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Unreal 2: The Awakening
(hx) 02:49 AM CET - Feb,11 2003

I've just finished playing through Legend's game, Unreal 2: The Awakening, one of the most highly anticipated PC games in the past several years. Now, I honestly have to say I am a little disappointed to see that I waited almost five years to play a ten-hour game. I was seriously looking forward to this game coming out, but now that I have played through the entire game in two short afternoons, I feel somehow cheated. The original Unreal game is one of my favorite games of all time, so my hopes for Unreal 2 were pretty high, probably too high :) Despite all of the above I did enjoy the game and here is my short review.

In the game, you play as ex-Marine John Dalton, a space marshal patrolling the creaky but serviceable starship Atlantis. You are accompanied by a support crew of three: The first officer is Aida Shen, she acts as your sexy Intelligence officer - she monitors the situation in the sector, keeps you up to date, and briefs you before you leave the Atlantis to go on a planetary mission, Isaak Borisov is the ship's engineer who keeps the ship running and make sure you have the best weapons and equipment available for planetary missions. The last member of the crew is Ne'Ban, the pilot and navigator. He makes sure the Atlantis gets from point A to point B without being shot up. Together you have to hunt down seven artifacts that, when put together, give you unsurpassed power...

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Unreal 2 is not a bad game. It's a decent straightforward sci-fi first-person shooter that has all of the goodies you find in standard first-person shooters, but nothing new. In other words, it looks great but plays like any other FPS out there. I guess the best way to describe it would be to mix Quake II with the UT2003 engine or Serious Sam with better graphics, but without the hordes of enemies and without all the fun. However it's also possible that my sense of humor has diminished over the years :). Most of the battles in the game will basically fall into this concept - you run around the corner and see a group of enemies. Suddenly they will see you and make a beeline towards your destination. You can easily hide yourself behind a corner and wait for them.

Unreal 2 includes 12 missions in pursuit of seven artifacts (they are well designed, and very easy playable), a few basic puzzles, over 24 all-new enemies (alien monsters, the Skaarj warriors from the first game, humanoid soldiers, and even some mutant insects), 15 weapons ranging from a standard assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher (six types of grenades), rocket launcher and a visually impressive flamethrower (the best I have ever seen in a game), to more exotic alien weapons like the Drakk laser rifle, Leech Gun and the hunter/seeker Takkra. All of the weapons have a secondary fire mode, with each being more powerful but having slower reload times. There's also Real Time Conversation System which allows you to start and leave conversations, interrupt other characters, issue commands and respond to events. Sadly marines cannot be ordered around remotely, you have to physically go up and talk to them in order to give them different commands.

Is this game worth the $50? In my opinion nope, wait until they knock a few bucks off the price and then pick it up. I bet those who will buy it, will beat it and take it back in the same day (some retailers has a 7 day return policy). Well, that doesn't sound fair, but I am sorry a 10 hour game without MP is ridiculous - they should sell the game for $19.99 or something. It's only my opinion, so you don't have to agree with me. For those of you determined to get your money's worth, you can use the supplied editor to create your own missions.

Related links:  homepage , Unreal 2 Tech Support Page

System Requirements
Minimum: Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 733 MHz processor, 256 MByte RAM, 3 GByte free HD space, CD-ROM Drive: 8x Speed, 32 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX, Windows compatible sound card

Recommended: Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz (or higher), 384 MByte RAM (or greater), 3 GByte free HD space, 64MB NVIDIA GeForce3 or ATI Radeon 8500 (or better), Sound Blaster Audigy series sound card.

