Eiffel Tower, Kremlin, Porcelain Tower, Pyramid, Space Program, Statue of Liberty, Super Collider, Taj Mahal, Terra Cotta Army, Temple of Tikal, Versailles) that provides your Nation with a great many bonuses and are well worth the investment.

All the mechanics of traditional RTS games are here - there's resource gathering of standard resources such as food, timber, metal, oil, knowledge, wealth, and over 32 unique rare resources (they are inexhaustible and scattered around a map randomly) such as Aluminium, Amber, Bison, Citrus, Coal, Copper, Cotton, Diamonds, Fish, Gems, Horses, Marble, Obsidianm, Papyrus, Salt, Silk, Silver, Spice, Sugar, Sulphur, Titanium, Tobacco, Uranium, Wine, etc., construction of buildings and infrastructure, researching various technologies (in four main areas of research: military, civil, commerce, and science), and fielding military units.

Along with six story driven tutorials ranging in difficulty level from beginning to advanced players, the game mainly consists of Quick Battles, World Conquest, and the standard multiplayer. Quick Battles allow you to choose the nationality of yourselves and your opponent(s), along with the option to choose customized and set rules. The set options include modes where you must defend against waves of attackers, play the role of the aggressor, kill a certain unit, start the game without a scout or town, an option to win by research and not war, along with a couple of others. Customizing the game is definitely enjoyable. The main focus of our single-player campaign is Conquer the World, where you take over the world one territory at a time. The global map portion of the campaign is turn-based; you buy special cards that provide specific bonuses for a battle, upgrade your territories, move armies across the landscape, and so forth. Each scenario is set in a single Age, so you get a great feel for the units and tactics unique to that era.You can set the length of the game to whatever you wish, so you can have a long, drawn-out game or a quick blitz. It's kind of like Risk or Diplomacy meets RTS. Victory in each territory gives you tribute, special resources, or bonus powers to attack a strong enemy. If you do get bored, there's also map editor and a script editor to help build and distribute your own scenarios. Needless to say that Rise of Nations provides an enormous replay value, since no two games will ever be the same.

In the multiplayer mode (up to 8 players through LAN/Internet), you can select a variety of game types, including a peaceful tech game where there is no combat, only a race to see who can complete all the research in the major categories first. Another popular variant is the "no rush" game, where peace is enforced between the combatants for a set period of time. There is over thirteen different game types to choose from. You can configure your starting setups to skip the initial buildup period, or start with nothing at all in your nation if you enjoy placing those early buildings. Starting resources, technology, population limits, start and end Ages, and victory conditions can all be changed. Yeah the multiplayer rocks! However they should improve some things in the next patch. For example, would be nice to see how many people in each channel or how many one total, you also can't tell who is what game, so it's pretty hard to track down a your friend's location.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the Rise of Nations. It's damn addictive and the more you play the more you like it :) At last an RTS that combines the good things from past games while providing enough innovation to change the gameplay substantially. If you like this genre I recommend to buy it. You can also try this playable demo (194MB).

Minimum System Requirements: Processor: 500 MHz, 128MB RAM, 16MB 3D card*, 800MB HDD space, audio board with speakers and / or headphones, 56.6 kbps modem (or better) for internet play
Problematic GFX chipsets: Intel 740, 810, and 815 Chipsets (black screen followed by a crash to the desktop) , 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 (RoN will not run), 3dfx Voodoo 5 AGP +Win98 (various graphical anomalies occur on water portions), 3dfx Voodoo 5 AGP (RoN is unplayable when running the game in 32-bit mode on a Win98SE), Diamond Monster Fusion (RoN will not run)
Problematic CDROMs: Acer CD-624a (install protected-mode drivers), Cybermedia 204 (problem - there are no known solutions), Liteon 4265 (problem - there are no known solutions), Memorex CD-RW2224 (problem - there are no known solutions), Sanyo CRD-256P (try ejecting and reinserting the CD-ROM, restart PC), Sony CDU77E 2X (make sure it is configured as a master, and then run the game again), Yamaha 2216E, 4416SX and CDR6416S (contact Yamaha for a firmware upgrade)

