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Dungeon Siege
(hx) 12:32 AM CEST - Apr,07 2002

Dungeon Siege is an action fantasy RPG that puts you into fully 3D fantasy world on a massive quest to stop a mysterious evil that has been unleashed. The game has been developed by Gas Powered Games, founded by in May 1998 by Chris Taylor who created Total Annihilation (1997). Yeah seems Chris Taylor strike back :) Well, this game has been kinda hyped, so I was pretty pessimistic before I have installed the game and start to play it. After more then 15 hours of playing I coulnd't stop. Now I can only confirm that Dungeon Siege is another pretty addictive title for all fans of the click and slash RPG genre. The background and story for Dungeon Siege was written and conceived by award winning writer Neal Hallford. You play the role of a humble farmer who will eventually become a master warrior, a veteran marksman, or a powerful wizard. You have to master close-combat fighting, ranged combat, and magic spells and also enlist a party of followers to aid you on your quest.

Dungeon Siege features intense, over-the-top combat, totally customizable character (skills: Melee, Ranged, Combat Magic and Nature Magic), any character can learn any type of skill and use any weapon or any spell (of course your class name changes as your skills improve), ability to control an entire party of 8 characters (like fighters, magic users, archers and even mules to carry more equipment), a wide variety of formations, diverse range of monsters that walk, crawl, fly, and hover (they are armed with a large variety of weapons), over 140 spells, both defensive (healing and bless) and offensive (fireballs, chain lightning, implosion...) spells, special spells (including resurrect the dead or animate fallen enemies to fight alongside them) + ability to create your own spells and special effects, the Siege Editor (it's the same tool that makers used to design and build the game), 30 and 50 hours of gameplay (depending on skill level), multiplayer via LAN/Internet (MS Zone), both the "Kingdom of Ehb" or "Utraean Peninsula" map can be used and played either cooperatively or competitively, Player vs Player (PvP) mode.

The gameplay in Dungeon Siege is much like that in Diablo, I could say it's even more hack and slash than Diablo :) Because ain't hard-core RPG gamer, I like such action oriented gameplay. For those who want play righteous "RPG", wait for Neverwinter Nights and leave me alone :P Here are enemies almost everywhere, and in most cases they come at you, and later at your party, in groups and waves. Oh yeah! Of course these sometime disgusting monsters have a singular goal - destroy your party. Fortunately you don't need to destroy your mouse by clicking like in Diablo, Dungeon Siege offers the automatic attack disposition (in addition you can choose if your character should attack first the strongest/weakest/closest monster). There's always also in-game pause button that allows for quick weapon/spell switching etc. It's pretty handy if you have to control more party members. With incredibly flexible camera you can play the game from different visual perspectives - isometric, top-down, and traditional third-person. That rocks! How I mentioned above, Dungeon Siege includes several different multiplayer games you can play. First is playing cooperatively in the single-player world as a team or you can play in a huge multiplayer world. The multiplayer is even more fun than the single player mode and will provide endless hours of entertainment. I almost forget that the game allows you to import any character from one of your single-player campaigns.

What else to say. I love this game, it's damn addictive! :) I can image how someone will say it's repetitive shit, but it isn't (at least for me). The hunting for better items and equipment is very satisfying and thanks to auto-combat you won't suffer by eternal clicking and your mouse will survive :) It's definitely one of the best RPG's to ever hit the PC platform. I strongly recommend you to buy it.

snd: 5/5 - excellent, great effects, nice music, don't forget to enable EAX :P
gfx: 5/5 - very impressive, fully 3D-rendered, incredibly flexible camera mode (allows you to play the game from different visual perspectives - isometric, top-down, and traditional 3rd-person), excellent zoom feature, resolution up to 1024x768, frame rates are smooth on mid-range systems (but I strongly recommend you to use the latest Detonators v28.32), impressive spell effects, breathtaking level design, occasional slow down in the frame rate
playability: 5/5 - extremely addictive hack-and-slash, straightforward combat, over 140 spells, ability to control an entire party of 8 characters, excellent interface, re-definable hotkeys, very stable, 30 and 50 hours of gameplay (depending on skill level), the Siege Editor, multiplayer via LAN/Internet (many modes), no skill trees, minimal interaction with NPC, no town teleport for single player
genre: Action fantasy RPG
release: April 2002
developer: Gas Powered Games
the game is similar to: Diablo
publisher: Microsoft
Overall: 92%

last 10 comments:

gordhoposted - Apr, 07 2002 - 06:05
This is one well put together game. So far I have not had any game stopping bugs or annoying problems. Nice to see a break from the current trend of crappy game programming.

Mausposted - Apr, 07 2002 - 13:58
Exelent game , amazing graphics , absolutely HUGE levels , this is a MUST for al RPG fans !!