snd: 4/5 - satisfying weapon sounds and decent ambience, music is forgettable and annoying at times, strange buzzing in some of the levels, EAX problems (the game crashes) - just don't try to turn on EAX.
gfx: 5/5 - outstanding, brilliantly implemented designs and effects, great fire and smoke effects, lots and lots of shiny explosions, many ridiculous and pointless cutscenes, resource hog
playability: 4/5 - very easy playable - 10 hours of mindless entertainment, Unreal Editor, some fun defensive missions, couple of unique weapons, too linear & too predictable, the long missions start to feel boring, no multiplayer, lack of replay value, running is more like walking compared to UT 2K3, very long load times, AI could be better
genre: straightforward sci-fi FPS
release: February 2002
developer: Legend Entertainment
publisher: Infogrames
Overall: 72%

last 10 comments:

Wombleposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 03:08
10 hours to complete? You must have gotten swept away by the games storyline. I completed this puppy in just over 5 hrs (no cheats of course). At least RTCW took 7hrs and has MP.

Anahatasposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 03:25
What can I say, 5hours to complete is about right. There's nothing really that new in this game, The rocket Turrents and Force field generators are cool, but apart from that I was dissapointed. But I have to admit I fell into the hype about the game. Lets hope Doom III doesn't disapoint like this game did...

Heavy Zposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 03:37
i really enjoyed this game cept i agree the game lacked length, story line was entertaining it just came to an end in about 6-8 hours solid play. graphic were sweet. looking at all the other games that are coming out this month and next i would say its 1 of the top 4

Shamsposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 03:40
Oh no...yet another game engine which has TIMMEH written all over it. Eye candy for sure...but way too much linear. I returned the game in it's 3rd day. Good thing electronic boutique take it back within 7 days. Ut2k3 bombed but this a bit better than ut2k3...still a mp option would've helped. I know ut2k3 is for that...but the guns in u2 is better. Ohh well I actually give 60% for this game. Average gameplay but great gfx...and it doesn't cut it IMHO.

no nameposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 04:23
It's a decent play (worth playing once), but nothing special and no replay value at all. I also had the problem with EAX. Ohwell, not much exciting here.

Daud - Orang Cakepposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 05:08
This game is awesome. Note that the lady is tremendous animated. Boy... this game rocks your world. With the length of the game, there is no worry since the game itself has a tremendous f/x. Don't doubt about the game. Just buy it. Trust me. You all won't regret it.

Hjarryposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 05:32
The screens all look the same, which is to say monotonous. Judging from the comments, not much differentiates the gameplay, either. $50 for a mere 5 hours of this? LOL! I'll pass.

woodfaceposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 05:57
They should have called it "Halo Lite". They copied a lot from Halo and failed pretty thoroughly. I think the bulk of the gameplay time is the load time. Quick load "F5" yeah right.

notchbakposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 07:20
luckily i didnt buy it.. but i played it..and i felt cheated.. funny as all i had invested in it was TIME. 1. time i waited EAGERLY before release. 2. time i sat and and played it.. and 3. time between game action.. waiting on the LOAD of the next mission of ingame movie. serious waste of 50 bucks for those people who are UNREAL fans and diehard supporters of the UNREAL engine and technology. i love UNREAL and hate QUAKE.. but people.. this just is not worth your money. on a positive note.. the grafix own.. thats it!

Unreall II is a disaposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 10:39
I am 23 and it's been a while since I played games like Doom, Quake and Quake II. Maybe I'm too old, but anyone who has played, for instance, Quake II, will see nothing fun in this game. Just a lot of enemies coming on you around a courner and you're all alone. AvP, although similar, is smth else because it has a movie legacy so you can get some feeling from that. Sincerely, Unreal II is just boring..

KDeyeposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 12:09
okis true the game wants a lot of HW but man! what a graphics !!! i've been playing FPS since the first doom and i did not feel so disappointed. maybe 50$ is too much but even worst game cost as much. i think unreal2 reach its goal: to create the most outstanding graphic experience!! gameplay flawed ? yeah could say so, but i repeat this was not the goal. and BTW MP is not a must for me, if U want MP buy UT2003 or wait for CS:cond-zero. greetings from italy

zeusposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 12:21
the game should be much cheaper, to be honest, i dont see why it took so long to finish it really, its a nice game, but nothing new, ok the two defend missions nice idea, but thats jsut like a gimmick. the conversations during fight are pretty funny, the cut scenes, mm i have to say they suck, i would except more from a flagship. so well just like doom3 will be more like a engine demo, this is actually also a engine demo. i expect other games to be the hit that use this engine, DEUS EX 2 on my place No1. graphix and sound are not worht 50$ if you wont play the game again after 10 hours! and also the alst level, what is wrong with the guys, that last level was sooo dissapointing! i expect the last level to be the hardest of the game and not the easiest one! bad bad game design at the end boys.

zeusposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 12:24
"This game is awesome. Note that the lady is tremendous animated. Boy... this game rocks your world. With the length of the game, there is no worry since the game itself has a tremendous f/x. Don't doubt about the game. Just buy it. Trust me. You all won't regret it." yeah sure, i hate street teams for companies, why dont you give your phone number, so people can call you and tell you if they are dissapointed or not. sure graphic is worht fifty 50$,ha, sure if you are rich. now seriously, why not wait till deus ex2 comes out you get the same graphic engine with probably better effects (shadow effects and stuff, that can compete with doom3 perhaps), and a probably great story. is there a reason why not? i dont see it.

a personposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 13:36
You are all forgetting something. It's an unreal game which has the editor, has the MULITPLAYER code within the game ready to be used and abused by mod/map makers. Infact, I did a bit of searching within the game and found that it has a Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF and a XMP mode contained within the U2.u, U2CTF.u and U2XMP.u system files. Don't be suprised if an add-on is released for this game eventually.

bartposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 17:09
$50 for a 10 hour game!? That's $5 an hour. No thanks. 30 hours ok, but I got better things to do than walk through a 10 hour game. Pretty sad for a game in development for so many years. Graphics are one thing, but at a cost of $50! LOL, some people have lots of money to blow. Wish they'd give me some.

bartposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 17:11
as to gameguru, nice job on the review. Thanks for saving me money and putting the details as it is on the table. I was going to get this game but then I read your review and said "Forget that". Waste of money for some eyecandy. I'll wait for it to be a $20 game.

devil 666posted - Feb, 11 2003 - 18:44
every most of the people pis the game of but the gameplay is realy good the graphics are realy great that is what i like to see.great game

michel binkhorstposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 19:33
I think what most people are forgetting is that it's all about the engine. Doom3 will probably be a bit better, storywise, but will eventually lack depth and such. Wait for third party developers that can focus on the game instead of on the technology.

Denis Pageposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 19:34
Where is the "mystical" history from original Unreal ? I don't know and I didn't like Unreal 2. Good graphics, terrible playability, good sounds efects e poor history. I'll wait for Deux2 and Doom 3.

somenameposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 21:59
to the person writting about them makin' an add-on, thats what i was thinkin' too, the game was rushed without MP, and IMO it needed it, even a co op mode would've been nice.

Chris Cyprus is Greeposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 23:13
Well well same old shit again.!! Sorry to say but i will stick to FIFA 2003!! bye

nojavinoposted - Feb, 11 2003 - 23:33
I beg to disagree with the reviewer in the punctuation. I think all depend on which part of an FPS you like more. If you are hard core hardware buyer (like me) that is looking for the best graphic experience ever, that is definitely your game. If you are looking for MP, sure this is not your game, at least at the moment. The game is short if you play it like it was Serious Sam 2, if you play it looking at the incredible scenarios the game is worhty enough. Story?. It also depends on the taste of everyone. It is a conventional story of galatic commands jumping from one world to another world (just an excuse to show the engine capabilites). I personally prefer the misterious enviromment of the first one, but I also have to say that some levels in the first one were very repetitive, although another were unforgetable (after five years I have no forgot the one in the castle). In this one the average quality of the levels is super (there are significanly less levels that in the previous one, though). The weapons are great and diverse and the enemies are well done, but a little bit predictable. On summary, maybe we are getting older hx :) and expecting more than the current hadware could provide to us. I have to recommend this game as the best FPS currently available in the market, despite the length and the price and annoying problems with the EAX, that maybe indicates that the game was launched on pressure after they saw the DOOM 3 demo.

