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Gore: Ultimate Soldier
(hx) 01:49 PM CEST - Jun,23 2002

Gore: Ultimate Soldier is an old-school multiplayer first-person shooter (with single player bonus) that provides fast-paced action. It's interesting to know that Gore has been under development for more than five years in development by a small, independent team - 4D Rulers. I think they deserve some credit for patience - even a few months ago I didn't believe much that they will finish it :) Now It's finally here. Was it worth the wait?
How you can expect from this title, the single player part of the game is about to shoot everything that moves, it's a completely linear and straightforward, no less, no more. First thing I noticed  about the game was the speed. Yeah, Gore is damn fast game! You character moves pretty fast (even with some 1GHz CPU/GeForce 2/32MB with resolution above 1024x768), faster than you may be used to. Sadly every enemy moves on a pre-determined route and they have no tactics (unlike Serious Sam). Your stupid enemies not even moving when you start shooting them, so don't expect nothing like cover fire, dodging and hiding. But Gore is not and was never intended to be a single-player game. This game is about multiplayer. It's true, the multi-player is where this game really shine, also because the netcode for Gore is nice and tight (Wire Multiplayer Net Engine). Basically the multiplayer modes in this game are pretty much like the standard UT modes, there is Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Tactical mode. I must say that Deathmatch mode is extremely fun and addicting. In addition, Tactical mode is divided into three sub-categories - Extermination (Kill everyone in the opposing team), Assault (like UT Infiltration) and Escape. Also level design is quite interesting, and the maps (23 maps in total) scale well up to 16 players. What about weapons? Gore provides nice variety of available weapons, ranging from Pistol and Meatsaw, to Rocket Launcher and Flame-thrower. All of these weapons have an alternative firing mode (shotgun can generate protective shield etc). In total, there are 14 different weapons, 4 different armor types and 6 different power-ups (can give you things such as 4x increased weapon damage).
Is Gore fun? Hell yes. Is it worth it? The value of this game strongly depends on what do you expect from gameplay. Don't buy for single player, it's lame, poor and gay :), especially the first few maps. But if you are looking for fast paced multiplayer FPS with UT modes, this game should fully satisfy you. You can try just relased final demo (105MB).

snd: 3/5 - mediocre, nice  music, ambient sounds, full 3D sound, some tasty environmental sound effects such as screaming/heavy, breathing, a bit repetitive and bland
gfx: 4/5 - just fine, for those who prefer fast-paced smooth play with acceptable graphics than...
playability: 4/5 - fast-paced, great in multiplayer (standard UT modes), Deathmatch mode is extremely fun and addicting, 23 maps, 14 different weapons (+alternative firing mode), near-budget price($30), low hardware requirements (P2 400Mhz), too short single-player "bonus" (6-8 hours)
genre: fast-paced MP FPS with SP bonus
release: June 2002
developer: 4D Rulers
publisher: Dreamcatcher
Overall: 71%

last 10 comments:

Marcusposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 14:51
Ok, this game sucks bigtime.

Scorpioposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 15:43
I liked the game, it is far from sucking. There are lots of little things in this game that you may not even notice, like feet. It tries to bring new features to the FPS genre which is more than most games (with the exception of Red Faction) today. I would give it an 80%

Puheru Kaihalakuposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 16:07
This game kicks ass. Although the singleplayer part doesn't have much to say in this piece, the multiplayer makes up for it! Great pace and cool levels.

Markposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 17:17
Someone paid this guy to tell this game is good. This is a scam game! Don't waste your money, and read a review from another site. It's a terrible game.

Maximmmpower!posted - Jun, 23 2002 - 17:32
Read a relly review from gamespot. They say that this game suck!

Fecalator Maximusposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 17:33
I don't think it was 4D ruler's intentions to make a "cutting edge" game. I believe the goal was to create a game that was simply fun to play. This is not a simulation FPS game by far. I think the multiplayer mode kicks ass. Single player is an after thought. If you want a game to vent hostilities with...this is it!

hxposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 17:44
To Mark: Dude, I have no relationship with 4DRules. I think 71% is fair. I think all other negative reviews are wrong, because they reviewed only single player part of Gore. But Gore is not and was never intended to be a single-player game, how I already wrote in my review. Remember Gameguru is pretty independent, we have no sponsors, no good relationships with publishers/developers, even strong computers unlike some rich bastards :)

Erbozposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 18:35
This is just another BOOOOOORING shoot-shoot-shoot-you-dumbfuck piece of crap.

eBwoyposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 19:02
Yep - this game is just created to be simply FUN - which I wreckon it is ! Just get straight in and kick ass ! Too many games need too much processing time for flash effex and stuff which most of the time, I couldn't personally give a monkey bollock about. Gore looks fine to me and runz fuckin' sweet on me Duron 850 GF2 32M. For a fast smooth ass kickin' fun nutta game - I recommend this baby ! No messin' !

BloodBathposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 20:20
For those of you that like the game I invite you to join the community at: There you will be able to really see what Gore is all about. New members/fresh insights are always welcome. You will also be VERY surprised at the level of participation by the devopers and publishers not only in the forum but IN THE GAME also. Hope to see ya in the machine! ;-)

SLYposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 21:24
Why do you listen to what gamespot has to say THEY SUCK BIGTIME!!!!! THIS GAME KICKS ASS!!!!

DEADMAN[LAG]posted - Jun, 23 2002 - 22:27
yes GORE is not the next big thing.. its a cheap game that will RUN on lower end cpus.. the game play is too much fun!!! its a mix of all the good things from shooters minus the gay puzzles and such.. just pure killing!!! neat weapons and characters and maps looks good even on old video cards with open-gl.....and there is a thriving communtiy to support it. is fun playin withe the developers too.. yes the single player is more like a tutorial for break u in for multiplayer.. i think a lot of game reviewers miss that point and base their lame reviews on the single player...too bad they misunderstood GORE IS A MULTIPLAYER GAME...

m@nc0wposted - Jun, 23 2002 - 23:44
I cant' see how anyone would not like GORE at least for the Multiplay part. It blows ANY game away in Multiplay. Sure its not UT or Quake, but its' NOT supposed to be. Every game it seems coming out lately is just another UT, Quake or Half-Life look alike. They all play the same an look the same. Show me another game that has Player/Models with their OWN profiles that make them different then each other (unlike UT or Quake where the only difference in a player/model is the skins, they all play an die the same). Show me a game that has such fast paced game play. Show me a game that u actually Wear the armor u pick up an also can be shot off u as u wear it. Show me a game where the weapons avalible for pickup can also be blown to smitherines. Nothing has what GORE has, not RTCW or SOF2, nothing compares to GORE. Its' been designed to be different, thats the point of it. Dont' know about most of u gamers but im' tired of UT an Quake an Half-Life lookalike games, I want something NEW an have found it with GORE :D

Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 00:17
Gore isn't UT, Gore isn't Q3:A, Gore is Gore. 4D Rulers wasn't trying to milk off the success of those other big name titles, they were simply trying to create a fun DM and Teamplay game for everyone else to enjoy. They didn't have megamillions like iD, but they did have access to wicked technology and utter determination you don't usually see these days. Most of id's current titles are simply lame repackagings, and you can tell they have since lost interest. 4D are the new kids on the block, give them a break. It's not the best title ever, but it has one thing a game should have: FUN GAMEPLAY. We can argue all we want to about which game is better like sissy girls, but that's not what games are made for. Games are not meant to be taken seriously, you're supposed to have fun. If you get your nickers in a twist at the mere mention of something bad about a game you enjoy very much, then obviously it isn't fun. It's too much of a hassle, which Gore isn't. It has wicked fast gameplay that always leaves you hanging, it has one of the best communities ever, the developers and publishers are always constantly involved with the fans, and if I didn't state this enough already, it's FUN. If you don't like it, fine, I won't let you ruin my fun. Besides, I'm having to much fun with Gore to be upset about lame opinions. ;)

Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 03:11
Well both Gamespot and Firingsquad think and explain why it sucks.

Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 03:49
What the? I didn't post that. Don't steal my name, you Jackass! Firing Squad's review was just unjustified Flaming. Gamespot sucks now, you actually have to pay for services that I could get free elsewhere. Besides, I could imitate those reviews by flailing my arms like a monkey and screaming, "Gore suxes, graphix bad, hehehehe". Why, man, why in the heck would steal my name?

anonymousposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 06:22
This game licks my ballz. Cool flame thrower though :)

user@domain.composted - Jun, 24 2002 - 07:18
its fun ,,it lookz good ,,, thats all that matterzzzzzzzz

Dakoinaposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 12:47
the first two minutes the game is ok, but then it starts repeating and repeating... hell there's no fun in the game for me... the only positive thing I can say is: it's fast there is no place for this game in my collection, sorry 4D, you have to do better... it's not original enough

Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 15:37
If your going to argue originality, let me ask you something: Was Q3:A original, how about UT? Serious Sam? No, they weren't, but they were fun. If a proven gameplay formual is fun, then what's wrong with taking said formula and adding some spice to it? Why risk a new genre when most of those type games fail(Daikatana anyone)? Like I said, they weren't trying to milk of iD or Digital Extremes. I'm getting the feeling that most people hate this game on graphics alone. Let the games true merits stand.

Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 16:22
Ive had more fun at the dentist than I had playing this game !

Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 16:24
Im returning this game for a refund !!!

The Real Haz Matposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 16:42
Gee, how original, stealing my name again. Well, if your going to play that...

Chattanooganposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 16:47
This game is great for multiplayer. Great levels, textures, characters, weapons, armour, items, gameplay, speed. A very pleasant surprise! Plays SMOOTH on the net too! Even on dail-up when you get decent pinging servers! Serious Sam's deathmatch is totally unsmooth even on cable (which I now have). The reviewers think too much about single player in their reviews when many people like me NEVER play single player. So they praise games like Serious Sam which has totally CRAP multiplayer. And they all rave about SS's graphics and say Gore's sucks. Are they blind? SS uses very boxy designs. So many squared-off 90 degree angle structures. Gore's actually have some variety and inventiveness and don't have that Wolfenstein 3D look that Serious Sam is plagued with frequently (the boxy shapes). If you like to deathmatch you need to try this!

fleabotposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 17:06
the maps are fun and the weapons are cool . . . I think this game is like Quake plus!

CoGenposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 19:40
Hey guys wont you relax a bit ,guns r blazing through you ears i think.this game is a major proramming project ,and it is really nice and smooth,graphics like rox on a pentium 400 and great multiplay.oks If there was a smarter AI on sigleplay then u would name it GAME OF THE YEAR ....think it over :)

Erbozposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 22:15
This game is a real whore ! It sucks for bucks !

Thomasposted - Jun, 24 2002 - 22:26
It's just a game. Unlike serious sam which was similar kinda - home grown, retro shooter Serious sam got it right, this didn't. As regards being mostly multiplayer oriented, the vast majority of people who buy games buy it for single player only. How many games can you name which have an online player base of above 90% of the retail sales of the game. None.

The Real Haz Matposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 00:34
Then why is Counter-Strike so popular? It has no Single Player, yet it is the most popular online game, ever. MMORPGS are also hot sellers, for the most part. Q3:A is another example, and so is UT. Sure, 90% of players aren't on at one time, but those games were primarily for MP. Sure they had Bot Matches, but as anyone can tell you, it's not the same as a Human opponent. Why can't another MP game enter the fray with out everybody ragging on it? You don't see people whining about Counter-Strike, which is ripe with cheaters. Gore is not the greatest game ever, no, but it didn't set out to do that. 4D just wanted people to enjoy an intense bloodbath, which they did, very well I might add. I bet you haven't played Gore, any of you with negative commments. If you did, give me proof. My e-mail is listed right next to my name, proudly, unlike some of you lame people out there.

Gilbeyposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 03:12
This game made me bleed from my anus in boredom.

grcposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 03:36
u dumb shithead people the game doesnt suck. The game is fun an for people who play online with a 56k modem its better than q3 for online play . So the game is not upto graphics of unreal the game is fun. 4d done a good job with limited funds. if u want the latest graphics go buy the latest highend pc game. But it will cost u. Also what makes gore fun is that its easy to mod

Mr.HappyFaceposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 04:21
Hey Erboz why dont you go find another group to troll in, you ignorant little puke. If you can't say anthing intelligent (good or bad) then get your sorry pimpled ass out of here!

Erbozposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 05:29
Mr.Happyface, If I say something intelligent, you will leave this site and never come back, and I don't want that. :)

drifterposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 07:20
i just bought the game and so far it hasn't impressed me much. i will be honest though i phave only played single player so far to get a feel for the game. what i didn't like were things like not enough skins to choose from. only 10 sucked plus u couldn't change thier apperance at all. the game has crashed on me twice and once it wouldn't allow me to play on the normal setting for some reason. my nostromo speed pad doesn't work for this game, unlike ut or quake where u plug it in and play. i found though the weopons are cool, and i like the fact everything blows up. i hope more skins will be avaible and hopefully a patch.

