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(hx) 08:03 PM CEST - Apr,11 2003

Devastation is a dark and moody, realistically styled post-apocalyptic first person shooter that focuses on team combat. It throws you into this really messed up version of Earth seventy-two years from now, where you and your NPC teammates, a small group of Resistance fighters made up of gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military operatives, go up against the menacing forces of an evil empire and mega-corporations. The main objectives are simple. You must assemble your army and travel the globe, restoring peace and sanity in a very dangerous world. Along the way, you uncover a nano-regeneration technology (nanoreplicators) that Grathius Corporation (bad guys) is seeking to use in its bid to aggrieve your rag-tag troop of fighters.

Graphically, the game is very strong. Using next-generation Unreal technology, the game has managed to craft some of the most amazing environments in any shooter to date. It moves quickly, yet there's plenty of detail and special effects like enhanced particle effects for water, smoke, and fire. Textures on most objects are well done as well (they are maybe too bland, but remember that's post-apocalyptic world). The dirty, gritty, post-apocalyptic urban warfare feel is unique and exciting. I must admit that Digitalo's designers really deserve commendation for their attention to detail. It's really pretty strange feel to see so many weird personal belongings, and little bits of somebody's life.

The Math-Engine Karma physics system allows the ragdoll effect which is used to make death animations different every time, something we've seen in Unreal Tournament 2003 and other recent games. Additionally, you can interact with just about anything on the screen, almost everything you come across in the game can be used as a weapon - either kicked, knocked over, dropped on, pushed into, picked up, carried and used as a shield, and thrown of course. Chairs, trash cans, crates, buckets, gas cans, oil drums, barrels, and all kinds of crap, even trash you find in the street. Most of Devastation's environmental objects have real mass and weight, so even the cans on the ground have mass and inertia and make noise when they're moved. Also lighting and weapons effects are top notch as well. For example, the game's laser rifle turns an enemy into flame and then into an 3D ash (pic#57) outline that falls apart after a second. And shooting at water produces nice streams as the bullets hit the surface, even little waterfalls and drainage canals. Only the animations on the characters could have been a bit better.

The weapon selection in Devastation is incredible. There's everything from baseball bats, 2x4s, melee weapons like knives and swords to pistols, two shotguns, rifles, three types of sniper rifles (remember, snipers can also rip off limbs pic#63), SMG's, heavy weapons, futuristic weapon prototypes, several types of grenades (smoke, fragmentation, gas) ,explosives, mounted weapons, drones, etc. Sadly there's no flamethrower :( But I very like Rat Drone, which is real device that lets you control a real rat via a brain implant in the rat's head. You assume the view and vantage point of the rat and see through its eyes (pic#33,44,68), as you control the rat's movement though the world. You can use it as a spying or scouting weapon, and check your routes for your teammates before you take them. It also works well to pre-plan an attack if you are not sure of the terrain ahead, or if you suspect an ambush. The best part about this weapon is the explosive charge. You can remote-detonate the charge that is equivalent to a small fragmentation grenade. What more could you want? The downside is that while you are controlling the rat you are completely immersed in the rat's viewpoint and can't see or hear what's going on around your body. Besides the weaponry, you will also have to use detpacks to blow up certain objectives and a code breaker to hack computers and deactivate laser gates and other devices.

In the game you are accompanied by as many as eight computer-controlled teammates. They play an important role if you want to progress through the single-player missions, especially on the harder difficulty settings. There is a very simple list of bot commands the give them; Hold, Follow, Attack and Defend. In some cases you can even walk up to a teammate and press your "interact" key and see if they have any suggestions to offer up, you can also trade weapons with them. A couple of teammates will always prefer to cover you, some will hang back and make sure to defend your base camp, while others have aggressive personalities and tend to head out on their own. Sadly their behaviors seem to be half-finished and can be frustrating sometime. They often will get stuck somewhere or just stop and begin firing into walls for no apparent reason. Also when they're told to follow, they hold, and vice versa. Indeed, they don't like cooperation much, especially in risky situations. I don't know if this is a purpose or bug. The enemy AI is a bit better. On the hardest setting, they're incredibly hard and nearly impossible to outsmart and outgun. However, there are moments in the game, where they just won't notice you (or they will notice you too late), even when you're facing them only a few feet away.

Devastation has a two very different game settings- arcade and simulation, and they let you experience the game in two very different ways. While the arcade mode allows you to play the game as a typical first person shooter (similar to UT2K3 but not at quite the frenetic pace), simulation mode makes the game more realistic: you select weapons at the beginning of each mission, you're not as fast, there's friendly fire, etc. Needless to say that this option adds some replay value.

