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Neverwinter Nights
(hx) 12:51 PM CEST - Jul,07 2002

Needless to say that Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a new Dungeons & Dragons RPG from Bioware, the makers of Baldur's Gate. For those who didn't play this game yet, NWN looks and feels similar to Diablo and Dungeon Siege at first, but it quickly becomes apparent that it's no top-down hack-n-slash game how some people can think. I don't want to hype this already "hyped" game, but NWN takes all of the best elements of Baldur's Gate 2 and improves them, as well as avoiding some of the more inconvenient features and while it's not exactly a hack-n-slash game, it certainly moves a lot faster than Baldur's Gate. NWN also features 3rd Edition AD&D rules instead of 2nd, which allows for much greater customization in character creation and advancement. I'm also pretty surprised that Neverwinter Nights is actually very accessible, much more than most RPGs, making it equally recommendable to new players. I have some friends who have never played D&D and they are loving NWN, it's pretty cool to see even more addicted gamers around isn't it? :) Of course my hardcore D&D friends (hi Ivan thanks a lot for your help with NWN) finished the game much faster than me and confirmed me my feeling that NWN is pretty good after all, though Baldur's Gate 2 remains to be their number one.

NWN includes the singleplayer campaign, the Aurora Toolset, the DM client, and the multiplayer mode. The single-player campaign is comparable with BioWare's previous RPGs, though isn't nearly as long as the Baldur's Gate games. The campaign includes four chapters, the first three chapters are pretty large, each chapter could be a stand-alone game in itself. You can expect at least 70 hours of gameplay, if you will skip some quests. But if you want fully enjoy all chapters, it will take you at least 100 hours or so. As in the previous Bioware RPGs, the first thing you do is create a character.You can choose from 22 pre-made characters provided by Bioware, or you can create your own by Wizard. It's pretty easy even for newbies, there a button on each page of the process allowing you to use a "recommended" set of abilities and attributes.

The most notable gameplay change to the previous Bioware RPGs is that the party aspect has been removed. You no longer control a party of six, instead you have direct control over one character (yourself) and a hired "computer controlled" henchman of your choice. That may sound a bit weird to you, but it isn't so bad "improvement" after all. At least you don't need to manage multiple inventories anymore. This might dissapoint some, but others may like it. Of course, similarly to bots in first-person shooters, these "computer controlled" henchmen pretty suck in combat while you can control them only partially. Fortunately for the most part, they play quite fine, for example a thief will know when to disarm a trap etc.

The single player game in itself is a great offering, and worth playing. But the strongest part of NWN is multiplayer, because NWN has been designed for it from day one. There is no doubt that NWN offers really great multiplayer mode in conjunction with an extremely powerful DM utility and Aurora Toolset. The single-player story can be played cooperatively through the  LAN/Internet (up to 64 players), but there are competitive/deathmatch modes as well. The Aurora Toolset allows you to create your own campaign modules (including own customized NPC's, items, locations...) to test out with your friends. It is incredibly power, yet simple and intuitive. Within a few minutes of opening it up you will have created your own dungeon - complete with dragons and etherial creations. You can work with everything that the developers had access to include their high-level scripting C++ like language and tools. Woohoo! I really can't wait to play some of the user-created modules, maybe someone will re-create the city of Baldur's Gate, in all its glory :) In addition, NWN also includes a DM client, which allows you to modify a module in real time as players go through, you can take control over any character, you can give players items, and experience, you can cast spells, add/remove monsters, and even take control of NPCs and speak/act through them. Although it sounds absolutely fantastic, none is perfect :) There are some annoying limitations in both the Toolset and the DM client, and it certainly also bugs.