L.L. w00p w00pposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 00:02
hx - i felt your review was right on target; beautiful gfx, but that's about it. btw- anybody got aida's phone number? ;)

hxposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 02:02
here are some tweaks (Unreal2.ini) [Engine.GameEngine] CacheSizeMegs=8 change to: CacheSizeMegs=128 [WinDrv.WindowsClient] MinDesiredFrameRate=10.000000 change to MinDesiredFrameRate=28.000000 [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] DesiredRefreshRate=60 change to DesiredRefreshRate=100

chokingmymonkeyposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 03:13
bah i think your all right basically. also i think the hype generated by fans and media ads gave you higher expectations, playability i was tempted to go again but not enough to do it loved the defend missions, deploying your troops to certain points, great idea, shame there where only 2. oh and the final weapon you get it's funny to use. even though this game did dissapoint me i'm looking at the others on the shelves and i can't see many i would have bought instead :(, goes to show their's not enough love going into the games rather it a question of how much can we make from it. lol yeah i did also find myself staring at aida's ass & tits rather then the briefing

Jacobposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 05:26
I'm about 1/2 way through thr game right now and i,m pretty disapointed..Yeah the game looks awesome but wheres the story.Half life looks bad-ass back in the day and had a great story to boot.This game does not have that i want to play forever feel at all.Soory ATARI but this game blows and i'm pissed i paid for it.I should have just dowloaded it out of the groups and save the money.

Benposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 07:22
I agree with what Denis Page( said earlier. Unreal 2 lacks the "mystic" feel that Unreal 1 had. Unreal 1 was a decent single player experience, but one of its key factors was that around every corner was something of a mystery--here you were--transplanted on an alien world where you were surprised and awed at what hte game had to offer. In unreal 2, none of that is present. You are told exactly what to do, and half the time you are fighting other humans! Not that this is a bad thing, but to make half the game about battling other men? That doesn't seem like such a sequel to the original Unreal, and the anticipation I may have felt after completing a level in Unreal 1 was not present very much in Unreal 2.

Polo Bearsposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 17:49
Run it as something other then easy and you'll easily increase that 6 hours and you'll play it as intended, the AI behaviour is like night and day between easy and hard. I finished it in around 4 days, perhaps 10hours alltogheter, and this on hard. The game is still short but I didn't have this feeling of being cheated like most seem to have.

giGGlerposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 18:35
I think hx pretty much summed it up in his review. Nice job. I think the incredibly long load times, not being able to bypass cut scenes and horrible frame rate really hurt this game. I enjoyed Unreal 1 much more.

bartposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 19:27
There are a few difinites in this column of responses: - too expensive for $50 - game is way too short <= 10hours - graphics are decent - AI is ok at harder skill level - no MP (as was stated during development) - some people have a lot of money to spend and will buy something instead of reading reviews. Epic loves you and counts on you. Overall the game is a disappointment and over priced with very little replay value. Gameguru was nice to give it a 7/10, but I rank it with everything I read and know about the game, 5/10. Graphics only, don't make a game. Anyone can do a 10 hour game and already there are too many of them out there.

Bortposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 20:02
Man, I had high hopes for this one being that Unreal is still one of my favorite games. The game play in Unreal2 is so unenspiering and boring that I have to force my self to play it. Other than the overly shiny pretty graphics I think it has nothing over the first. Just to see if I had become jaded over the years I loaded up Unreal to see if it is still as good as I remembered. Wow. I ended playing the whole thing again. What great atmosphere. I don't think I can even bare to finish Unreal2 now although I can tell I am close to the end.