The game's user interface, HUD and controls are also familiar from other FPS games and should be easy to use and understand for both veteran and new FPS players. If you've ever played any FPS ever, you'll have about a 2 second learning curve.

Single player contains over 20 missions, each map gives you several objectives to complete one. Missions include simple hacking into the computer system, infiltrating enemy bases, and if any of my team should die the mission is over. There are no stealth missions, but if you want to play through the game Solid Snake style, that's certainly possible. The single player takes about 20 hours to finish on Medium difficulty in Arcade Mode.

The multiplayer portion of Devastation is pretty much like all other FPS. It includes standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag, along with a new gameplay type called Territories (Capture The Flag, Domination, and Last Man Standing mix) where each teams objective is to destroy the other teams spawning machines (nanoreplicators). When a player is killed they are spawned back to the nanoreplicator, but if the opposing team is able to destroy that replicator then the game suddenly turns into a game of Last Man Standing. That's right, destroyable spawn points. There is 14 multiplayer maps with four different environments, over 30 additional weapons and 50 different players to choose from. Multiplayer is definitely fun. I bet this game will update and come out with more maps and patches and updates will be included.

Overall, I liked Devastation, I was looking for a FPS game like this for a long time - set in the urban area with real guns. I would say that Devastation feels like Kingpin meets CounterStrike with a SP mode. Digitalo's level designers definitely deserve an applause for creating fun and believable locations. Devastation feels really post-apocalyptic and pretty depressive, that's what I expected and what I like. However, the bugs and the AI problems, that's different story. The retail version could have been much better polished. I would much rather be playing a polished, refined and perfected game than one that has been rushed to meet a release deadline to satisfy the publisher. Fortunately, Digitalo now have released a patch which fixed many bugs. I strongly recommend you to download and install it as soon as possible. You can also try this earlier MP demo (177MB), though this demo gets laggy sometimes. There is no patch for the demo yet.

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium III 700 MHz processor (1.0 GHz or better recommended), 256 MB RAM (512MB recommended), 1GB HDD space, 3D card with T&L and 32 MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce/ATI Radeon minimum examples, 64 MB VRAM recommended)

Multiplayer Requirements: Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) supported Multiplayer. *Internet play requires a 33.6 Kbps or faster modem (Broadband recommended)

snd: 3/5 - mediocre, nice music (rock and electronica mix), you can set your own music to play during game-play, lack of ambient sound effects, weapons are pretty cool but none of them sound very good, voice acting could be better done
gfx: 4/5 - great, dirty, gritty, post-apocalyptic urban warfare feel, lighting and weapons effects are top notch, some bugs
playability: 4/5 - pretty good, story line is smooth and easy to follow, low learning curve, over 20 single player levels, four multiplayer modes (DM,TDM,CTF, Territories) , 14MP maps, modified Unreal level editor (Ded) included, too predicable enemies, weak AI
genre: post-apocalyptic FPS
release: March 2003
developer: Digitalo
the game is similar to: Half-Life, Kingpin
publisher: ARUSH Entertainment
Overall: 79%

last 10 comments:

Erbozposted - Apr, 11 2003 - 23:22
Just look at those screenshots. How can this crap get to 79% :-(

mariam@tin.usaposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 00:25
Terrible game...

DDJposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 03:58
Overall: 30%

Saibotposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 04:45
EXACTLY. I have no idea what the author drank/smoked when he wrote the review and gave this game 79% but this game is terrible. The whole game feels outdated and has NOTHING fun or even remotely innovative.

ap3dposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 12:06

Erbozposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 14:12
Ah sponsors...... You know how things go in a democracy, a bit of this in change of a bit of that....... Commercial Dictatorship.

klobyposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 16:20
ugly and bugy game.. totaly outdated in all!!!! AVOID in big loops :)

Denitoposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 21:05
hx...79% = a lot of $$$. This is a s.h.i.t. game, how can get 79%?

BloodUKposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 22:15
RUBBISH GAME...... Its a devastation who ever made this !

hxposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 22:54
With all the complaining going on (without real arguments),I just wanted to state that this is good game, I've had no crashes, even before the patch.

I've played online (v380) and the gameplay is pretty damn fun. I'm afraid most people here only tried warez version or demo.

If you have crashes, I can recommend you, If you are currently running the 40.41 drivers either downgrade to 30.82 or install newer drivers.

And who said that the price is high? 37 bucks isn't too much in comparison with other AA titles. (Do you remember Unreal2?)