  • the most complete implementation of the 3rd Ed rules to date
  • outstanding character generation
  • the rogue class is incredibly well implemented
  • Aurora Toolset and DM client
  • 200 pages long manual including plenty of background info on the 3rd Edition rules (the game is pretty goo playable even without reading), though they could have included a lot more information on how the DM client and Toolset works
  • multiplayer via Internet/LAN up to 64 players
  • quick voice chat (like the voice commands in UT)
  • the ability to pause the action to issue orders in single player mode
  • great interface - up to 36 quick slots (with use CTRL+SHIFT) at the bottom of the screen   where you can place attack modes, weapons, and items
  • the auto-map has three zoom levels + ability to add notes directly to the map
  • you can add your own notes to your journal
  • huge community support

  • sometimes it will freeze up completely (try to turn-off shadow casting!)
  • bugs, Dungeon Master Client is fairly unstable, calling all the players to your location via teleport grabs all the DMs including the NPCs
  • inconsistent finding, followers often get stuck
  • lower magic in comparison with BG2
  • frustrating item fading effect (delays after you kill someone)
  • quite high hardware requirements, I recommend this minimum: 1GHZ CPU/256 RAM, Geforce2/32 and broadband Internet connection for multiplayer, but you will need much faster CPU/Videocard for accessing all the graphics features
  • only one henchman can join your cause and you cant give him/her items or new spells
  • no quick buy option in the store
  • steep retail price

So is NWN fun? Yes, definitely! NWN was definitely worth the wait and it's probably the best $60 purchase you will make for a long time. All in all Neverwinter Nights should satisfy anyone starving for some RPG action.

snd: 5/5 - top notch, amazing music, sound effects and realistic background ambience, mostly great voice-acting, repetitive music score in each area
gfx: 4/5 - pretty good, superb lighting effects, impressive shadowing, you need pretty fast CPU/Videocard for accessing all the graphics features
playability: 5/5 - highly replayable, extremely addictive, easy to learn, decent story,  +100 hours gameplay,  3rd edition D&D rules, the level 20 cap, over 200 spells, over 200 monster, very well balanced, multiplayer via LAN/Internet up to 64 players, Aurora Toolset,  the DM client, bugs
genre: RPG
release: June 2002
developer: Bioware
the game is similar to: Icewind Dale, Baldur\'s Gate
publisher: Infogrames
Overall: 90%

last 10 comments:

peteposted - Jul, 07 2002 - 13:03
i agree with this review, nothing to add here as the review pretty much says it all.

Erbozposted - Jul, 07 2002 - 17:34
Yes, great review and nice shots ;-)

Nigga Pleaseposted - Jul, 07 2002 - 19:36
I agree! Who posted the review before this one that practically sh*t on this game? The one that was removed.

ArseHoleposted - Jul, 07 2002 - 20:12
What?! A positive review of Neverwinter on this site? Oh no! Something must have happened to make you lads change from your old second rate English as a second language review to one that is actually positive. Hmmm.. can you say "appeasement"? Oh well. At least the review this time is a bit more on the money. The other guy was obviously an angry kid smoking too much crack to tell night from day.

hxposted - Jul, 07 2002 - 20:55
nigga, ArsheHole: Reaven's review that I removed from my website is still available here: Unlike him, I pretty like this game.

magaposted - Jul, 08 2002 - 06:15
the game is totally addictive, i never played baldur's gate or any AD&D before. finished it in 5 days, very good story.

tuorposted - Jul, 08 2002 - 12:39
Jeah the game is really well done, there are just a few bugs (like walking thru doors) the don't really work yet. But I'm sure things will be fixed in later gameupdates.

Mojoposted - Jul, 08 2002 - 16:09
This game really sucks, i cannot beleive i wasted forty five dollars on such a shit game. I used to like D&D until i played this game, the game is so shit i put the CD in the microwave on high fro 10secs..i suggest everyone should do the same if they bought the game. PEACE!!

Peteposted - Jul, 08 2002 - 16:21
i doubt that you actually did, because that would have been so stupid. You could have taken the game back and got your money back, or if you couldnt take it back trade it for another game. Microwaves can also sometimes get damaged if you do that or catch on fire.