Bert~US~posted - Feb, 12 2003 - 21:35
What I liked about the original Unreal was the innovative level designs. Remember the level with the really high tower and it took 30 seconds to fall from the top to the bottom into a lava moat? Well, Unreal2 doesn't have the same kind level design that makes one say "Wow cool!". Definitely the graphics are nice and especially the lady in the space ship.

Tabarnak666posted - Feb, 12 2003 - 22:53
Hmm, seeing what you guys says about Unreal II ain't making me wanna play it! And I just bought it yesterday. All thoses comments I've been reading ... ishhh, Unreal II seems shity :( I do hope theres still good stuff about dat game. Oh well, lets hope theres gonna be some worth add-on or expantion for it... if not, then better play Unreal 1 or waiting for DOOM3 which "should" own... better not expect too much for it, cuz the "Unreal 2" disapointment could happen too. Ohh, just thought about it, Deus Ex 2 is getting out sometime eventually, and its using Unreal 2 engine, lets hope this one will offer lots of goodies! And its highly unlikely its gonna take 5 hours of gameplay to complete it! Vaya con dias ya'll

giGGlerposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 23:41
I believe Deus Ex 2 is using Ion Storms own engine. They ditched Unreal Warfare engine. I almost freaked when you posted it was using Unreal 2 engine I had to do a search on it. That would of been a horrible mistake. Can't wait for Deus Ex 2! :D

ANF Deus Unrealposted - Feb, 13 2003 - 03:10
So many people rating Unreal 2 low. The majority isn't always right. This is a very good shooter. Far better than the recent ones (James Bond had lots of bugs and bad graphics). Of course that Unreal isn't fast paced like UT2K3 and it wasn't been made to play like Serious Sam. The graphics are the best, the weapons are Awesome, probably the best in any shooter. The lack of internet play is the big downside, but for that we have UT. Unreal is a single player game, so it must be looked like that. It doesn't have the deep story of my all time favorite Deus Ex, but for that we will have Deus Ex2. The game is short ( but all shooters take little time to finish). Its not the size that matters but the quality of the time we spend playing. Its a good game to play while waiting fo Splinter Cell. Unreal 2 is a chill out game while we wait, and wait for Sam fisher, Solid snake and J.C. Denton.

Nposted - Feb, 13 2003 - 04:55
You expect too much, anticipate too much, and end up being disappointed. Thrilled over Wolfenstein, Doom, Doom II, missed out on Quake, had my first multiplayer bliss with Quake II spending many all-niters, awed by Unreal's graphics, floored by Half-Life with it's great overall gameplay, intrigued with Rainbow Six, blasted by Unreal Tourney's excellent MP, and then from there on.....disappointed like hell and bored with every FPS game that has arrived up till now with the exception of Deus Ex, Counterstrike, and Battlefield 1942. CS and BF1942 I play for the sheer unadultered FUN...that's about all. Oh, missed one game which really had me glued to the monitor....Medal of Honor Allied Assault, damn that storming the Omaha Beach...scared the shit out of me even for a game. Expecting Doom 3 to make me shit my pants I hope....oh! Have I missed anything?

Nposted - Feb, 13 2003 - 04:57
BAH! Playing too many games....I guess for those little folks starting out with PC games....this Unreal 2 could possibly be the same thing that Doom is for us old timers.

AztechXXposted - Feb, 13 2003 - 13:58
It's not worth the money at all , exept if you love throwing yours by the window... Waited so long for that ... :-(

zeusposted - Feb, 13 2003 - 14:40
"The graphics are the best, the weapons are Awesome, probably the best in any shooter." i think nolf2 has far better weapons, and the graphic of that game isnt that much worse than unreal2 graphix. i think the developers of the game were too much into making great graphic and promoting the game like it will be the best game (yeah they did that, and now they have to face the criticism), but forgetting that so many other shooters have brought the gameplay into new levels of experience since unreal1. straight shooters like this, with no real innovations (yea yeah, ok those two missions where you can tell your marines where to die...), make me really angry in a way. why didnt they just redo unreal1 with the new engine?

