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RIM Battle Planets
(hx) 08:57 PM CEST - Apr,04 2002

RIM Battle Planets is a 3D real-time strategy game that combines turn based and RTS gameplay. According to the developers, this system was developed through many field tests by professional players. I must only say YES, this game really plays pretty different unlike the other strategy games. Honestly I thought this game will pretty suck, almost deleted it from my harddrive during playing of tutorial. Fortunately this game isn't so bad! Only take some time to get "in". Once you are absorbed by the game, you cannot stop :) Well, first off about backstory that make this game even more strange. For the first time, the research ship RSS SOLARIUS has successfully traveled through the Great Nebula of a distant galaxy on its way to the OUTER RIM. The humanoid REYS - designers and builders of the vast SOLARIUS carrier ship - thus tackled their first major project since the Galactic War. The SOLARIUS is approaching the first unknown worlds of the OUTER RIM with its scientific instruments, research units, eagerly inquisitive officers and highly motivated team. The reason for the War, its end, and the mission of the carrier ship can be described in a single word - Might! Might based on a technology that has endured since the depths of prehistory. Wars had been fought over the coveted technology and unparalleled knowledge left behind by the Ancient People. They also left a trail behind - a trail leading to the OUTER RIM, which Crimson, an agent of the REYs ILB secret service, suspects is the source of the technology. You will experience the mission of the RSS SOLARIUS from the viewpoint of Max Adamski, officer of the ALPHA landing troop. Adamski is a veteran of the war against the antlike, bionic SLAKZ, and is on board because of an regrettable error. As Adamski, you will take control and assume the responsibility for the units, equipment and personnel of the landing troops.You must  must exercise cunning and skill to outwit the opposition. Your actions will be decisive for the success or failure of the mission. How I mentioned above, RIM Battle Planets has strong turn-based elements, so you can expect three phases - Move Phase (you move your units around), Target Phase (you select who they are going to shoot or activating shields) and Action Phase. It's really interesting game, more about thinking. RIM Battle Planets  features over 30 missions in completely different landscapes (dry deserts, stormy iceplanets, abandoned meteors, weapon infested fortresses), 8 tutorials, over 70 different units (including radar-vehicles, tanks with gun shields, fast and aggressive drones, artillery, aircrafts, transports, shelter grounds), highly competitive computer-enemy AI, easy to use interface and multiplayer for up to 8 players (many game modes, 6 different races with their own skills, units and strategies). Overall, it's really very competitive strategy game that nice surprised me. If you like turn-based strategy games try this playable German Demo (139MB). (English demo is not available yet).

snd: 3/5 - plenty of voice acting with good sense for humor, great music in Action Phase
gfx: 3/5 - 3D engine, light, animation, shadows, fog, changing weather, scenes can be saved, replayed and shared with others, even the enemy, boring video sequences, poor camera - 3 fixed perspectives
playability: 4/5 - great, very addictive, unique game system, highly competitive AI, many different quests and missions, +70 different units, multiplayer up to 8 players (many modes and options), easy but clumsy controls (especialy for camera)
genre: 3D real-time/turn-based strategy hybrid
release: March 2002
developer: Trinode
publisher: FishTank
Overall: 70%

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