NeoNposted - Apr, 07 2002 - 15:04
Great Game, but..... Why not to do something with the configuration, like to configure the graphics for a 1 player, and another section just for the multiplayer section. I like playing it at 1024x767x32 with a 4XAA and in the multiplayer mode it´s not that fun (slows down), i rather play it at 800x600, but i have to change the configuration all the time to play one or the other. Jus´t something to think about, like an update for this issue.

HeLLBirDposted - Apr, 07 2002 - 16:08
What the f*ck? 90% ... that game has nice grafix, but it's boring as hell ... You don't even have to think, while in a normal RPG, you need some brains. Diablo wasn't the most enlightend game around, only hack&slash, but this beats everything. The only thing you have to do is click on an enemy, wait 'til he's dead, pick up his armor and compare it with your old one ... geezz, if that's the standard nowadayz ... I give it 80% max.

Erbozposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 02:38
Boring, Boring, Boring as hell !

AlieN The Warlockposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 06:01
Im wondering if the guys that said it was boring actualy gave it a chance. This is an amazingly fun game but I will agree it is a little slow at first. Wait til you get your level up a lot higher and it does require some thinking to keep your ass alive, of course I put it on a harder diff than default, it was way to easy. All around Id have to say its a very well put together game, its just missing a few good features in multiplayer, like some sort of symbol next to passworded games.

Alt-Keyposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 12:10
The game is only boring if you're not trying to play it. You can use 8 characters at a time, each one completely different from the next, and if something isn't going as well as you'd like, you can just drop one party member and get another one. The possibilities are endless. Also, let's not forget that the Siege Editor is coming out very soon. Once that's released, you'll have the ability to turn Dungeon Siege into damn near anything you want it to be. Chris Taylor admits that the game may seem too light for fans of harcore-RPGs, but the beauty of the game is in its amazing open-endedness. Personally, I don't feel the game deserves a 92%. I feel it deserves at least a 95%, with just a few points taken off for some of the game's lack of originality. Of course, the RPG standard is dungeons and magic, so maybe it's not all bad even at that. I love this game. I don't intend to stop playing it for quite some time. If you'll excuse me, I have a Killer Gremal to summon. :)

Razielposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 14:17
you can get killer gremals ??? *loads up Dungeon Siege again*

Mad Irishmanposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 16:25
This game rocks, I have not played a game like this in awhile. Combat is not a constant click fest, there are numerous other area's to explore that don't even tie into the story, they are used for experience and treasure only. I feel alot of effort went into making this game and I can't wait to see what mods come out for it.

HeLLBirDposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 17:23
I played it for 23 hrs now ... and I'm still bored in single player... Multiplayer is highly unbalanced and there aren't a lot of quests. Magic system sucks: low level spells do more damage then the high level ones, or are more effective ... if you play good u'll end up with the same spells in the end as in the beginning. Skillsystem sucks: Some staffs do a lot of melee damage, but you need to get a high intelligence. But the problem is ur intelligence doesn't raises when you fight melee, you need to fight with combat spells ... conclusion: or your intelligence isn't high enough to use it, or your melee skill isn't high enough to use it effectively. I can go on like this ... The game makes a good try, but just gets as far as a hack&slash for total n00bies. Ps. Don't think I don't play games thoroughly enough. I'm a reviewer myself so ... I have the skillz.

Chunky_Buttposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 19:47
I liked the game to a point, i dont think it warrants a 92% rating, i did like the way you could have more than the "usual" 6 in the party and with a stoopid horsey too hehehe. This aint a noobie hack and slash game its got depth to it but needs that little bit more to ask you to come back to it again and again.

Lopezposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 20:53
"Also, let's not forget that the Siege Editor is coming out very soon. Once that's released" Well alot of people like to fall back on that, but honestly, are YOU going to take the time to learn a SDK and make maps with a small CAD program? The game as released has very little replay value, and it needs to be reviewed out of the box. Yah yah yah the editor. Like this is some mystical super program. You know, that's all they said about Vampire: Masquerade, and that game slowly faded into oblivion. If DS doesnt offer some free downloads or expansions before the summer, Neverwinter Nights will EAT this game up and spit it out.

AmericanHavesuchHugeposted - Apr, 08 2002 - 21:37
Sounds like small hands hellbird is having some insecurity issues.