tomposted - Feb, 13 2003 - 21:42
as I always said during the development of the game. It's gonna suck and if they are going to make money it's from UT2K3. A great game, with many modes of play and fantastic graphics that make most modern days shooters look like crap. Not only that but at least in UT2K3 you know sometimes you have to aim ahead, not like that hunk of crap Soldier of Fortune 2. Prediction garbage. It's funny how the lamers stick to the games with cheats, stupid gameplay and just overall bad netcode. Games being: Counterstrike(cheat central), Halflife period(cheat central), Soldier of Fortune 2 (all gfx, crap netcode based heavily on prediction, weapons similar to Counterstrike, could be considered counterstrike wanna be game), IGI2 (stupid gravity kills people not guns and gfx are still kinda crap), C&C (bloatware and lagfest), Rainbow games(ok, but a scopers heaven, gets boring), BF1942, great game, lousy halflife graphics but decent netcode and can sometimes slow down even a 4600 videocard), MOH:AA and Spearhead(too many cheats, decent netcode, extremely poor support graphics are so-so). Unreal2, if anyone is saying it's worth it is a moron. 10 hours of gameplay is UNACCEPTABLE, I don't care how fun the 10 hours are, that's just cheap and especially at $60Cdn. RIPOFF. I'm personally looking forward to a long story game of DeusEx2.

XerJynxposted - Feb, 14 2003 - 10:05
Single player games like this, max payne, dues ex, nolf... should release free addon storyline packs, to extend the story from 5hrs of play to however long the game is supported by the company. I can't even force myself to play a Single player over after its beaten. The seperation of multiplayers and single players dont seem to work or isnt worth the money. The only single player is play now and again is quake 1, to compare with the quake done quick movies. Judging by the Doom3alpha it may follow the trend with wierd rendering.

DJ001posted - Feb, 15 2003 - 01:52
I think everyone here needs to relax & go play some old Atari 2600 games. Go have some fun.

NOTHINGposted - Feb, 15 2003 - 03:55

justmyopinionposted - Feb, 15 2003 - 04:07
you can see a fuck load of works gone into the game, it just needed alot more hours of play thrown onto the end of it to make it worth its money

Damienposted - Feb, 15 2003 - 18:25
It's a great game; it's just to damn short. Completed it in about 7h tops.

ANF Deus Unreal Exposted - Feb, 15 2003 - 20:47
Unreal 2 is a tottaly different game from nolf 2, you cant compare the styles. nolf2 is much more original, and is very humouristic to play. Unreal 2 goes more the way of Quake ( straight line and Kill), its only pick and roll. Nolf 2 is a great game, the level design is more innovative ( fighting inside a tornado, the level where you are with Armstrong ridding a tiny bike and shotting, etc.)and the graphics are very good also. Never the less unreal 2 is a good Game in its own style, not perfect but few are (almost). I liked both games,they are two of the best shooters around, and released without stupid bugs ( thats a big thing in games nowadays). The weapons in Unreal2 are more powerful and in nolf2 are more creative. If i would go to war against an entire army, i would take Unreal 2 assault rifle and the last alien gun. About the price, i agree thats too much for a short game, but there are very bad games that cost the same.Next week Sam Fisher will makes us all happy again :) We just want to play good games. Deus Ex 2 will not be short, will not be run and kill, will be a gamers dream.

Shazzaposted - Feb, 15 2003 - 22:24
Ye I just played it, not bad. My mate just bought it from Guildford, and he was raving about it so i was quite excited. We got back to his, erm it wasnt the best game ive played. Not bad. LOL the normal pistol is slower than my gran in her cart. But i aint dissing it. I like the idea of an event taking place with a hologram.

Buckwheatsposted - Feb, 18 2003 - 20:51
I got about halfway through and it crashed. I think it's a sound card problem (Audigy2) even though I installed the EAX patch. Funny thing is, even if I could get it to work again, I'm not sure I want to finish it. Best FPS by a mile recently is NOLF2. I had such a laugh with that. Are you guys serious with your "I finished it in 5 hours" stuff? If you can do that you obviously don't get out enough. What's the point in moaning about lack of multiplayer, don't you read the box?