How I said in the review, I liked the game, especially multiplayer portion. They fixed many problems in the last patch.

hxposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 23:00
BTW: I FINALLY fixed annoying problem with comments. Now all your comments remains saved!

Stumpusposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 23:15
This is another Diekatana...stay **well** away if you don't want burned

siuxposted - Apr, 12 2003 - 23:16
Before I tried this one, I had been playing Enclave on the PC for quite a while. No doubt, Devastation is abysmal in comparison with the bestseller Enclave. -- OK, maybe this is far-fetched, but apart from the fact that I had no crashes and that I could play in 1600x1200x32 on my ATI Radeon 9700, gameplay was a pure reiteration of SOF-like action with useless interaction with NPC's acting boringly and looking awful. -- It is astonishing how they can afford to develop a game based on one of the most expensive engines in the world and at the same time failing to harness the power of it. This sort of game is by far not the only one of its kind: Sniper - Path of Vengeance and Postal 2 with its one-of-a-kind abhorrent level design are birds of the same feather.

Flukeposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 03:29
I played demo, I found it sucked. Demo is a representation of the game, I found the sounds horrible, the pistol sounded like a cap gun and I found the graphics to be nothing to write home about. I tried about 5 servers and they all lagged or the netcode is really bad. I wasn't impressed at all with this game.

Itysopposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 04:04
If you don't like it, don't play it. And if you think it sucks so much, make a better game yourself.

bposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 04:23
It has a nice story..

Wearemad@excite.cumposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 10:23
Hx, you're afraid cause we use warez copy? Hey, i'm not so mad to waste my money with a such crappy game. Graphics 3/5 totalli outdated. Sound 1/5 the worst sound i ever heard. And i use audigy 2 with 6.1 speakers. Gameplay 2/5 Duke 3d still roks.. So, people, why we must waste our money with a such game?

Lietuvizposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 15:55
I havent tried this game yet, but if could get this game for only 3$ would you buy it or this game isnt worth even this money ?

MEposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 16:25
this goes to everyone one that flamed this game. you are bunch of morons. end of story.

Stumpusposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 17:30
Quote:"Comments from ME - posted - 10:25 AM EDT - Apr,13 2003 this goes to everyone one that flamed this game. you are bunch of morons. end of story." Sorry the truth hurts, the AI team mates are simply terrible. The NPC's just stand 20ft away from you and don't see/shoot you -You would love Daikatana then if you seriously like this. Stop supporting crap like this and we'll get proper games like GTA3/Vice City. Instead of utter garbage like Postal 2 and Devastation -what happened to *gameplay*?? Please dev's. keep this to consoles that require at the max four buttons and put *real* games on the PC.

SyNDoposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 22:40
This game was excellent, and the quality is very high. Gameplay was very exciting and unique. It's funny how all these bad comments are coming from the same person, with the same spelling mistakes. No one has given this game less than a 70%, and the average right now is like 80 and that means a lot. All these posts are from just one big fat idiot who hates the game and wants to hurt them by posting anonymously. FYI the warezed version logs and sends back your IP's, so I don't suggest anyone download it.

Alecposted - Apr, 13 2003 - 22:42
True it was very good game. why so much anger and bad post???

ST|NGposted - Apr, 14 2003 - 00:54
I agree with all with all critisism that have been written by players... Graphix - 0% Interest - 8% old as hell - 100%! Deduction - this game is old as Duke Nukem and interesting as Mario. by one word this is crap! $%^&! Not worth to be taken for free ;]

Zyk0tiKposted - Apr, 14 2003 - 01:42
I got this game about a month ago as a pre-beta tester. Absolutely terrible. Does nothing for me, but nothing has since Max Payne.... ahh... Sweet Max Payne...

xposted - Apr, 14 2003 - 17:12
Going by the comments displayed here i agree and disagree, Yes your teammates have very poor AI - sometimes you cannot even tell them to stay back and they run straight into battles they cannot possibly win, or standing in the way and being hit by trains etc. Im not too sure what people are saying about the graphics though this game is running the unreal tech engine and is great - very detailed realistic environments although a little dark. The missions get boring because your team is useless if the AI was better it would be more immersive. Now, multiplayer is a different story - the speed is in the middle between quake/ut and counterstrike, the deathmatch level design is great and the entirely interactive environments add to the fun. Overall if your looking for a new urban warfare multiplayer definately give this a shot, on the other hand if singleplayer is all you want this could pass the time but even postal 2 will give you a better experience than this.