Chad Timkoposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 05:18
This review gave the game far too high of a rating. I can't help but think that people who actually enjoy this game are recent converts from the console gaming market (thus used to the boring gameplay and lack of engaging fun). DS is more like "ski free" than it is an RPG. I can see playing it at 3:00 am, when I am too tired to get involved in something more interesting--but otherwise this game is worthless. It is nearly impossible to become attached to your character (thanks to the lack of plot, char devolopment, and choices regarding advancement) and thus I would never call this "roll playing". The AI is awful, the dungeons far too big (since you only fight about 4 monster types per area it gets really repetitive), and although the graphics look nice they can be a little rough at times. My best gaming moment in DS was taking refuge in the abandoned cabin in the snow area. I pretended my character was cooled and put on a garmet--pretending to be warmed up. Thats about all the role playing your going to get out of this game...and yes...role playing is what makes an "rpg"--be it a hack and slash or no--fun

Timothyposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 05:40
I've been playing DS for a good 20 hours now. I've read all the reviews and i think everyone has good points that shouldn't be overlooked. I think this game is really fun and addicyive. It's not like a lot of games but yet it has somefamiliar elements. The graphics are nice and the world is beautifully crafted. The gameplay is slow at first but once you get your squad going it is so much fun. I spent the first day dissapointed with the game...i gave it a chance and now i can't stop playing (well except to write this). There is endless possibilities with this game and for those of you who say this game does not require thinking..think again. If you don't think then your party will be obliterated. I think maybe too many people focus on "rpg". When you start to play you shouldn't have any preconcieved notions about the game. Start fresh and take it at face value. Don't judge the game according to the genre. It's a great game all-a-round. I do have some beef about the controls. It is difficult to control the party. it takes practice like anything else. The story could have more depth but i really think the game is great. As for connecting with my characters...i was dumbfounded when i had to dissmiss my mule because it kept getting hurt and i needed more man power so i had to let it go. I was denistated...we had been through so much together. Well anyway...give the game a try i think you'll at least find something appealing about the game. After all doesn't every game diserve a chance?

Steve Farrelposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 12:03
Zzzzzzz. The snoozer of the year. Just plain boring. The story is boring and shallow, there is little to no challenge, but the graphics are good.

Floposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 17:52
Some people don't seem to like ANYTHING at all, probably not even themselves.

Devil in Disguiseposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 19:37
Basically this game is Diablo 3. Its arcade fun inspired by The Gauntlet back in the 80's (Anyone here old enough to remember that game?) So lets just get to the facts. The game is mindless, addicting arcade fun. Does it deserve 5 stars? Hell no, but still its a fun game when you don't want to get involved in a serious RPG like Baldurs Gate 2, Deus Ex etc. etc. The more serious problem is this. It pisses me off to no end though how people are accepting games like DS and other watered down console type games. My greatest fear is appearing right before my eyes. XBox, PS2, Gay Cube, all cheap, simple systems that offer total CRAP games. Fighting games are a dime a dozen, the whole LAME Asian RPG system (FF7, Golden Sun, thats RPG?!?!?) With computer game companies seeming to see $$$ over content. I fear that games like Deus Ex, Morrowind, NWN will be the last of their kind. Games like Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, UO where you pay per month for the same rpg lite that DS offers. It get old real quick and when EVERY game company does it guess what? People lose interest, there is a glut and we have another gaming industry crash like we saw in the mid to late 80's with the demise of Atari, Coleco and the amazing Intellivision. People are so picky about game now cuz there are too many of the same type. History will repeat itself, just watch. I am more shocked that Chris Taylor developed this game. It is HIGHLY unoriginal since it directly rips off The Gauntlet/Diablo 1 and 2. His Total Annihilation games was the best RTS of all time and now TA2 has been bought by some Korean company. Weird.... And last but not least, it pisses me off how simple games like Quake 3 (which is still Doom) can outsell and be more popular than a game that pushes the industry like Tribes 2. Dynamix is gone because of stupid people liking stupid games (ala Quake and Unreal). We need more than just FPS and Fighting Games folks.

Edgecrusherposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 20:33
Personally, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm a hardcore RPG'er myself and I think this game is a fresh breath of air for the RPG community. Most of you seemed to have overlooked the graphics for the gameplay. The graphics in this game are beyond gorgeous! Gas Powered Games went way above the bar on the grahpics. Everytime I play this game, the scenery leaves me speechless. Waterfalls, lush forests with moss covered trees. Dystopian towers full of mystery and intrigue. Fairies fluttering from bush to bush. Snow capped moutains and trees. Bridges that cover large chasms filled with beautiful scenery. The AI is great too! I love how the enemies in this game ambush you and overrun you. You'll be walking through a forest and a bunch of monsters come jumping out of the bushes to rip you a new one. And the bushes and trees actually rustle when they do this. Enemies are generally hard to kill by yourself, so you'll need some trusty companions, or if you feel real gung ho you can take the game on all by yourself. This game does require intelligence too!! You can't just bum rush a party of enemies... you'll soon find yourself outnumbered and overrun and getting your ass kicked. Sometimes, careful planning is need to extinguish the enemy. The packmule is one of the most innovative gameplay tools I've ever seen to make it into an RPG game. These things are great, you can finally carry around all the stuff you pick up from your adventures and be able to bring it all to the next village to sell and make profit on. Not only that, when attacked, the mules will quickly run behind your party and wait in the background while you clear out the room. And if attacked, the mules will defend themselves by kicking with their rear legs. The more stuff you pack on your packmule the more crates and bags and stuff appear on the back of his model. Same goes for armor and weapons on your characters too. Although this isn't a new feature, GPG has pulled this off to the letter. Characters are richly detailed with whatever it is you decide to dress 'em up in. And you can get a close-up shot of everything, thanks to the camera! Camera control is flawless! This game has the most intuitive, best laid out camera controls I've ever seen in a 3D game. Controlling your characters is just as intuitive too. You can pick preset formations which work well for different scenarios. You can drag and slide a characters picture higher up the list of characters to bring them closer to the front. Put your warriors in the front and your archers in the back. Spells look fantastic as well. I can't forget to mention the combat styles you can set for your characters as well. Have them hold their ground when attacked, or smartly engage the enemy when attacked, or completely move with freewill and attack at will. I've been playing this game on the hardest difficulty for about 3 days now. I can't get enough of this game, perhaps until Morrowind comes out, but for now, this game is totally worth your hard earned money. I traded in Jedi Knight II for this game (JKII SUCKS! btw), got my money back, and am now happy that my money was well spent. For those of you looking for a game that actually takes way more than 10 hours to finish, and have an appreciation for graphics and excellent, addictive gameplay, I highly reccommend this game. Personally, I haven't found any flaws yet. It's a solid game and is definately going to receive a game of the year award. Voice acting is quality as well. And the soundtrack is by none other than Jeremy Soule, so that speaks for itself right there. If you liked Nox, Diablo 1 and 2, and the Lands of Lore series, you'll love this. If you didn't enjoy the dark graphics and mundane mood of Diablo, you'll love this game. Colors are vibrant and full of life or death depending on where you are. I give this game a 98% because lets face it, quality games are few to none at all these days. This game is stable, has excellent graphics, is extremely well polished, and is more fun than frustrating. And best of all... NO LOAD TIMES!!! Halleluah! You people are fools to knock a game like this. You wouldn't know quality if jumped up and bit you in the ass! My only gripe with the game thus far, I would've liked to have seen some more character in the actual characters. I would've immensly enjoyed it if the characters spat out some oneliners when going into battle or commented on the long walks through the maps. The only time you get to hear them talk is before they join your party and assign you your next quest. But, this is easily.... easily overlooked. Chris Taylor's a genius and Gas Powered Games deserves a lot of credit.

GPGposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 21:44
Thanks alot Chris Taylor for the comment above! Are Gas Powered Games marketing people allowed to post on here?

Chiefposted - Apr, 09 2002 - 23:10
I got this game yesterday and i played it for about a half and hour and i was bored shitless! I am going to give it a little more play time (probably until i fall asleep from boredom). I loved Diablo 2 and i thought i would love this game, but Diablo 2 is soooo much more fun. As for u Edgecrusher, JK2 is tied for the best game i have played this year (along with Max Payne)and you are a crackhead for taking it back! BTW, i'm sure i'll be off to OnCue tomorrow to return this heaping pile of shit.

Instigatorposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 00:36
Max Payne, best game of the year? Ya really original story, oh and so original the Matrix time stopping thing. Lets see, i played the first level and took it back. JK2 best game of the year? Dude, when raven stops making puzzles like "Jump on this box, to get to this box, to reach the goodies on the edge" I would maybe agree with you. Like stormtroopers are REALLY going to have jump boxes in the hangar bay. Gimme a break. Nice Nintendo depth puzzles. Dungeon Siege BLOWS those games away and DS is no prize either.

Lolposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 00:38
Lol lol.

Chiefposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 01:55
Ya i know those games actually require SKILL, which u probably don't have. All you do in dungeon siege is click on a guy and sit back and watch, fps's you need SKILLZ. I bet the reason why you took it back is because you couldn't even get PAST the first level!

No Gameposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 02:20
Actually your wrong. I just used the oh so realistic and orignal TIME STOP feature for the best game of the year...ya, that little trinket in the game kept me going and going. Not to mention the incredibly realistic, never seen before shoot the enemy and thats all you do scenario. Ya buddy, you got me I have no game. See you on Tribes 2 as Venomhed if you want to see some game.

Ryo[ronin]posted - Apr, 10 2002 - 04:25
I like the game a whole lot! I mean the graphics are good, and it is kinda addicting to certain people, like myself. But the only thing I absolutly HATE is the multiplayer. My friend and I want to play the game through online, side by side. But after you quit the game and come back for later action, the game doesn't save you where you left off.... We usually have to start at a town far far away from where we were at. Like a dungeon or something. It;s very anoyying. And unless they have some sort of patch for this level saving problem, then my friends won't play at all just because of it.

Rizposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 06:52
WHAT IS WITH THE ONLINE CHEATING.. there is cheats for single player then people just go to online play and import there level 150 characters.. this game is ruined because of this

Zanposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 07:21
Dungeon Siege is a 'blonde' game. Very pretty but not too bright. Eye candy aside I found this hack'n'slasher uninvolving.While it might appeal to 'rpg'newbies it's the same old song but with strikingly goregous look.

JMCposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 09:28
Well the game has been out for only a couple of days. Reminds me of Phantasy Star Online, very much so. Its repetitive but fun. Free and directionless. Not an RPG but bleeding RPG atmosphere. Its the best version of gauntlet ever made. Could have been incredible if a story was thrown in. Amazing Chris Taylor didnt work out a story a little. Come on man I mean wtf. I love TA but it didnt have one ioda of a story either. Dungeon Siege is fun though. I like it alot. Probably the best game of its type, which is very limited I admit. Its like a beautiful picture with no frame or a shitty frame, u decide.

Edgecrusherposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 09:28
Dude, c'mon. JK2 is a heaping pile of bantha fodder. The only innovative element in that FPS is the lightsabre melee combat and the improved force powers system. Thats it. JK2 was so redundant it made me sick. The graphics were nasty, the animation was stiff, the lip synching was horrible, Kyle Katarn is a wuss, and Dessan, the antagonist, was unoriginal, uninspired, and way to easy to beat, even on the hardest level. All Raven did to make that game was rip out all the textures from the Elite Force maps and throw in some Star Wars maps... change the levels around a little and voila... JK2. The story was lame as well. Remember when LucasArts made quality games with good stories?!?! Like Full Throttle, The Dig, Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle, Dark Forces. JK2 just does not meet that bar of quality... and Raven has produced way better games in the past. But, back to DS. True this game is watered down RPG, but out of all the watered down RPG's, namely Nox and Diablo, this game beats 'em out no contest, as far as graphics and gameplay go. As I'm progressing more in this game I'm starting to realize that I enjoyed the storylines in Nox and Diablo better, but this game still has a good storyline and centers it around your character. This game was just what I needed to hold me over till Morrowind gets here. When Morrowind comes out, Dungeon Siege will be nothing more than fading memory. Here's the real question, do you guys think Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will beat out Morrowind?

Freezardposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 14:56
God, I live in Sweden so I haven't yet tested DS, but I will surely buy it the first release day. One thing you guys talk about, you got no skills in games like Diablo? LMAO! Well, you haven't actually played it have you? It's not just clicking on a monster with a sorceress, you must use teleport in PvP, and you need fast cast rate and to be GOOD at teleporting. You cannot just teleport into an arrow and then think the Amazon will die by the Thunderstorm. Also, I've buyed ALL games in the Diablo series, and played Diablo II for about 3 years. And, Diablo II was fun until the fucking dupes came, and that's Blizzards fault and b.nets too! Anyway, I've bought Baldur's Gate and another "real" RPG game and .. first time i met a monster in BG i died! you must click on some fucking boring menus and you cannot just slice the head off of the monster, like you could in reality... how sucky! and i played another game, ah Planescape Tournament it was, and i just ran around with a skull all the time talking in hours! no monsters just talking. oh fun. Okay, I've also buyed Total Annnihilation AND it's the best RTS game ever, beats many games such as BG 2 easily. I'm still doing units to it, and even producing a game based on TA, but in FPS. We are using the Tribes 2 engine, not Quake III cause I'm a game developer and I know that the Torque engine is soooo much better than the Q III engine ever could be. Okay about the graphics but.... Total Annihilation lived long because of all maps and units and mods coming all the time, and so will it happen with the Siege Editor. And I will defenitely create different spells and characters. Then there are official stuff (patches) from GPG as well. So... you who say it takes no skills to play Diablo 2 got no skills. I'm sure that if you got a character with the same equipment and level as me, I would win all the time. BUT it's much with luck too, to find those ultra good items (i got windforce, 3 stormshields, 130% schaefers hammer, arkaines valor, shaftstop, 2 Harlequin Crests, 2 Occulus, perfect string of ears, think 8 frostburn, 20+ stone of jordans, 3 cats eye, 3 buriza, perfect titans revenge, doombringer, Ohm rune, 2 Jah runes, 3 Um runes and even ZOD). And i got all chars over lvl 80 without necro and druid. and i never loose. that's because i've played in 3 years, non stop cause it's so fun. and now it seems like the dupes are vanishing so why not start a necro? =) Dungeon Siege may not rule now, but it will in 1 year. Trust me.