snd: 5/5 - excellent, I really enjoyed some of the soundtracks
gfx: 4/5 - slightly outdated - but who cares, highly detailed 2D environments, good attention to detail, three levels of zooming-scale, some effects are weak (rockets and their resulting explosions)
playability: 5/5 - very addictive, high replay value, 19 map types+generator, and a scenario and script editor, fast paced RTS action, scalable difficulty (6 levels to choose from),.multiplayer up to 8 players via LAN/Internet(GameSpy)
genre: RTS
release: May 2003
developer: Big Huge Games
the game is similar to: Empire Earth, AoK, AoE
publisher: Microsoft
Overall: 90%

last 10 comments:

yayposted - May, 28 2003 - 04:37
This game looks cool, reminds alot about Age of Mythology and the games in that serie. Ill be getting this game as soon the stores out here get it :)

yayposted - May, 28 2003 - 04:38
Sorry forgot to agree with hx on the review, game graphic is outdated, but the game feeling is GREAT in these kinds of games!

THREE DAYSposted - May, 28 2003 - 07:17
its very similar to civilization 3. IT seems like they basically took most of the game ideas from civ 3 and put them in this game and made in a RTS game instead of turn based. THE MILITARY is unrealistic in this game. all the units are bar based which is stupid. in real life units basically have 3 states. ok, damaged and dead(destroyed). the units don't do enough damage and can take too much damage. the graphics are not "good" they suck, just look at the screen shots that basically says it all. there is no command and control element to the game which is stupid. they are stupid victory conditions like winning buy "research". research is something that never ends in life. if humans where to, stop trying to improve our knowledge and technology we would almost certainly die because something smarter would come along and kill us. AND NO WHERE NOT SAFE ON EARTH. SOMEONE COULD BLOW UP THE PLANET IN ONE SHOT(BUT THATS ANOTHER ISSUE).humans can be easily exterminated from existence at the present time.the game also has lots of stupid modes. like "forced peace" this is stupid because in life you can't always talk your way out of a situation sometimes force is the only answer and the best answer to accomplise the objective. the technology in the game does not advance far enough which is another big disappointment. PLEASE PLAY THE BLOODY DEMO BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BUY THE GAME.

Shortyposted - May, 28 2003 - 08:05
I got this game three weeks ago. Why buy it ???

giGGlerposted - May, 28 2003 - 10:58
Sounds very familiar of Empire Earth which is a great game. Dunno if I would bother with this one.

magaposted - May, 28 2003 - 11:53
fah, this is the same bullshit like 3 years ago...

Breatheposted - May, 28 2003 - 11:57
sorry to disagree with THREE DAYS - LEFT but this is one excellent and solid RTS. You may compare it to Empire Earth laughing but this game is 10 times as solid and way better. It is extremely addictive, very well thought out and planned and the gameplay is one of the best I've played this year. This game easily takes the top spot for RTS for me along with the likes of Starcraft, Warcraft III, WWII Frontline Command and Age Of Mythology. If you still didnt get this game GET IT NOW and you won't be disappointed if you are an RTS fan. Big Huge Games did what everyone thought was impossible which is to make an RTS with Turn-based games depth and they pulled it off pretty well!

Tomposted - May, 28 2003 - 14:41
ya, this game rocks. I play it nightly..this is the best one I have played and I'm pretty into RTS..I find this game has a little of everything, excellent review HX.. i guess you got the sticky keys fixed. 9/10 is what I give it.

TWO DAYSposted - May, 28 2003 - 15:55
The units look pathetically stupid.they units are like something, that would be drawn on a cereal box. The details of the units in the game are poor. The animation of the units firing is also of low quality. This game has got no logistical depth. bombers don't do need to be refueled?, infantry don't need food or sleep?, tanks don't need fuel? etc... also the bombers don't do enough damage.A LOT of the weapons seem cool to get but when you use them they are a big disappointment in performance.Its like yeah i got a big ICBM then you use it and you only kill like one building.THE WEAPONS ARE LIKE SOMEONE SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE SOMETIMES YOU GET SLAPPED A LITTLE HARDER BUT YOUR STILL BASICALLY GETTING SLAPPED NOT PUNCH OR KICKED OR SOMETHING MORE VIOLENT.its all micky mouse damage. you want to compare this game to another game well this game is about the same level as the shit game real war. they are no big ass explosion in the game. the tanks are fucked up they got no guns only turrets??? so its like 4 shots to kill an infantry. even with a shell 1-2 shot would kill the infantry another ridiculous implementation. basically the game has got all the "fancy" ideas with no good implementation is like that weak kid who is always running his mouth. THIS GAME IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO STARCRAFT AND WARCRAFT 3. those games got style this game is a shit box. as for age of mythology and WW2 Frontline Command those games are shit. If you compare something to shit you should not be surprised if most of the time you get something thats better. if your an RTS FAN PLEASE PLAY THE DEMO first then you see what im talking about!!! , then you will see that these jokers are just talking bs! this game is a 3/10 and its got the "EXTREME SHIT HO" label as well.