Shutupposted - Apr, 14 2003 - 17:59
"FYI the warezed version logs and sends back your IP's, so I don't suggest anyone download it." What kind of fucking retard is going to believe that? I have 6 arms and I can fly by farting the star spangled banner. You fucking fool. BTW This game does suck.

Erbozposted - Apr, 14 2003 - 20:13
That's what firewalls are for. Who still dares to use the internet without a firewall anno 2°°3 ?!

Bartposted - Apr, 14 2003 - 20:31
""FYI the warezed version logs and sends back your IP's", ahhahaha you just spelled even bigger disaster for this game. There is no way in hell I am buying it now. Warez version only sends this? Nah way, they are probably actively taking stats from your machine. That just signed sealed and committed this game to the hunk of junk pile. I don't buy any crap game that invades my privacy. I pay for a game, thats just it. It's my property. Like I said before, the game is a hunk of junk probably the worst I've ever seen done with an engine. The gun sounds are so unrealistic it's almost embarassing to admit of oneself that they worked on this game.

Nameposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 03:50
Unfortunatly, some of these replies seem to have been written by 12year olds. However, I would have to agree with the overall opinion. I have no idea how anyone could possibly in good conscience rate this game this high. Even after the patch, this is the most disappointing and bug-filled game I have ever purchased in the 20+ years thatI have been playing games (and I'm not 21...I'm 32). Shame on those that made the decision to ship a game filled with bugs that should have been caught; Shame on the people who hyped this game as having superior AI and wonderful interactivity (It's absolutely terrible - you can't even shoot out glass windows?). The buggy phyics do nothing for game except slow it down; and finally....shame on this review. I bought this game and should have known better - I wanted to give a new company and new people the benefit of the doubt. My won't happen again. Buyer beware.

-posted - Apr, 15 2003 - 05:58
I can't beleive what you are all saying, the weapons sound just like SOFII, the AI is better than SOFII, and it runs perfetly on my system which isnt that powerful. And the graphics? HOW CAN ANY OF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GRAPHICS??? No game looks as good as this! You're all insane in the membrane and probably never even played the game.

Lostyposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 10:36
hmmmmmmm y do ppl keep flaming... yeah so wat if the game wasnt as good as ppl thought.... some ppl loved it some didnt.... we do want ur opinion but we do NOT want any of that flaming crap.... please be more sensible and consider the ppl who did spend alot of time kaing it... it probably a big blow to em already with such dissapointment..try to think positive and how ppl learn from mistakes and end up creating a extra good game...they need ur support to try and do better instead of ur flamings coz that wont help em... well i guess some idiot ll gonna start flaming my post 2 so i guess ppl ll never learn or *grow up?

magaposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 11:46
lol @Losty anyways, i'm kinda tired of unreal-powered games, they seem like B movies. Devastation is one of 'em

Flukeposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 14:38
Losty -, no sympathy for the game maker here, sorry. It's a crap game. Gooli either you got wax the size of jupiter in your ear but it's pretty insulting to even try and compare this game to SOF2. Sure SOF2 netcode sucks rats balls as soon as you are over 100 ping but the comparison of weapon to SOF2. Get off the pot. The pistol sounds like a bloody cap gun and I got a audigy2 and a p4-2ghz. The game is a bargain bin game, work no more than $9.99. Also, their price is a complete joke and I laughed hard seeing it at the store. I feel sorry for any sucker that buys this game.

-posted - Apr, 15 2003 - 19:09
madhadder you must be playing the demo, they fixed the weapon sounds already and now they sound much better. The netcode is also much better now.

Flukeposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 19:13
nah...I based my feelings on that demo. Unfortunate for them, the demo convinced me it was a smalltime game. Maybe down the road if it is better I might reconsider but right now, demo left me with a pretty bad taste. Glad to hear they fixed the sounds. That pistol was the worst and cheapest I ever heard..hehe. Thanks for letting me know ;)

Johnny Le Blanc IIIposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 20:39
I am three quarters through this game. Personally, I am having a blast with this game. I don't know what all this gripeing is about, the graphics are just fine,the sound is good,and most of all the gameplay is excellent. The patch fixed most of the problems with the game. So I suggest everyone gripeing about it being a lousy game to reload it and the patch and if you don't have fun you really don't like fps.

Zeusposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 21:20
i love internet "street" teams dont you: "you all suck, this game is great. you are probably playing all the warez version (right, like thats the problem) or the demo (if thats the problem, than its even worse). its logging your ip and sending it back. (oh great, even if it does taht, waht it doesnt, what will happen? how many people who use windows auto update and didnt buy the game care about ip logging? exactly, no one, with good reasons.)" oh and yes, judging by spelling errors taht ALL bad comments come from the same person is as smart, as logging ips of a game, taht the same people dont like, so they wont bother playing it anymore. mmm i pity those who actually bought this game, as always, they are the really screwed ones... and hte ones who have to come here and say how good that game is. are you also making the good comments for POSTAL2? i mean is there a company for that way of making propaganda?

