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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
(hx) 01:37 AM CEST - Oct,18 2002

Do you remember Hitman: Codename 47 released two years ago? Yeah this game wasn't bad so I'm glad that the original Hitman is back with the sequel. Once again you will assume the role of Agent 47, a skilled assassin who is rewarded for completing contract killings as cleanly as possible, without hurting innocent civilians or being caught.

The story of Hitman 2 begins in a Sicilian monastery. Surprisingly, retired Codename 47 is occupied killing weeds, not humans :) Yeah, the local priest employs him as a gardener. Things seem to be going well for him and life seems to be heading in the right direction until his friend, the lead priest of the monastery is captured and taken hostage. Codename 47 has no choice and calls in a favor from his former employers at the mysterious Agency and they are willing to help out... for something in return of course.

For those who didn't played the original Hitman, this game isn't only about straight shooting an innocent people :) Your goals will vary from sneaking into a sunny Sicilian villa to assassinate a local Mafia Capo (the first mission) to infiltrating a snowbound St Petersburg mansion and make the right choice out of five possible targets. I must say that the stealth element of the game is extremely well done. You can be stealthy in your approaches and can even knock out people in non-lethal moves and drag their bodies to a nice hidden place. You can even steal uniforms from your enemies once they have been killed, to accomplish your mission. Of course, if you want successfully finish the game you must meticulously plan out each mission before actually instigating the actual assassination. Needless to say that patience is an absolute must for this game.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin features 20 unique and challenging missions, located in all corners of the world, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Sicily, and India. They have kept almost all the weapons and gadgets from the first game, and added some specific pieces of equipment such as a .50 cal rifle and a crossbow, fireman's axe. You will also able to use non-lethal method for disabling civilians and enemies, by chloroform. Although you have plenty of weapons at your disposal, but the actual number of weapons you can carry at once will be limited by their weight. I very liked to use SPAS 12 shotgun, it's an ideal weapon to clear rooms. As its predecessor, Hitman 2 is a single player only game (though some co-operative version would be nice), fortunately AI is much better than in the first version. Enemies have a more realistic reaction if you're acting strangely. For instance, disguising yourself as one of the guards isn't totally full proof. When you run around like a brainsick or get too close to them, the AI will definitely get suspicious. You have to play the part to attract the least amount of attention to yourself.

Hitman 2 is much easier, and much faster than its predecessor (now I'm talking about the normal difficulty setting) - Codename 47 can sustain massive amounts of damage and you can even save your game during missions. If you liked the first Hitman you will definitely enjoy this one a lot more. Download playable demo (48MB) and visit the official homepage.

System requirements:
Minimum: Windows 98/ME/XP, CPU: PIII 450Mhz or equivalent, RAM: 128MB, Video: 16MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible video card, Sound: DirectX 8.1 Compatible sound card, CD: 16x CD ROM drive, Keyboard/Mouse, Hard drive: 800MB of free HD space

Recommended: CPU: PIII 1Ghz, RAM: 256MB, Video: 32MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible graphics card, Sound: EAX Advanced HD enabled sound card.

snd: 5/5 - impressive, solid voice acting, music performed by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir
gfx: 4/5 - much improved over the original, excellent visual effects, impressive-looking buildings in varied locales, beautifully staged cinematic cutscenes, ability to toggle between 1st- and 3rd-person views, camera movement feels sometime slow
playability: 4/5 - enjoyable, open-ended design of the missions, in-depth story line, solid AI, ability to save your game during missions, no multiplayer - low replay value
genre: 3rd/1st person thinker-shooter
platform: PC, PS2, Xbox
release: October 2002
developer: IO Interactive
publisher: Eidos
Overall: 85%

last 10 comments:

BIG SVENposted - Oct, 18 2002 - 03:28
i FUKKIN LOve dis GAME!!!

Dillisposted - Oct, 18 2002 - 04:27
This game is truly one of a kind!, I played it for 3 days straight. Its so addicting! It is kind of frustrating at 1st to learn the way the game works, but after the 3rd mission i was hooked. I hope they make an expasion pak!

Erbozposted - Oct, 18 2002 - 12:10
This game FUKKIN SUCKX !

Jajaposted - Oct, 18 2002 - 14:40
Low score, the game is fukin great should be 95...:)))

PTPSYCHOposted - Oct, 18 2002 - 15:05
OHH pleasssee... This guys never played the first game. The first one was so much challenge than this crap sequel. In the other we can manage do solve a mission in 3 ou 4 ways, this one we have all exclamation spot telling "here you can make something...there you can kill the target... And the stupid radar that show us everything that moves... ho pleeasse... Stealth mode in this sequel? I´ve finished all first 7 missions by killing everyone who looked at me. I´m gonna install the first game again....

bigblacKposted - Oct, 18 2002 - 20:03
y'know, all you have to do is turn the difficulty up HIGHER then NORMAL to deactivate the radar.

mindbusterposted - Oct, 19 2002 - 05:44
Yeah, nice game, that's why i have opened a forum for it at...