M3ZM4posted - Feb, 19 2003 - 00:07
I completed the game last night, and i was pretty impressed with it. I agree that the game could have been longer, but the gameplay, although not exactly groundbreaking stuff, is brilliant. Atmospheric, challenging (unless you play it in wussy easy mode), frantic and fast-paced, and a good balance between straight-up shooter, charcter interaction, and cut-scene dialoge/story. It is one of the best FPS shooters that i have played in a while (along with MOHAA), and is in the same class as Duke Nukem 3D and Doom with regards to fast-paced gameplay, and the gfx are the best i have seen in a game of this genre, and the weapon selection just kicks ass. Take the flame-thrower for example - looks suberb, and the alt-fire mode which sprays napalm onto your target for you to ignite, is such a wicked addition. And then there's the sniper rifle, with it's incredible zoom, makes you appreciate just how good the Unreal engine is. There are a few special touches throuout as well, one of which I discovered by accident - You can even shoot creatures up in the air with yer sniper and watch them hit the deck....i even saw some other creature scuttle over to my freshly-killed creature-bird-thing (?). The only critisism i have of this game is the slow loading times in between levels, but i can live with that! My advice is, if you are a hardcore FPS gamer, then you may find the game lass challenging than some other games of this genre, but for the general FPS fan, this is a quality game and you won't be dissapointed. Yes, there are several other games due for release soon that are worth hanging on for, but this is the best FPS going at the moment.

David Gposted - Mar, 09 2003 - 12:43
I don't care about the time it took to complete it - I prefer quality over quantity. I don't care about the lack of multiplayer options - there are a lot of multiplayer games around, and if that is what you want, then go buy one of those! However, this game seriously sucks (apart from some of the effects which are very nice). It cannot compare to the first Unreal which was like walking into a sci-fi horror movie. It lacks imagination and playability. It is dull with no story. After the second mission, I got bored and went back to playing UT2003. After I grudgingly completed it, I uninstalled it straight away and thought about trading it in (the only thing that stops me is in case someone releases some decent games/missions/mods based upon these new game and graphics engines). It is not immersive like Half-Life, Aliens vs Predator, Quake, etc etc etc, and lacks ANY compelling reason to play it. A score of around 70% is realistic. My advice is to buy something else. In contrast, I downloaded America's Army a few days ago (this is a first-person shooter based upon the first Unreal engine and technology - and it's FREE!), and I have been completely hooked. The people who developed America's Army have paid incredible attention to detail in gameplay, graphics and the wonderful sounds (which are all too often overlooked). How come America's Army is free and 1/3rd of the size of Unreal 2 and a much better game? No justice! One final comment about Unreal 2's ' paced gameplay...' Are you kidding?? This is the slowest most frustrating game ever when it comes to gameplay. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

judabombposted - Mar, 22 2003 - 22:49
The problem that i have encountered during the game is that i couldnt play the game above 800x600 with a gforce4 ti 4200 with a 1.7 cpu and 512mb ram.WHYYYYY???

knightposted - May, 29 2003 - 16:05
...and i waited for this "game". It's probably one of the bigest disappointments of the year. I cracked it fast and it even wasn't fun. A plain FPS with good graphics nothing more...

