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Army Men: RTS
(hx) 05:24 PM EDT - Apr,17 2002

Army Men RTS is a real-time strategy game that features again the plastic toy soldiers from 3DO's previous Army Men games. The game originally debuted on the PlayStation 2, but now is available also on the PC. Army Men RTS has been developed by Pandemic Studios (Dark Reign 2, Battlezone 2) and also utilizes their modified Dark Reign 2 3D engine. In the game, you control an entire brigade of those little green plastic soldier heroes on a mission to stop a colonel who has defected to the enemy side. To complete the mission, the soldiers must fight their way through the campaign of 15 missions ranging from the front yard of a house, over a bathroom, to a living-room or basement . Needless to say how to play this game, because Army Men: RTS plays like a standard real-time strategy game. You have to build a HQ, barracks, resource depot (two resources for you to harvest: plastic and battery power) and garage and produce soldiers (gunners, grenadiers, mine sweepers, machine gunners, mortar men, snipers, flame throwers) and some vehicles (bulldozers,half-tacks, mine layers, tanks, helicopters, medics) etc. All these buildings can be upgraded to produce advanced units. In addition, you can also build defensive structures like a sentry tower and an AA gun. Army Men RTS features three gameplay modes: Campaign (campaign of 15 missions), Great Battles (8 bonus missions) and Multiplayer over LAN/Internet up 8 players, 3 levels of difficulty easily-controlled squads for fast-paced action and assign destination rally points, easy-to-learn, intuitive controls and comprehensive Tutorial. Army Men RTS seemed to be fast and stable, only I found a few bugs (?) such as tanks can't fire at air units, you can create only four unit groups, and some pathfinding bugs when units get into groups, etc. Simply I didn't like it :) Army Men RTS could be a nice your "first RTS" game, but I have no idea why I should to play just this game :) Download playable demo (48MB).

snd: 2/5 - boring and repetitive music, boring sounds
gfx: 3/5 - childy/cartoonish, very colorful, modified Pandemic's Dark Reign 2 3D engine, multiple resolutions from 640x480 16 bit to 1024x768 32 bit, cheap effects, limited zoom
playability: 3/5 - very easy to play, very limited, great "FIRST" RTS for kids, easy-to-learn, intuitive controls, multiplayer over LAN/Internet up 8 players, too simple & frustrating for regular RTS gamers, no random skirmish, some limitations and logical bugs.
genre: 3D RTS
platform: PC, PS2
release: March 2002
developer: Pandemic Studios
publisher: 3DO
Overall: 52%

last 10 comments:

JAYposted - Apr, 18 2002 - 00:06
This Games Sucks

.\'.posted - Apr, 18 2002 - 21:07
its funny though

Felixposted - Apr, 19 2002 - 04:45
this is the best Game i had ever seen b4 !!!!!

Fateposted - Apr, 19 2002 - 11:28
If they work enough they can easily create a BETTER game! But they are not worked enough for this game and other games (espicially Dark reign ') I dont like slow effects and A.I. for these games!

tjanzposted - Apr, 20 2002 - 04:07
This game is a pathetic rip off of real RTS Games!! Not even worth the blank cd I copied it on to!

Lemiuxposted - Nov, 26 2002 - 17:14
I give this game a 10/10 on multiplayer.... but against computer... I'll give it a 7/10.

#1posted - Mar, 15 2004 - 18:53
This game is cool

laddyposted - Jun, 17 2004 - 23:38
this is a really great game becauuse u need 2 use resources wisley

Mike Gutmanposted - Mar, 07 2006 - 19:26
It's very challenging and fun!!!

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