Niksposted - Oct, 19 2002 - 07:13
Does anyone have the screenshots from the official hitman2 website.. depicting two turbaned guys in a kitchen i believe.. please do let me know.. thnx in advance.

asdsadasposted - Oct, 20 2002 - 03:35
lol They guy who took the screenshot is a fukken cheater!!! hheheehheeheh gameguru reviwers are a bunch of cheaters!!! hahahahha

MouXposted - Oct, 21 2002 - 21:03
psiko is really far from having understood the true meaning of the game u can go crazy and shoot every one but u can also play it cool and avoid beying seen and only kill your target!!

PTPSYCHOposted - Oct, 22 2002 - 01:18
Of course.. I don´t have understood the meaning of the sequel but what to say for the first? I´ve finished the game, and you can only save in the end of the mission. The maps in the first one was 3 times bigger than this... Go play the first game and post yor comment...

PCfreakposted - Oct, 23 2002 - 14:38
Haven't got this yet.. but looks fucking sublime.. never finished the first one.. always got stuck on last level.. but hey, loved it and gonna get this one too..

TiXoposted - Oct, 25 2002 - 10:03
great game...

jok-R444posted - Oct, 25 2002 - 15:02
******* Moi j'aimerai bien l'essayé !!! quelqu'un parlant francais ??

BigCock454posted - Oct, 28 2002 - 18:58
This game is fucking bad ass! I played this game 3 days straight and even after beating the game I still can't get enough.

zoranposted - Oct, 28 2002 - 20:16
this is great game but I dont know how to bee a ghoust, I always a mass murderer

Anonymousposted - Oct, 29 2002 - 12:12
Advice to everyone who doesn't like to just kill everyone but wants to use stealth. Play the game on higher difficulties like expert or profi. Then you will have to use stealth and tactics.

mr.47(Macedonian boyposted - Oct, 30 2002 - 22:27
get silent assasin on every mission and you'll see the true game.....

Mass murdererposted - Nov, 11 2002 - 15:02
I love this games i play it EVRY day and i like too kill EVREONE!!! wipe them out all of them...=)

Johnposted - Dec, 04 2002 - 10:31
I've played the first and now this one... I'm currently on the mission after you kill the geek's brother... well I have to say I like the storyline a lot better so far, and this one is way more challenging than the first, I beat the first one in about a day and a half... so far it's been about 3 days on this game... and I like the added weapons... as well as the cool new gadgets... though I still don't like the sniper rifles... the whole wobbling thing... I mean I can understand a little bit of a tremmor... but they could have had it so it shakes a bit when his heart beats... so like every 1-3 seconds it would give a small hand tremmor... I'd also like to see a good level builder... not one like SWAT or Max Payne where you use 3DSMAX style... but something a bit simpler... I've never been good at programs like that... only reason I don't design games myself... anyway... I know I've gotten a bit off task... but my summary is... great game, the people who say it isn't aren't hitmen at heart. A definite buy for the people who didn't use cheat codes on the first.

dzegnfzhposted - Dec, 24 2002 - 16:58
this game i quite good,but it's to short.I finish the game in 3 days.And it's not at all realistic.bye bye suckers.

| |\\| § () |\\/| |\posted - Jan, 11 2003 - 20:47
I'm totally addicted 2 hitman 1 and 2... All those other shooters are just about walking and killing... Alltough it seems like the reviewer doesn't know you can also play the game STEALTH, he just kills anyone he sees.

Paradoxposted - Jan, 12 2003 - 22:47
I've only been playing (nothing but) FPS games for a year now, and I've tried a lot of them. Imo this is definitely a great game, I place it 2nd after mohaa (but I haven't finished it yet ;)). Stealth mode truly reveals the game itself. However, I should complain about two things: only two usefull saves in Expert mode (in fact there are three, but the first one is automatic and absolutely useless, I'm trying to find a trick about it); the second, is a little boring with the big guns, always obliged to throw and repick them).'s a great game (hey, 2nd after mohaa, that's somethin).