One Day - LEFTposted - May, 28 2003 - 17:37
haha - you attack the game because it's not "realistic" enough for you, then you reference Starcraft and Warcraft 3 as wonderful games who have about as much in common with realism as Roseanne Barr and a Slim Fast shake. Have a happy 12th birthday.

Yodaposted - May, 28 2003 - 17:38
2 TWO & THREE DAYS LEFT: About realism. FUCK REALISM, where is the realism in Starcraft & the Warcraft series? (but I like these games too) "Tanks don't need fuel?" I don't wanna refuel every tank, I don't wanna play a tankrefuelling-game. I don't wanna do everything in a game, because it can be very boring. And you neither can't refuel a tank in SC. Sorry for my english :)

Tomposted - May, 28 2003 - 18:48
Realism! ahhahahahaa, not only is he 12, but he's 12 and smoking weed.

ajaxposted - May, 28 2003 - 21:15
i dont understand the problem with being 12 i am 12 and i am fucking better than most on games (and i mean pcgames so no crappy jokes about that) and this seems to rock

Tomposted - May, 28 2003 - 21:39
ya, and you got a nice language set to boot. I'm impressed, your twelve, you can swear and your good at pc games. Mom and Dad must be proud.

dont agreeposted - May, 28 2003 - 21:59
I dont see what you mean at all TWO DAYS - LEFT, all i see is you talking bullshit. This is a decent game worth playing if you like RTS. Graphics arent the best, but gameplay > graphic.

NO U!!posted - May, 28 2003 - 23:10
For THREE-ONE DAYS -LEFT. All I have to say to you is, 'stop peeing in the gene pool.' Do humanity a favor and not breed.

Yozposted - May, 28 2003 - 23:26
Nice game, but far from the quality that alpha centauri was... I'm still waiting for a game that will beat that one in therms of quality!

Sorceriousposted - May, 29 2003 - 00:49 the hell is Warcraft III and Starcraft more "real" than this game. Are elves, walking trees, aliens REAL, I think not. The graphics are okay, they suffice. I'd rather see a game with better gameplay than being pretty. A good game that does that is Unreal 2. Great graphics with little gameplay (average time to complete is 8 hours, whoopee). As for the gameplay, two and three days left, you guys are total amateures at playing "BALANCED" games. It would be ridiculous for a ICBM to take out about 10 squares instead of only the 2 or 3. The reason why units deal out moderate damage and take alot is called BALANCING the game. Also with the victory conditions, winning by research, hell yeah. That adds "replay" value. More options the better. If you dont like it then TURN IT OFF!!! So instead of spouting off talking about gameplay elements that you dont understand, think before you speak. Aside from that. I'll give my 2 cents about the game. I've played alot of Civ 3, Age of Empires/Myth, Empire Earth, Warcraft and Starcraft. This game is pretty much a Civ 3 - Empire Earth hybrid, which isnt bad at all. It gives players a new chance to play something different. The graphics as stated by other people are mediocure and suffice for this type of game. (How well can you make the graphics for a game of this type??) Sound is nicely done, great sound effects and ambient soundtrack. Gameplay is different but highly enjoyable (except if your Two/three days left). Units are pretty well balanced, not saying thats its perfect (expect some patches). Also the way you advance and have wonders, etc is nice and welcome. Overall, I give this game a solid 8/10. Always try the demo before you buy the game or take other people's words for it.