Indyposted - Jul, 08 2002 - 19:53
I enjoyed tha game a lot since i like fast hack and slash RPGs The only think that annoyed me was the bugs and the sometimes stupid AI of the second character But i still like Dungeon Siege more :)

biatch0posted - Jul, 08 2002 - 22:57
Before anyone throws the CD into the microwave, care to share the CD key. I wanna play over my LAN but the copy protection is so strict that the same CD key can't even play over the same LAN.

kalvinposted - Jul, 09 2002 - 11:11
This game realy cool and good.It better that Diablo and Dungeon Siege.Too bad it need high 3d card to support the game,for my pc i need to low down the resolution to make the game fast like Dungeon Siege. I give 9 point. (full point 10)

mojo-is-a-shitheadposted - Jul, 09 2002 - 11:23
This game make you cum! Mojo is a shithead.

Pookieposted - Jul, 09 2002 - 18:03
I agree pretty much except their reccomended hardware. I run the game fine with full graphics detail, even with quincunx anti-aliasing on, on my pentium 3 800mhz / geforce3 ti200.

Truthposted - Jul, 09 2002 - 23:57
This game is made for those with exceptionally top of the line graphic card, in another word the game screw all other gamers who is currently using any 3dfx voodoo products. If you're using anything worst than Geforce 2 forget about this game, you're wasting your time and money

Facilitatorposted - Jul, 10 2002 - 03:15
Biatch0 and anyone else who needs a second or third CD key, Instant Message "NWNCDKEY" (on AOL IM) if you want to trade for my own (not generated, which will not work even on network) CD key. I only plan to play the game on my home LAN, so I won't use the key online.

quix0teposted - Jul, 10 2002 - 04:08
I have to interject, the graphics are both very good and very bad. There are elements that are extremely attractive, others less so. It's mostly moot, because for various reasons, the camera is locked at a 45 degree angle pointing down. To see more than what is immediately in front of you, you have to crank it back to the point where you are losing the graphics quality. Also, the Aurora toolset is a lot like being given access to BMW's engineering department. It is potentially a hugely useful tool, but only if you know how to use the tool. The scripting for Aurora is has an incredible learning curve if you don't know C. And scripting is how you get almost all cool effects. Both of these were major impediments to my enjoyment of the game, which I had been watching for the last two years and bought on the first day.

Erbozposted - Jul, 10 2002 - 23:02
It's great, but if it was made 4 years ago it could fit on 1 CD, and I don't like swapping CD's, So this game sucks !

DuTravellerposted - Jul, 11 2002 - 12:49
you suck...

molotovposted - Jul, 11 2002 - 14:14
Sez Arsehole "The other guy was obviously an angry kid smoking too much crack to tell night from day." Sounds like your average RPG player to me, maybe less the crack.

RE: bad mojo up abovposted - Jul, 11 2002 - 18:04
i am surprised some of you fell for the OBVIOUS mojo troll up above. always will be losers like that to just get reaction from you....better just to ignore and they go away fast enough ;)

natedoggposted - Jul, 22 2002 - 08:41
heh, i tried burning a copy of the play cd, and the game wont start, i think it has some sort of inner ring hologram in the middle of the cd to make only the original work, to top it off the CD key is really strict, like 35 characters, i was hoping to use a keygen and the 3 burnt cd's and return the game, i mean, jesus, it was $60 for me, too fucking much!

cogliostroposted - Jul, 23 2002 - 00:20
i can't for the life of me see what's so good about this game, it's full of small annoying bugs and why does every item have to look so incredibly ugly, this game sucks and did i mention it is quite boring?

polloposted - Aug, 05 2002 - 22:44
is just good, but I think dungeon, was better

Triposted - Aug, 17 2002 - 14:02
NWN is so fucking boring, although i borrow it from a friend & play it with cheats but the maximum level is only up to 20 and the enemies are so lame. And again i suggest that you guys do not play this game, viva Warcraft III ( i like that game ).

irR4tiOn4Lposted - Aug, 25 2002 - 04:22
Neverwinter Nights is a great addictive game, especially for someone like me, whos never played a D&D game before. However, i got quite bored later in, as the enemies are too dumb and repetitive, too many bloody useless boxes to open, and the game does not draw you into a working system. For example, breaking into someones house right next to a guard. Or the fact that YOU have to DO everything. Nothing happens without you. It would have been great if the game made you feel a bit less like a god and a bit more like part of a bigger group. But otherwise, i am a whinger and it is a great game!