Zeusposted - Apr, 15 2003 - 21:24
and indeed, until now i didnt see any good Unreal2 powered game, even unreal 2 was a joke, i mean fun playing, but after you are trough with it you realize how unimportant it is in the whole FPS scene. i hope deus ex2 will start a new site on unreal2 based games...(postal2, oh my god, i played hte demo, why does this shitty game run worse on my machine than unreal 2 did, and still look like its a quake2 game, i mean common, the characters, oh dear god, and there are actually people who blame people not having a 3ghz cpu? are you serious? bad game, thats the real reason, dont let me start about the game content itself...)

Bob1posted - Apr, 16 2003 - 01:51
Zeus - - Your spelling errors are discusting, and if you can't run a simple demo that plays fine, your machine is crap, or your an idiot who can't spell.

magaposted - Apr, 16 2003 - 07:20
now this is entertainment !

sikwititposted - Apr, 16 2003 - 08:57
HAHAHAHAhahahahahah Bob1, you should not be one to jump on others for spelling mistakes because it's "Disgusting" not "Discusting" Dumbass. BTW, I'm sorry but this game DOES suck. It COULD have been great.... if it was made in 1994.

Flukeposted - Apr, 16 2003 - 14:52
sikwitit, excellent man. You're so right about 'if it was made in 1994' hahahaha. Another thing I wanna quote that made me laugh. "So I suggest everyone gripeing about it being a lousy game to reload it and the patch and if you don't have fun you really don't like fps". Ya that's why I play the MOST POPULAR games on the net, cuz I don't like FPS. SOF2, DoD, CS, BF1942, UT2k3 cuz I don't like FPS. No sorry, Johnny Le Fag, the game sucks.

daveposted - Apr, 16 2003 - 17:02
bugs? you think this game got bugs? what about battlefield 1942 great game but faulty as hell it seems to be everything released a bit too soon but we pay top dollar.....

Zeusposted - Apr, 16 2003 - 17:37
yes Bob1 its my fault, its never the fault of the people who make those games and demos, its ALWAYS the user, by the way, WINDOWS was running stable from the first day it was released (all versions), its just that people have shitty machines and are dumb.... on another note, dude dont care so much about spelling errors, english is not my native language, and i am proud you at least get what i mean, how about you try to tell me your oppinion, in lets say GREEK, you geek... is this the new american international racism that everybody is talking about?

Zeusposted - Apr, 16 2003 - 23:50
oh and BOB1 do you mean with spelling errors "hte" and "htat", was that the best you could come up with? no other things that bothered you? ooooooooo, shame on me

Bob1posted - Apr, 17 2003 - 00:17
I suck at spelling, I can't spell Guarentee right now (it looks wrong), but your "hte" and "htat" were so annoying because you did it over and over. I won't be getting Devastation if its buggy to begin with.

Zeusposted - Apr, 17 2003 - 00:39
ok as a regular chatter, everybody should know how this spelling errors happen, its when your right hand is faster than your left hand (yes i use two hands for typing wowow). i blame the laggy keyboard

Zeusposted - Apr, 17 2003 - 00:40
dammit, i mean "these spelling errors", ok now it should look right

electrodeposted - Apr, 20 2003 - 18:36
i got the game from ebay for $15. sound is are way better than i've seen recently. MP is awesome when you find a good server. maybe when more ppl get the game, servers will be filled. get the game- get it cheap (not warez) you can prob get it cheaper than i did from ebay

T774posted - May, 13 2003 - 08:22
Graphics: Unreal Warfare A.I: My little brother

anguly2k2000@yahoo.cposted - Aug, 09 2003 - 01:18
Haven't played the game yet but looking at it i am glad i didn't buy it. Usually i play FPS games within in one hour and then just get rid of it if i don't like it. Devastation had me almost waste my money but now i am just downloading the crap just for the sake of playing the game. Haven't played a game in months. Well which FPS is better. Most of of the time i play RTS and RPGs. Any REC....

Yposted - Aug, 10 2003 - 02:01

MICHAEL NEILLposted - Apr, 10 2005 - 20:41

SADposted - Sep, 09 2005 - 15:52
.......Sad that you all argue whether the game is crap or not who give's a S**T what you think any ways it personal preferance (SAD...LOL)((SAD))

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