Trimmerposted - May, 29 2003 - 00:51
if you guys want such a perfect up to date game get off your ass learn some skills and make one yourself, why would anyone want to have to refuel all their shit in an RTS?? good god, what is wrong with you people, the game has it's lows im will not lie, but if you play through it it has some good strategy points, and shorty, dont brag about dling your games there is 21423321 people who download your not that special

ONE DAYposted - May, 29 2003 - 04:30
anyone with brains knows that war is about 70% logistics and 30% combat. reducing the logistics down to a non-existent level stripes away from the fun and realism of the game. When the logistics are ignored or done poorly the game suffers. this is the case with this game.THE NAMES OF THE UNITS ARE BASICALLY JUST RIPE OFFS. the units they put in the game are not acurate in ANY regard to the actual real life units.its completely stupid to include something called a ICMB if it does not behave like a ICBM. i expect when something is called an apple to actually be an apple not a ROTTEN APPLE. thats whats happening here they say there are giving you chocolate but really your getting a plate of poo. as for starcraft and warcraft 3 i said they "got style" I NEVER SAID STARCRAFT OR WARCRAFT 4 WAS A REALISTIC GAME. yes i agree games based on non-realistic environments can be good some are good. but this game is based on REAL UNITS. there is nothing worse then playing with a broken toy thats how this game feels like when you play it. THE UNITS LACK DETAIL. having a balanced game does not mean you put only LOW YIELD WEAPONS in the game it means the OVERALL power of each side is approximately equal. it would not be ridiculous for an ICBM to take out 10 squares because a ICMB IS A NUKE ITS DESIGN TO DO THAT. Basically this game atmosphere/style is fucked up because it fails to come threw with what it wants to be. THE GRAPHICS ARE SHIT AND THE UNITS ARE SHIT THATS .the game is also to easy. there is no challenge here. its like its got that the same difficulty of that star wars RTS realised a while back which i played for like 1 day. the sound effects of the units are poor quality. i have not been able to loot from dead enemy people in this game. thats another stupid thing. BASICALLY THEY JUST FUCKED IT UP AGAIN JUST LIKE THEY FUCKED UP CIV 2 AND CIV 3.all im saying is i think its shit so play the demo if you like it after that then get it if not don't. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE DEMO AND TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY THIS GAME!! o yeah; downloading wares is stupid cause the game could be rigged with a virus or other hostile code.

Lone Wolfposted - May, 29 2003 - 04:48
They's a lot of big talks going on by it developers and the editors! which caused us peoples to go crazed about this game. Now I'm a beliver the game is SUCK. You know I've waited impatiently for this game! when it finally out I rushed to the mall, try to be the first one to buy it. Now I'm dissapointed like most of you we've pay our hard earned cash! to this soundly game. Let me cut to the point! I was suprise to see that the pop only limits to 200 only, it like AOE, series. Why don't it be like the game called "America Conqest" were the units could storm out on the battle fields by the hundreds and thousands at one time. "ANKOR WAT", "STATUE OF LIBERTY", what's with this world famous land marked have to do with the game! it reminded me of a mixed of "SIM CITY", taste!. Another dissapointment is that when you built a air units like jet fighters and bombers etc, it hide in the air base all the time. You only see it fly out went you order it to attack. The grapics and structures are kinda nicely done. The city are suck it only produce workers, and it get even sucker when it only limit you to built one libray, science etc, at a time near a city. The nuke count-down to "zero" is also a drag!. Well overall I say this has a long way to go before they could claim a medal TAGs! as game of the year or editors choice!

cuooo cuoooposted - May, 29 2003 - 19:06
hx is so linear thinking. i think the game is more like 60% no ways it 90%.

Johnposted - May, 30 2003 - 05:01
"PLEASE PLAY THE BLOODY DEMO BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BUY THE GAME" -- I played the demo and loved it. Therefore I will get the retail. -------------------------- "hx is so linear thinking. i think the game is more like 60% no ways it 90%" -- Actually, I agree more with his review of this than some of his previous reviews.

Tomposted - May, 30 2003 - 14:07
Each review I have read outside of GG is in the range of 80-90%. The game is that good. If you like RTS games, you'll like this one.

salesmanposted - May, 30 2003 - 15:16
I played CivIII just weeks prior to trying this out so my judgement may be clouded, but Rise Of Nations was really really bad afaik, but that's what demos are for, and it's just my personal opinion, like the review is hx personal opinion.