MiKKaposted - Aug, 26 2002 - 13:40
Nothing is Like DIABLO I've played dungeon siege(which a lot of peopel said is better than diablo),and now i'm playing newerwinter and it's not liek Diablo. Diablo is the best,i played diablo over and over again and i can play it again. Diablo is the Best,and most adicitve RPG. Oh i forgot FALLOUT 2 ,now that's the best RPG,FALLOUT IS FANTASTIC with a fantastic storyline.

Morphposted - Aug, 26 2002 - 23:47
Well guys.... Apart from all the obvious unintelligent comments above I find the game rather enjoyable. However if anyone knows how to be rid of the level 20 cap then please email me.

Gorgonzollaposted - Aug, 27 2002 - 18:25
This game gave me the shakes, nose warts, big green pustules and horrible things on my butt! Oh, but I still liked it.

Karethysposted - Aug, 30 2002 - 01:32
I really enjoyed playing this game, BUT! The pathfinding was useless! The henchmen, are slow and can't take care of themselves. You can't control the henchmen either, so they die all the time, CONSTANTLY! I played all of chapter 3 and 4 without henchmen because they were simply useless. The fixed camera angle was quite annoying aswell. The storyline felt just a bit too fixed. But nonetheless, it was a worthwhile game to play. I still think Morrowind was a better game.

ladyluvposted - Aug, 31 2002 - 02:54
morrowind was good but it didnt have multiplayer and an rpg without multiplayer is like sex without orgasms.

Dr. Darkposted - Sep, 02 2002 - 00:47
Lol the camera angle isn't fixed... tss... stupid kid, try pressing PgDn or PgUp, Home, End, Delete and Insert you'll be amazed at your stupidity

crap....i cant playposted - Sep, 13 2002 - 14:31
i enjoyed playing this game. i even played it twice. But the second time i played with cheats, just to see what advantages i could get. But now i cant use my character online. They say there are invalid abilities. How do i solve this? I didn't know that i would not be able to play online, so i started from the beginning the 2nd time with my same character but played at the hardest difficulty. Now I can't play online and i dont want to start again. If anyone knows how to solve this, please e-mail me. HELP!!

BaByAkumaposted - Sep, 18 2002 - 21:35
Very good game! First time playing it was like taking a step deeper into the world of RPG fantasy! It just gets better and better. I really enjoyed it emensely! Would recommend this game to anyone! ~ There is none other than the raging demon in your hearts waiting to unfold! ~

Rogaposted - Sep, 23 2002 - 05:01
Geat!Just GREAT!

x-doorposted - Dec, 11 2002 - 22:25
I have played the game with voodoo3 2000 card. What are you saying?

mhatch77posted - Dec, 21 2002 - 01:59
even though i have never played this game before, it looks very retarded, and i think(in my opinion) that you all ahve no lives. If you want to discuss my views upon you and your(not so cool)game, please email me at

Briskojrposted - Jan, 01 2003 - 09:36
Even though months have passed since i've beat it, I might as well place my opinion. Great game, addictive, pretty good story, and beautiful graphics. It's a great choice for anyone bored by the mundane hack and slash games out there like Diablo. Although it was a great game, it can hardly be called an RPG. But if you really want to play a AD&D game worth playing, go get Baldurs Gate 1 and 2. along with the expansion packs. Work your one character all the way up to level 43 and you will find yourself laughing at games like Diablo.

stormposted - Feb, 22 2003 - 00:06
This is a great game, but making ppl have original cd keys just to play on a LAN is a very CHEAP way to force ppl to have to buy the game if the only time they play it is at the LAN!!! WTF!! At least allow it to work on a lan for god's sake.

Don\'t Let The Man Gposted - Feb, 22 2003 - 08:11
Screw the bastards! Just go buy the game and get the number off of it, then take it back and trade it in for another game number, and another, if you can. Or buy two copies and return them for two more; either way, it's exponential savings. Oh, and a word to BioWare, those cheap bastards -- LAN is *NOT* really LAN if you have to have an internet connection to "allow" the game to work at all. May you parsimonious, syphillitic, baby-raping, unwashed, pinko bum hoisters rot in hell for that. Nooch!