Paradoxposted - Jan, 13 2003 - 05:23
Booooo... hoooooo..., sorry guys, I have to (negatively) very much moderate my opinion about the CODE of this game :((. Yesterday night, during the 6th or 7th mission (Hidden Valley), some crashes, Dr.Watson or sudden quits to desktop began to appear. As it had become impossible to continue for more than 5-10' whithout the game crashing, I stopped. I, of course, first thought about some hardware problems, but this wasn't the case. So I made some researches on the net and then I found the terrible news, on the site for instance: the game is buggy, MANY other players had been having exactely the same problems. The game CRASHES, and it's about 99,9% likely that the origine is in it's own code. A patch (2 Mo, talking about the super-patch!) exists but it solves nothing at best, it can event worsen the situation. So,... what more to say, I'm really very disapointed, I even tried to replay the missions I'd allready played, it's not working anymore. So, for those of you who had the chance to play it thoroughly without difficulties, lucky you! Just play it one more time, it's what I intented to do before... boooo... hooooo...! P.S.: for those of you interested, you can for example have a look at this thread:

Paradoxposted - Jan, 13 2003 - 05:25

NeitNJposted - Feb, 12 2003 - 04:08
HI I'm from canada. And I may say that this game is quit going in the same way as the first one that IS: being a good game. Umm, I miss the possibility to get money and buy your stuff, yet the idea of being able to keep the waepons and the coherence and logical way to have the weapon on the next stage that you ended with on the previous stage is good. Some map are difficult but there is always some tricks and many ways to finish the mission wich is good..except for when you ahve to rescue the guy in the basement... i almost killed everyone for fun and i wanted him to folow me to the exist all the way up but it didnt work that way LOL I like to reaction of the AI, quit impress there is defenetly an improvement at this level. I like the way that you do not always need to choose for your weapon at the beginning since they are suppose to be gave to you somewhere in the map. I like the way it is realistic... when with a powerfull sniper weapon you can killl both of the dudes in the park. i like the way you can kill civilians but that you do not ahve to do that to win. I like the way one time to kill the son i didnt took anything to do the mission and all i had was the wire... :) I like the way I can finish being a profeesionnal or a mass murderer or even better a psychopath!!!! LMAO this game is good, i give it 8 on 10 but there is place to make it better for the 3rd hitman. like controlling vehicals and trucks and so on. way of buying weapons somewhere... making alies and crouching beter on the ground.... like in the army. anyway its a good game... the difficulty is fair. and a crossbow sometime is WAY better than a msg mp6 umm soemthing like that. :) good games guys..umm would be great to have multiplayer possibilities =) --------------------------------------- BON VERSION FRANCAISE le jeu est bon, la simulation et l inteligence artificielle est pas mal. la difficulté est assez bien faite pour vous donner du challenge. dommage on ne gagne plus d argent ou on ne peut pas acheter des armes... il serait bien aussi de pouvoir conduire des vehicules et de pouvoir avancer en s allongeant sur le sol...ce qui permettrait d avancer plus vite... plus de choix d arme serait bien aussi. mais le jeu reste bon surtout quand il permet dans un tableau de le finir de diverses manieres. ma note 8 sur 10. amusez vous bien!!!!

lil rockposted - Apr, 01 2003 - 17:15
The hitman isnt really a stealth game. Compared to splinter cell it sucks balls

nostradamusposted - Apr, 06 2003 - 14:58
all you motherfuckers go play your fagget games! you gotta learn what a good game is...(hitman 2)

**Hitman**posted - May, 02 2003 - 21:56
it's a really good game i played it 3 days in a row i couldn't go away from the game.. 99%

griffenposted - May, 31 2003 - 17:41
It is great game. One shoot from the bridge, two deadly bodys on the ground in St. Petersburg ( level 3 ). My fucking english :)

Mrmooseposted - Jun, 27 2003 - 16:11
mmm... loved the first one loved this one ! ( . ) ( . ) < tits ..... by the way have u notist in the comments every body had played this 3 days streight pretty funny but anyway ..... its true people cannot distinguish between a good game and a bad game (this is a game that must be known to all as completely AWSOME)

akimbostyleposted - Sep, 15 2003 - 04:30
This is a seriously cool piece of software. Immersive, addictive, you name it, I say it's badass as hell.

proper bow!posted - Dec, 01 2003 - 22:40
hi dudes this game is like totaly cool man! im stuck on the hiddin vally can any one help?

posted - Apr, 07 2004 - 20:21
not that good game. the characters look stupid like they just jumped out of a cartoon! and the game is too hard compared to the 1st one(i totally loved the first hitman)

Project Justiceposted - Apr, 30 2005 - 04:25
great game, but hard, and can get frustrating if you keep losing.

Joseposted - Jun, 20 2005 - 20:19
Hey Dudes !!, i need some help... i bought this game and i install it in my cousins computer and it worked. But then i went home and install it in my computer and it does'nt ?!! I have Windows XP, 30GB and 512MB RAM.....i don't know why that shit doesn't work !! I have Hitman: Contracts and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and they both work !! but this one doesn't.... Please write if you have any idea how to run this game in my Pc. Thanx !! THIS GAME IS AWSOME !!

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