Tomposted - May, 30 2003 - 19:28
Well another review here as you may or may not know... 9.3 / 10 @ Gamespot

www.empiresaeon.composted - May, 31 2003 - 18:14
Reviews have been ranging from one that game it 7.5/10 to three who gave it 10/10, the rest is 8.5.-9.1

marblesposted - Jun, 01 2003 - 06:17
ummm i think what we are seeing here is called "hyped crap". Sometimes i think people are so stupid. Then i think im right. They are probably more stupid people than smart people in the world. Thats a sad reality and quite disturbing. ARE YOU STUPID? well i don't know? anyway i hate this game its a wannabe like game. buy something with a pretty box? oh it has a pretty box, ok buy it then.

I Don't Knowposted - Jun, 01 2003 - 23:42
This game sucks. Even the trial version doesn't work. It says Exception Error everytime I open it.

Johnposted - Jun, 02 2003 - 05:35
Hmm.. The demo doesn't work for you so that means the game sucks? Ok. As for the comment from marbles: "Here's your sign."

Mighty Tastyposted - Jun, 02 2003 - 18:50
I just farted, this game rocks, and I fucked your mom, merry christmas fucktards :)

yup its empty!posted - Jun, 02 2003 - 23:26
wow you can type totally irrelevant ideas and combine them in a hositle manner "MIGHTY TASTY" im so impressed.

Intel 815 chipset usposted - Jun, 09 2003 - 06:18
Well actually I think this game would be good if it didn't crash me to the desktop every once in awhile since I have an intel815 motherboard chipset. I go on the site and what do they say: "..there is no known solution". What the fuck, THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WITH INTEL815 MOTHERBOARD CHIPSETS, you think they could write that on the damn fucking box or announce it somehow to major game retailers. Anyhow, when it does work the game is good minus the fact that the graphics are pretty shabby, so I don't see a reason why the game should be as choppy as it is on my computer. Doesn't make sense, I think Warcraft III graphics are better yet RoN runs worse on my computer.

Ali Gorjan and the mposted - Jun, 09 2003 - 22:24
You stupid piece of kid, Stalin was a priest, Churchil was a nudist and Lincoln was Abraham Beard. Get it, boy!

Your nameposted - Jun, 10 2003 - 05:16
umm no i don't understand at all. i don't see how thats realated to the game rise of nations? all i see are a bunch of wannabe cliches. cliches are lame and writing a "wannable cliche" is even more pathetic.

2+2=5posted - Jun, 15 2003 - 21:37
comments to might tasty : your comments sounds like a poem lol. is there an encore?

steve cposted - Jun, 19 2003 - 14:02
this game is very intense i bought it a couple of days ago and it is awsome

ryan studddposted - Jun, 20 2003 - 06:28
intense? hahahah i laugh at you for saying such a thing lol, rofl, lmao. this is probabaly the most tame and linear game i have seen this year. Just cause its got a box cover does not make it good. the units make dumb sounds . i actually had to turn of the sound.

tie kioarposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 00:06
Poor quality is the term that comes to mind when i played this game. I was surprised to find that this game was pathetic. I expected more from it.It lacks most what makes a games fun to play. Its about the same quality as say warcraft 1. I laugh at all you suckers playing this game lol. you getting riped off. There are so many better games out there than this compared to them Rise of nations is a joke. and the should be ashamed.