AsteriXposted - Feb, 24 2003 - 18:24
If you want to play multiplayer on private server and don't feel like purchasing the game more then once to do it go to and get the private lan client and server fix which will allow you to play private games

xspowerposted - Jul, 28 2003 - 22:24
dude for all you guys who say this game sucks go whine somewhere else i've had it since the beginning and trust me if you were to play it again i would kick your butt so bad you would have to put ice on it well anyway its a ok game except for the bugs

SHITKIKKERposted - Jul, 30 2003 - 08:27
OMEG WHO SAID THIS GAME DOSEN'T MAKE YOU ORAGASM MUST NOT HAVE A PENUS this game really roxors and is now for sale at best buy for 20 bucks.

Boner McHugecockposted - Dec, 16 2003 - 21:55
great game, great scripting system. anyone who is complaining that it is a c-centric language really ought to go learn c anyways, as its a very important lang.

Raulposted - Feb, 04 2004 - 18:32
eu quero dar a bunda!

BloodHoundposted - Mar, 05 2004 - 17:46
ok i love this game, it kicks some major ass.. but my fuckin cd key don't work nemore.. in fact none of ours do.. and we are supposed to have a 5 way LAN tomorrow.. i need bloody CD KEYS!!!!!

Privacy, PLZZposted - Mar, 16 2004 - 20:50

PartyTidusposted - Aug, 24 2004 - 20:11
NWN was pretty awesome if u dont consider the bugs...D2...let say when u hit the lvl 95 on classic and i mean classic not xpac it get quite boring...BG rules in the DnD area...but there still 1 game more addictive than all the others...EVERQUEST !!!!....cant wait for the second one to come out...oh and to answer the other guy about a burned cd of never winter night...yea ok but i found the crack to make it run properly :P...cyas and peace all...1 thing dont play lineage 2 ...its the suckiest MMORPG i ever saw...its like a fucking pvp game thT everybody is 65 and ure lvl 1

I HATE NWN GRRRRRR!!posted - Dec, 12 2004 - 08:01
Oh my freaking crap... I cannot believe the mass amount of people who like this game... IT SUCKS!!!! I can't find any negative comments on the net so everyone must have turned into zombies.Game's boring, character model selection in minimal and poorly made, artwork blows, graphics suck, gameplay suck, voices suck,dialogue and quests suck, d&d sucks, people who like d&d suck,girlfriends who like d&d need to stop leaving their boyfriends in the dark while they play d&d all day,and vice versa, everyone on this site who likes this piece of turd game has obviously lived in the dark for the entirety of their lives,This game is a rushed attempt, and there's so many more rpg's out there that don't suck,at least not as bad as this pathetic mess of crap.

Rattyposted - Dec, 21 2004 - 19:44
... What's wrong with you people? Neverwinter Nights is an incredibly shallow game that most definitely doesn't deserve to be called an RPG. BioWare has always been knowned to produce sloppy and mediocre games, but NWN is crap even for their standards. Single player campaign is boring and linear, gameplay is shallow hack 'n slash that has NOTHING to do with roleplaying, area design and scripting are fine examples of FedEx approach to game development, engine is ugly, slow and bugged, implementation of D&D rules is very poor and incomplete, characters are uninteresting, and general impression is that this game was a rushed attempt to cash in on popularity of Dungeons & Dragons license and isometric action games. Lazy dipshits from BioWare obviously figured they could just release a beta-like mess and wait for the community to design game content for them. Though this strategy worked to an extent and there are some very good modules out there, nothing can save Neverwinter Nights from being a complete and utter trainwreck. Anyone who calls this game an RPG, or worse yet, a GOOD RPG, is obviously completely clueless about that game genre. Honestly people, instead of making uneducated statements and writing half-assed reviews, play a REAL roleplaying masterpiece like Fallout, Planescape Torment, Arcanum or Ultima 6. I assure you your superficial perspective of the RPG genre will change quickly.