DJSystemposted - Apr, 10 2002 - 19:57
In one year ? Give me a break, Warcraft III should be out in 3 months. :P

Slapboneposted - Apr, 11 2002 - 02:09
To the person that said that Tribes was a good game I ask this: What self-respecting sniper (real or fictional) would ever use a stoopid laser weapon that gave up his position like a shining "kill me" beacon every time he shot it?

john doeposted - Apr, 11 2002 - 22:15
925 overall ; f***ing way ; i want some of what he's having...rpg not by any description of the genre i've ever read ... a magic system that has a few glaring holes... the critter content old & they take the same skeletons and repaint them a few dozen times ...hack & slash yes, rpg hell no ..its ok but if i was chris taylor i'd be embarrassed to put my name on this so called rpg ; you want rpg with 4 patches to its credit pools of radiance is playable now so pick it up or wait for NWN

Bummedposted - Apr, 14 2002 - 23:18

Terryposted - Apr, 15 2002 - 19:31
If you want to play a stable game, I think you better not choose it. CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! No matter how beautiful it is, the crash lowering all the demand of playing.

e-oneposted - Apr, 17 2002 - 19:33
This game is refreshing, and i looooved it so much! very stable for my pc, that i actualy just alt+tab to minimize if i want to do other thing, but... for my brother's pc using voodoo3 gfx, it crash even during microsoft introduction, but that one can easily avoided by pressing esc or clicking mouse button to skip it.. the game is damn addicted, i've played diablo and DS reminds me the day when i first playing it.. Well for the RPG thing, I hate classic RPGs like Baldurs Gate cause its need a lot of reading.. where i just hate reading. i just like to play! , okay for the down side; arghhh!! no save game function in multiplayer!!!!!, those donkeys are so damn stupid!!! characters cannot be import in single playing... do they? haven't finished playing it yet for 3 days, i spent a lot of time in the inventory system, the system is really cooL and i enjoy playing with it.. playing with just the inventory, .. haha

Horyposted - Apr, 17 2002 - 20:28
I don't know how many of you have seen the movie Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring. It was a great movie ( it's my opinion). The atmosphere, the visual effects, the way it introducted you into that fantastic world, and the story. Of course, it wasn't a RPG like DUNGEON SIEGE, but it was great. DUNGEON SIEGE is a great game. The GRAPHICS, the gameplay, the way the action takes place, and the STORY. This is the first RPG i play seriously. From the first moment, the story and the graphics "closed" me into DUNGEON SIEGE's universe and they didn't let me go. Now i play DUNGEON siege like a mad man. I want to congratulate the boys from GAS POWERED GAMES for this MEGA-COOL RPG. It's so's GREAT

PhantoMposted - Apr, 27 2002 - 10:52
I think this game f**king rocks. I'm not a fan of rpgs myself. I've played a little diablo and i've never touched everquest. This is just a fun game opinions vary as always but don't totally diss a good decent game.

Everclearules20posted - Apr, 28 2002 - 06:10
alot of what people who say this game is boring, is what they havn't released yet. There is going to be the siege editor, so you can make your own items, enemies, worlds, etc... There is alot more to explore in this game, rather than in diablo, where you beat the game in about an hour.

Just Another Playerposted - May, 03 2002 - 22:20
One thing i like to say about those who claim to be hardcore RPG's is that a hardcore RPG'r is a person who sits with his/her friends around a table with paper and pencel and RPG the old fashion way. Now this game would i rate to be a nicely done game. For the first time i see a game with rpg in it and also has stunning(compare to what other rpg's has delivered)graphics. Take a look in the Might and Magic series. I was and still are a huge fan of M&M 6. Now how many have played the last one M&m 9? Its the worst crap ever made for the computer. We have here in DS a game which lets us(players) enjoy the elements of RPG/ADV/ACTION in one packages. And regarding the story and the complains about it, how many great and famius RPG's haven't started with a nobody(you) turning in to the world's hero and protecter of the big evil. And about this Editor i can only say hurra. Those of you who do not find this game fun to play cause of what you claim to be lag of rpg/plot can start use the engine to create what you will think is what DS should be like. Not many semi/fully RPG title is offering this change. Take a game like Unreal Tournament, it was fun the first day then it got boring. TOday a very nice and fun mod has went retail(tactical ops) and it is based on UT engine. I think DS is great. It offers gameplay which is cool and fun. And when it's finaly getting boring(if ever) Then we can start on a mod made for DS.

-=[*intervipe*]=- Mrposted - May, 04 2002 - 12:55
Many ppl probably have problems with cheaters online using hacked up drdeath lvl 150 characters online. I have myself been playing this game for 4 & 1/2 weeks 7 days a week without any cheat and discovered something on MP elite game. There is actually a spell that requires lvl 150 to be able to cast it! Now...why make such spell if it wasn´t possible to reach lvl 150!? About a week ago i was at lvl 120. 4 days ago at lvl 145. Today at lvl 148 and can´t wait until I get to lvl 150! Just´ve got to play on MP with elite+hard settings to be able to reach lvl 150. You have got to give it at least 5-6 hour a day 7 days a week. And yes it is very very hard to rech a lvl over 100. My suggestion is, to be able to reach a lvl over 100 is to start a MP game with the setting mentioned above locally on your computer and play solo on MP many many times. Don´t give up! I know I am almost there...will probably do it today or so. By the way, they have released a patch that removes the lvl limit! You can now train to any lvl. Even above need to cheat anymore now do we? As a last thing, the biggest problem with this game is that it´s got built in cheats! There is no way of knowing if a player is cheated or not. So every time a player at lvl 150 appears on MP they think it´s cheat. Probably many are cheating and not! I think we should give this 'patch' I told you about a opportunity to prove it self. Perhaps this will stop cheaters. But then again maby not... Sincerely -=[*intervipe*]=- Mr.KK