The Paladinposted - Jul, 07 2003 - 15:41
First of all I think that one of the best comments wrote here are the one done by Sorcerius and One Day - Left...sorry One Day but you need to chill off a little bit as your writing style trends to be <12 year boy...even if you are right you do not sound like other words use a different language. Getting back to the game I think it has good parts and bad parts as anything else in this world. 1. GRAPHICS For its genre I think graphics are OK, even if for some people might be outdated or even obsolete. One Day said a lot about the poor quality of the graphics and he can take credit on his words but... if the game would have the level of zooming and detail that he requested it would take 20 CD's and 2 Main graphic stations cluster-linked to be played. Imagine just a battle with 150 different units + effects + AI engine + sounds + whatever else you may imagine....Remember it is all about BALANCE no matter what it is Note : 8.5/10 System Configuration: 64 DDR ATI Radeon 9000 Pro, VIA KT133A chipset, 512 SDRAM 133, Athlon Xp 1800+ --- even if it is an older system RON rocks on it!!! 2. SOUNDS I have to agree that in terms of sounds the results are poor for units sound, the ambiental sounds are a lot better. Note: 7.5/10 3. GAMEPLAY I have to say the the game has an astonishing gameplay and the mixture between RTS and Turn-Based gives to RON something that makes a difference as comparison with other games. Try seeting up LAN championships with your friends and you'll see what I'm talking about...DO NOT FORGET TO PATCH IT BEFORE..... Note: 10/10 4. REALISM (the biggest challange for any game developer) I noticed some comments about Warcraft 3 and Starcraft both 2 games of at least 9.5/10. But when it comes to realism I think we should define the term before speaking about it: a) do we consider realism as being the sum of ALL physical+chemical+mechanical properties + ALL INTERACTIONS of an object to be the same as being in the nature b) do we consider realism to be JUST THOSE characteristics mentioned before THAT HELPS us during the game itself (approx 0,0001 % from point a) For a game that has 1 or 2 CD's point and costs up to 45 $ b) is "R E A L I S M". I would like to say to One Day that just to HAVE 85% REALISM of a landscape of 10 sqare KM you'll need much more than one CD and a normal PC...+ THE PRICE of that program (millions of USD.....) Note: 9/10 5. REPLAY Great replay has a definite 10 Note: 10/10 OVERALL 9/10 - A good RTS/Turn based game. If you like Empire Earth or AOE with a good flavour of Civilisation this is definite a must have title !!!PLAY THE DEMO BEFORE YOU'LL BUY IT!!!

ITS BACKSTEPposted - Jul, 22 2003 - 18:14
i can't use a different language i only understand english. And this site is only in english. But i think you mean't to say use different diction. maybe i try that. wow you can play RON on a shitty computer im so impressed. lol!

hat's E-mail?posted - Aug, 09 2003 - 20:10
Although i have only played the demo sofar, this game is alright. I have played AOE2 and compared to that RoN is a very good game. It's political border is quite an interesting concept, in being able to control your territory, though I like bieng able to build walls in AOE2. The Demo is quite solid in showing you the aspects of the game. When I can i will definetly buy this game, and yes i am probably addicted to Microsofts shoddy software, but isnt everyone?

ICROSOFT IS SHIT!posted - Aug, 09 2003 - 21:15
NO im certainly not addicted to MICROSOFT CRAP. your a person with low standards. that why you like RON. I give this game the "extreme shit ho" label. thats how bad it is. AOE2 sucks ass too i can't believe you like that either? anyway the bottom line with this game is everything in it is done half-ass and its completely unrealistic. Also the game has no style its a wannabe RTS game.THIS GAME IS AN EMPTY PEPSI BOTTLE. YOU GET THE PLASTIC BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK I WANT THE DRINK.

Zechsithposted - Aug, 19 2003 - 09:07
Here is the scoop. Rise of Nations is cool. In PC Gamer it got a 93% and here a 90%. But, I think these people are getting payed by microsoft to make their games look better. Think of this. Microsoft gets away with murder. How many OS' do you see around now other then microsoft? They have a monopoly, and anyother idustry they get into, they start doing another. Here is another great thing. The Intel 740, 810, and 815 Chipsets dont freaking work. These are in HP computers. They are a very big PC company. These PC's are gay cause half the damn system is on-board, (I have one, dont buy a HP in your lifetime)the chipset being part of this on-board catastrophy. Look, at their FaQ. Its stupid the amount of problems they have. They have a whole extra page dedicated to videocard problems. ( I cant play the game cause it wouldn't work on my damn chipset. I am not buying a new videocard, only to be external because my very small HP case wont fit any new video cars. I went to my friends place to play the game and I had some fun. But, I found it interesting that on his kicking computer (1 gig ddr ram, pentium 4 processor 2.4 ghz, and a vid card 128 mb ram) it still errored every once in a while. The graphics, for its genre are moderate if tweaked to top. I dont know of many high end RTS's that realeaed first quarter 2003 that can top it. Mabey WC3 is better. I like the ecomony system, and tech system. Its a bit different. There are some serious pathing issues around obticals, even with a small force. It just seems like a mix between Empire Earth, AoE, and AoM, with a few new features. If I was rating I would give a 78%. And I like RTS', so that comes from an RTS fan. I recommend buying AoM if anything. If they made a patch for the video card problems, they get an 83% rating.