Name_and_address_witposted - Jan, 04 2005 - 01:54
This game is pretty good. I dont think that just because its on 3 cds it is still bad. A lot of the bugs are fixed if you buy the expansions and download the updates. Dont want to buy the expansions? Go to and download them. WARNING: Youll only download a teeny little file. To get the whole thing, download the extractor. Then you can download the expansions for free legally (I think).

frustratedoneposted - Jan, 27 2005 - 08:25
I bought this and wanted to play this multiplayer on my private network not having to link to some stupid internet server first. This game is not truely LAN is heading for game trader or the trash.... Dungeon seige was way better than this...

jeffposted - Feb, 27 2005 - 22:01
yeah its a good game except my inventory dissapears often and the game say to me when trying multiplayer that my cd key is unauthorised !!! So i reinstalled it 4 times and im still not able to play multiplayer. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, so i bring it back to the shop i think. am i the only one with that invalid cd key ? i just bought it and not Downloaded it :)

Viper1218posted - Mar, 18 2005 - 07:32
OMFG, All of you saying this game sucks fuck off, it's a great game i enjoyed it, The only bad things are the bugs.

HAHA yeah rightposted - Apr, 17 2005 - 07:13
Wain wain wain 3/4 of society just wines and monan i thought the games is good the whole lan one cd blows other then that i love it hehehe The game is a bit diffrent and not to hard to play plus it depends who likes this games so boo hoo to the ones say it's not worth do like me i borrowed it liked it bought it :P That's smart don't you think hahaha No one smart buys anymore

Morbhposted - May, 05 2005 - 15:32
Id like to comment on the game .... but apparently the CD Key that came with the game is invalid!!!! Great start ... I hope its not like Baldors Gate, as that got real old real quick.

FLiP4LiFeposted - Sep, 01 2005 - 22:14
Ok, this game has major problems, but still i think it was a good game. Dont complain about the glitchy creatures cuz if u notice, every single rpg and game has glitchy creatures. It would be hard to give every npc a specific duty or role. Anywayz, im just sayin they could have made it better.

chaos the 1229 headposted - Sep, 02 2005 - 13:49
this game, like some other RPGs, is a boring pile of crap basically, the stratigy is hack your way deeper into the deepest part of the map, and then kill boss. talk to any one with inportant name. and then repeat. not alot of imagination on the plot ever. if i had a dollar for ever time i had to play a game were i had to find some sort of power word or somthing. id be like, a thousand ere or somthing. overall, 9/10 for gamplay & graphics 2/10 for originality

deathcon-5posted - Dec, 01 2005 - 03:28
this game is ok i never finished it becouas my play disk broke if any one nos were a hacked vervion of this game is tell me!

THIS GAME RULESposted - Dec, 14 2005 - 03:03
UR ALL WRONG!?!?! its a awsome game, ok i admit there a buga and some probs but if u get the patches its AWSOME overall the games ploot is dull but thats y you have ONLINE so u can make ur own plot!

not a great game..posted - Jan, 05 2006 - 09:35
i dont know.. i never seemed to like this game that much. for one thing if you've ever played the baldurs gate series, planescape:torment or any other rpg classics you'll notice that they have a great single-player experience and excellent plots/character development. the problem with neverwinter nights is that they chose to focus the game on multiplayer rather than the single player aspect and i think that that totally sucks. granted, the multiplayer part of the game can be kind of fun sometimes but it never really grabbed my interest much. overall, just a really really shallow game that should never of been given the high scores and reviews that it got. too much hype with this game, really.

Tekarposted - Jan, 27 2006 - 00:34
Yes, the game kind off sucked. It's plot was bad and level building sucked (Neverwinter City was just a dungeon with a central place and 4 side dungeons, ooh, I have to find 4 items? You say FOUR? And there are FOUR side maps?) That plus the fact that you couldn't return to places after you've started a new act made it feel like a really long dungeon with lots of fetch adn kill quests. Also becouse of the limited editor everything started looking the same and I got really pretty tired of all the square rivers and hills after a while. Combat is a laugh as the only descision you'll ever make is when to take a healing potion. Rest is just click, wait till they die, click...

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