NUMBER 1posted - Jun, 02 2003 - 18:22
its too easy this basically got the same feel as unreal no cahnge in atmosphere. i have already been there take me somewhere else!!

hudkovskiy@yahoo.composted - Aug, 09 2003 - 21:26
S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Oblivion Lost - due in March 2k4. Anyone heard of that? Also Doom 3 is due in 2004, though no exact date of 2004 told yet. And Half-Life 2 along with Halo (my #1 favorite after Doom 3 and Stalker of course), Far Cry etc.... Did i missed something? Ah, UT 2004 with Skaarjs, Necris and of cource Xan Kriegor in "flash" :). And about Unreal 2 shortly : has nice grafix, enormous loading times :(, mediocre sound an' no relation to the first Unreal at all. Happy? I mean cheating/no cheating i beated game in - listen hardcore gamers - in 4 and a half hours!!! Unreal in Hard settings made me sweat last month for a half a week!!! Talking about "Unreality"! Ha! Unreal stupidity maybe! I playing UT in InHuman difficulty, both single player and multiplayer and i have more sweating times than.... this...umm.. ok - thing :). And i played it in Normal difficulty. Now i have it gathering dust on my shelve. Rating? I am not that rude ppl.

Aglupposposted - Mar, 25 2004 - 14:16
Some are complaining, "I played this game through in 10 hours". Some score better: 7 hours, even 5! Well, I used almost two weeks! Ok, I had a break somewhere in between, guess I played ut2k3 or something. Great game, still. In UT I have apprx. 100.000 kills in my pocket in single player only, and some thousands in Q3 and UT2k3. But in story-driven games I like to study things, wander around if (hopefully) possible, and 'taste' the surroundings I am thrown into. In Deus Ex I sometimes spent hours conversating with all the characters, *every single one* in, what was it, Hell's Kitchen, I think. And in the beginning levels of I.G.I. when I just didn't yet know how to use the map computer, I got lost in the mountains... just walked and walked, laughing... I mean, where's the hurry? And again, if you are in a hurry, be happy that you can rush through the whole crap so swiftly if you like. You can read a novel in the same fashion too: just skip all those describing sentences, skip emotional discussions, skip setup, and concentrate on your familiar keywords that denote 'action'. In this way you can read ANY novel in just 2 hours! Wow! But what's the point? I like to look at the game engine too: how is it working, what things is is capable of doing, what kind of imagination motors it (if this makes sense at all). Usually the game just copies something seen before, but not so with Unreal2. It seems to capable of presenting almost anything imaginable: mist, flames, ragdoll effects, explosions, impressive sounds, vast distances, complex interiors full of lights, blinking consoles, bunches of cables, snowflakes, reflections, what not. And I guess here too is the main problem: the engine is so complex that it almost HAS TO CRASH, if not in this combination of DirectX blabla, Radeon or EAX card, then with another. If it tests every aspect of rendering and sound drivers, then if there is a bug there somewhere, Unreal2 will find it... and commit crash. To be honest, it also looks like the engine has been put together a bit hastily (just look at that amount of fixes in the first patch). It is way too sensitive to this/that particular system setup. Which is all the more surprising, considering UT2003 which hardly knows how to make a single rendering mistake. AI is surely also lacking, though disgracefully that is (still!) more like the norm than an exception in all the games of today. The story is also very simple, though it has interesting connections to the whole of Unreal universe. And, ok, it IS easily played through in just one day. Of course I would like it to go on forever. But here is a quote from "a person - person@somewhere.who" from a Gameguru Mania's thread, I think worth rewording: "You are all forgetting something. It's an unreal game which has the editor, has the MULTIPLAYER code within the game ready to be used and abused by mod/map makers. Infact, I did a bit of searching within the game and found that it has a Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF and a XMP mode contained within the U2.u, U2CTF.u and U2XMP.u system files. Don't be suprised if an add-on is released for this game eventually." Third party development and licencing it is. And XMP is out already. Btw, why does it seem that no fps is nowadays like Half-life and Unreal 1? Are we gamers just so spoiled, or are the game developers still so preoccupied with learning better techniques? And this HiFi to Realism? I personally am bored to death with all these WWII and counterterrorism games. Some day, all this will be past. And comes the renaissance of the Adventure. (ok, cut it. back to tournament)

U2XMPer and UTXMPerposted - Jan, 10 2005 - 07:27
and now you can download U2XMP and a patch with 6 bonuspacks with it

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