Just Another Playerposted - May, 04 2002 - 15:50
Well As long as the characters you are playing with are stored on your local computer there will always be cheating and hacking/cracking call it whatever you want. Thats why i think this editor might come in handy. I've been talking to friends about starting an EMU and trying to convert DS in to CLIENT TO server if the editor is gonna allow totaly recreation of DS like the UT engine.

azuriposted - May, 06 2002 - 01:14
DS was in no way designed to be a everquest or Horizons, I'm a little puzzled as to why people are saying this is bad because of *what ever* when you are compairing two things it is best to try to compair things that are alike. As for the AI, I dont think that it was ok some of the issues with the AI could be fixed if you would set them up to fight or defend things like that I never had a problem with the AI. I think that they did a great job with the game in general, FYI im not coming from console to PC I play everquest as well and enjoy bolth. If you are going to say something is bad give a reason and how to fix it dont say it is bad with out you yourself coming up with a way to fix it. So if you are unable to create and build a program then it would be best that you use a little bit of constructive crit insted of mindless this stinks etc.

Peteposted - May, 06 2002 - 23:02
DS is a great game,gameplay is easy,graphics are today's standard,bravo!

NWNposted - May, 08 2002 - 15:43
DS is good mindless fodder until Neverwinter Nights comes out. Once that happens, Dungeon Siege will cease to exist on my system no matter how far I am in the game.

Badass Ninz0rposted - May, 08 2002 - 18:58
Retards, I ran accross a comment that said, Arguing on the internet is like special olympics, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, in the end, you're still retarded. DS is a game, if you like it, play it, if you don't like it, don't play it.

Carl Martinposted - May, 19 2002 - 02:48
I have been playing RPGs, both table top and Live Action now for 10 years. Ive been playing PC RPGs for even longer. Dungeon Seige in my opinion, while a work of art in many respects does lack a certain amount of interactivity. While it may not be as in depth RP wise as say a game like FFVII or FFVIII, there is only so much a game designer can put into a game. Current technology, while getting better all the time, would make trying to create a truly exceptional, open-ended RPG with this lvl of graphics almost impossible. This game must be taken as it is, a true Dungeon Crawl. If you look at it as it was meant to be, you should find a truly enjoyable game here. However, if you want more from an RPG game, I suggest you await the arrival of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

jolly_posted - May, 22 2002 - 23:34
DS is a great game. I have been playing this thing for four days straight. Yes it does have some limitations, linear story line, but take it for what it is. No it's not hack and slash where you click and your enemy dies....hell, no. In a scenario where you have 8 scorpions, krugs and other creatures you have to play smart. You have to draw the creatures away from their location so you can get them one by one (preferably). If you want to and click...go get Diablo. the graphics are excellent, gameplay is phenomenal and that's about it. If you want to bitch about things sure you'll find things to bitch about...the sky is too blue...the box the game came in was too small, perhaps you may find some other issues. I know that hardcore RPG fans tend to whine and bitch if some thing is done a bit differently. Heck, go get Morrowind, and I'll bet you that there will be a lot of people who will bitch and whine that Morrowind has this or that, but it lack something else...If you want to play a truly amazing and enjoyable game, go get Dungeon Siege. If you don't like it take back and get your money back....if you like it play until morning..and have fun. The bottom line is that it is difficult to appease all people at the same time.......later

GMTGposted - Jun, 03 2002 - 04:44
I'm not a hardcore RPG player, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I do know this: I just finished the demo, and now I'm going to use some of my whiskey-money to buy the whole game. It was fun, not too hard to learn how to play, but difficult in the sense of finding the right weapon/armor/spell combo for maximum kills. Now only if it was cheaper.....I hate playing sober.

Zergrushposted - Jun, 12 2002 - 17:03
Game was fun for 2 days. One of the most boring games you can find around. Thing turned into a chore. "gotta take out the trash gotta play a hour of ds." They should have taken a few dollars and hired someone to write them a story with plot or something. Get baldurs gate.

oliverposted - Jun, 28 2002 - 11:04
DS is a nice but far too linear game. Why can't you simply go back and 'deliver the books', 'get Merik his staff' or 'clean the temple' (once you moved on) without passing through the same Dungeons you already finished? The only motivation to go on playing was to build up the main character to Master level - which was a bit hard since monsters were not renewed as you moved on - and to see and explore the beautiful surroundings. I hoped for an RPG but got an enhanced Diablo clone with a bunch of nice features (grab all, item sort, good graphics, nice audio visual support) but lacking some major interactivity issues.