The Real Haz Matposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 07:30
Drifter you pansy. No one plays on normal anyway. And to all you name stealers you better stop it before I come over to your house and ass ram you.

Jupiterposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 10:36
Oh my :() Looks like school's over in the USA, or perhaps the World Cup ?

cubeposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 12:05
if u like gore, try this:

Soulshifterposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 17:27
Ya... skools over... for most peeps Jup. This is one of those run in and blow things up games... its fun... yes... its real fun... like, you hear your friend screaming his ass off becuz you blew him away fun.

The Real Haz Mat, Noposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 19:15
Hahahaha! You got me on that, dumbass. That's an insult to homosexuals, becuase I'm sure no Man would fall in love with a mug as ugly and disfigured as yours, unless it's Bubba from the local prison. No one can resist Bubba, no one. Not even your pale, pimply faced self, and with stick arms like yours your sure are going to have a hard time fighting back.

yourkiddingposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 20:01
ok i want my 15 minutes back...10 to download and 5 to play..what a waste of time.

Prime Ribposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 20:41
It's only a waste if you make it a waste. Yep, I reckon you just got owned, and badly.

Prime Ribposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 20:43
By the game, that is. You couldn't Deathmatch your way out of a paper bag, Loser.

Axl Noseposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 23:11
Not a terrible effort by 4D Rulers, just a mediocre one. Cube is a lot better than Gore, and Cube is free!

Ruff Ryderposted - Jun, 25 2002 - 23:14

yourkiddingposted - Jun, 26 2002 - 00:10 didn't get owned. Not by the game or by any wasn't my skills lacking, it was the game. If you would like i can point you towards some professional games that have deathmatches that i play all the time since you are obviously missing out. Regards.....

Prime Ribposted - Jun, 26 2002 - 00:32
I've played all those other multiplayer games, stale pieces of crap. If I wanted to waste my money, I would burn it. What makes them so professional, becuase iD and Epic have you kissing their butt becuase their games have good graphics? I ain't missing out of anything, boy, other than an iteractive movie. Anyone can master Quake 3 or Unreal Tourney. Don't know much about Cube, Screenshots look pretty good. Why can't I see my gun though? I don't like first person games with out a gun, it's just, wrong.

yourkiddingposted - Jun, 26 2002 - 01:13 yeah, ONE example (of many) of professional would be good graphics so you are hurting your argument instead of helping it, boy. Not just anyone can master those games (and others you failed to mention), but those who are not masters of a paricular game can still have fun and enjoy themselves IF the game is good, so again your argument is weak. You don't have to waste your money, the whole point of a demo is to see if you like before you buy, and demos have been around since the shareware days. But if you want to waste your time and not your money as you say, then please don't let me stop you and enjoy the past. Now i'm going to get back to the year 2002 and get to some gamin' because arguring on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, you are still retarded

DaGenposted - Jul, 22 2002 - 16:36
short comment.. Nice sys reqs, plain old fun fast fps. I think ill even install it on my portable :) (next to Wc3..)

Heavy Zposted - Aug, 31 2002 - 20:43
this game chews donkey sausage, i dont give a damn if it does use a 4d ruler it's another doom clone, infact i think i'll play that instead of this. Some person above compared it to counter strike as far as multiplayer goes. WTF i found CS interesting and addictive unlike this. Single player is crap to. If you like simple things get this game because it's just that.

jimposted - Sep, 30 2002 - 18:47
This game is ok, no im kidding its horrible, runs fast yes, multiplayer is ok, could have been good, if the multiplayer is the point why waste 5 years of you lives making the single player??? The game could have been multiplayer and have been sold for alot less. this game isnt worth a full price pricetag, maybey $9.99 OR LESS.There are so many good online games why should i play Gore?? Oh E.B. took my game back after i bitched about it for awhile(I wasn't the first)

Steffen Streckerposted - Nov, 02 2002 - 23:19
Oh yeah, I'm running off a friends copy and it is fine, hehe

Mr magooposted - May, 26 2003 - 13:25
I play this Game Every Day! Its Fast, And steaming for online games! U can meet friends, and the graphics are pretty good. But the best part would be the gore, Thats why they called the name "GORE"

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