Zechsithposted - Aug, 19 2003 - 09:13
Just to let you know, we are not experts here, this is only our opinion, you dont see many people here that are praising the game because they are playing the game, and done with reveiws. Give the Trial a try, it gives you a very good taste of the game, then decide if you would like to buy the game.

bill gatesposted - Aug, 21 2003 - 20:00
fuck this game, it crashes after a black screen on my processor, and there is no help, I mean I always get burned CD games and when I buy the real CD this time it crashes WTF!!!!!

Hunterposted - Oct, 16 2003 - 10:07
Game is god but when yo are developed into information age and you opponent also, it is to hard to crush them because some unit are to weak eaven in the easy game

RON-less in afganistposted - Oct, 22 2003 - 08:32
long live osama! Why isnt there an 'osama' civilization? There should always be an al-qaeda team you can join in ALL games. They should make this law and I will like game good, thumbs upsies! No osama no fun!

voldemortposted - Mar, 26 2004 - 10:06
In addition to jtranwo's comments, these fuckers released an official patch, and i, with all hopes, looked thru the report to see if this issue is fixed. And you know what, it said "This issue is now addressed, here after, a message box will popup saying intel 815 chipset isnt supported" !!! For me, the game doesnt even start. It comes out instantly, saying the graphics controller isnt initialized :(

STEVE0posted - Mar, 30 2004 - 13:49
Ok. Firstly you all hae provided me with a few mintues reading time which I thank you all for. Secondly, how much did Microsoft pay magazines/websites to give this game a good review? Its another Microsoft half finished software scenario. However, once you do get into it its really not all that bad... if you ignore infantry taking shot after shot and still coming for more.... and bombing things only for them to slightly catch fire.... and nuking things with little damage.... and all the other unrealistic logistics... but who cares? All we want to do is kick some ass, its a game for gods sake! 6/10 (Microsoft didnt pay me off)

JAKARTA ASSHOLEposted - Jun, 02 2004 - 07:43
I have bought this game! Now, I can only say "Hoouw, SHITT!!!What a shit fuckin asshole boring game!

blu_knight0posted - Sep, 01 2004 - 04:23
this game is realy cool! i like the part "conquer the world" its realy cool!!!

nonameposted - Feb, 14 2005 - 03:38
directed @ONE DAY - LEFT: u have a gigantic tumor in ur head that prevents u from thinking correctly? because if u do, then i would forgive u for the bs that u've said. if not then here are some things for u to think about: 1) name 1 rts game that made it to the top that includes "tank refueling" or "sleeping units" 2)bombers do need to refuel...they have to return to base after a certain time. they simply can carry more than regular fighters. 3) this is a game...if u want complete realism go and become a general or something 4) it is a game..and don't go bsing on other people's hard work. RON took a long time to make and its quality work. if u think u can do better than do it. 5) u think the game easy? then try playing the game on difficulties other than "easy" u dumbass. or if thats not "challenging" enough, go play online. 6) THIS IS A GAME. and thats all i have to say to him. o ya another thing. if this game doesn't play with ur video card or chip set...its not the game's fault. these games have STANDARDS. if u can't drive a it the car's fault? no..its UR FAULT. ur comp can't run the game..its time to get a new comp. if u can't..then stop complaining and suck it up.

nonameposted - Feb, 14 2005 - 03:42
forgot something: this game runs perfectly with settings set on high on my computer and my comp. isn't the best (p4 1.6; 512 mb ram; 80 gb; geforce 5200 fx 128)

Rakes Maharjanposted - Mar, 16 2005 - 06:50
why doesn't rise of nation run in intel 845 board without AGP card.

noneposted - Jul, 10 2005 - 12:59
does any1 no how to fix the exception error problem??????

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