Pyriel Dragonsbaneposted - Jul, 04 2002 - 02:40
I definitely, surely, and absolutely agree on the factoid that DS ain't an RPG. It doesn't have the depth found in games such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, BGII and the rest of them Forgotten Realms packages. Although I must admit, it does have a revolutionary graphics engine. It was a bit fun using a KNIGHT character hacking all the way through the forests 'til you get to the swamp. This is where the shit starts to happen and I get this Decoding error. Something about the Terrain.dres if I'm not mistaken. This error renders me unable to load a my games which were saved at that point where I encounter those cute Gobbots (is my spelling correct?). Any help from from you guys would be much appreciated. By the way, Neverwinter Nights is out and I'm on it. I've been anticipating its release since I last finished BGII and Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter. NWN is out so get with the program.

Redstoneposted - Jul, 12 2002 - 00:40
my biggest deception on a game EVER! i bought the game but i've just play'it for 2 days... 75%

TheSpiralFireposted - Jul, 13 2002 - 06:59
Those people who say this game is good have simply not played it long enough. THe storyline sucks and your character is as lifelike as a paper doll. Doesnt say anything even in dying ( except maybe that stupid scream when he/she kicks the bucket. ) I've downloaded the demo at first, got hooked and went for the real thing, played it non stop for about a month and lost interest in it rapidly. The melee fighting is horrible and those warriors out there I don't even know how you can stand watching the same 3 animations over and over again non-stop. The graphics? They arent spectacular, they get boring after a while and totally lack life. Anyone seen the fireball/blast/bomb graphics? Hey, it doesnt look like fire to me. THe cyclone of Fire and Pillar of fire looks the same to me, cept one's bigger. Basically, whoever gave this game above 70% based it ONLY on first impression. Games like this will be lasting for barely a year, just wait and see. I give it 50% tops.

DimaManposted - Jul, 29 2002 - 23:41
I have the same problem aas that guy only my error accures right after i kill the giant spider, ive tried reinsalling and updating. Doesn't help. PLEASE HELP ME!

hellfireposted - Aug, 01 2002 - 17:14
i think that dungeon s. multiplayer is super fun a lot of people i give it 95%

Fistandantilusposted - Sep, 02 2002 - 13:50
Good stuff: Nice 3D-engine Big worlds (need more though) Easy enough for my wife to play too =) I miss: Centralized characterstorage/servers like Diablo - to avoid cheaters Fix the crashes - PLEASE Uniqe/rare items in Diablo feels better - a bit boring in DS. Netcode sux - hard to play online without lag =(

cloudposted - Oct, 07 2002 - 15:43
i think i like multiplayer its great

JimmyJoJoposted - Nov, 04 2002 - 19:03
I tihnk dungeon seige is a very well put together game. the graphics are great. the gameplay is very fun and pretty easy to get used to. i agree with some of you that it needs more of a story but it is a very fun game nonetheless. if u say its boring then play it a little more. if u have played it alot and still think its boring then dont play it. All in all its a fun game to me. if u dont agree then dont play if u like it then play. But if u dont like it shut the f**k up and stop dissin it!!

Mr. Disappointedposted - Jan, 04 2003 - 06:12
The game is great but the update doesn't work and I can't play online (I can't very limited). The gameplay is very good, storyline is ok, but crashs a lot and has wierd glichs. O, yeah it says something about terrain.dres and sound.dres corruped but I reloaded from the CD and still doesn't work. HELP!

????posted - Jun, 15 2003 - 20:47
i can't play the game! i bought it, i reinstalled it, it says i'm missing objects.dres and terrien.dres, wat the fuck is this!?

i think ds sucksposted - Jun, 21 2003 - 19:13
this game is brutal. Dungeon seige has no plot, boring as hell and the idems are lame. The demo was kewl, and i thought it might be kewl to control a team and all, but i can't stand playing it for more than 5 minutes. Need more maps, more creatures. Honest this game was a complete waste of money. AND WHY DOES IT CRASH ALL THE TIME, god fix the damn thing. the grapics aren't too bad, rotating on angles are kewl, but it aint no f***ing movie maker. . take sum money off the retaial and write a damn plot to it. .

RIXONposted - Jul, 17 2003 - 10:46
It is an extremely fun, colorful, adventurous game. Especially the spell is magnificent. Its so fun to try them all.The graphic of spell is speechless. Especially when fighting against loads of enemy, you will see spell flying all over the sky. Wow fantastic. Hope part will come out. MUST TRY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!

aaron vautour_____suposted - Jan, 28 2004 - 01:06
best game ever

Dead_Aheadposted - Jan, 16 2005 - 07:33
i like diablo 1 im looking for the hack telewalk and i want someone to make a item-creator hack for diablo 1 i want to make a cooool gun

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