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Warrior Kings
(hx) 02:32 AM CET - Mar,17 2002

Warrior Kings is a true 3D real-time strategy game set in a fantastic medieval world. Surprisingly the game has good story that puts you in the role of a character that wants to reclaim land lost by his father. Your task is to build up his army and resources and gradually take over the Empire. To accomplish this task, you'll have to battle through about nine maps with around 20 missions to get through on each one. For more fun, each of these have a different approach - Imperial rule is focused on gold and spiritual approach to leadership, Pagan rule is focused on food and will allow you to command animals and later also large destructive demon,  or Renaissance rule which prefer scientific using technology and ingenuity. Certainly you cannot pick a type of rule! Warrior Kings features true 3D game environment (Landscape, buildings, characters, weapons), terrain that matters (actual strategic advantage), stunning animations, dynamic GUI, evolving game patch (all players start on an equal footing, but they can evolve their development along three different paths), complexity that increases with experience, depth of game increases with time, multiplayer up to 8 players (LAN/Internet).

Well, first off I thought it's shit, but It's a great game. Unfortunately this "great" game has some killer bugs and clearly hasn't been optimised properly :( If I don't count a regular bugs (AI, pathfinding etc), it sucks anyway  because the game still crashing :( Now I only can say that this game requires an extremely patience to to play the same missions again and again. Also controls need to be worked on and the formations don't work properly. By the way  if you cannot find how to rotate camera, check your middle mouse button. If they say that game has an intuitive controls, so it's really good joke :). Well, controls maybe aren't so bad, but tons of bugs and slowdowns making this game pretty sick. They should have to release a patch as soon as possible, at least for those who bought it and wanna play it!  Well, despite of bugs, if you like strategy games and looking for something new, this game could catch you. It's damn hard to rate this game. Well, my rating is only 75%, in case that they will fix bugs 85%. Download playable demo (250MB).

snd: 4/5 - good soundtrack, realistic special effects
gfx: 4/5 - realistic 3D terrain, stunning 3D visual effects, extremely detailed, big maps with different environments - rolling hills, deserts, forests and frozen lands, slow - requires +256RAM and the right detonator driver for your 3D card.
playability: 4/5 - exciting battles with strong strategy element, dynamically evolving game path, complexity increases with experience, multiplayer support up to 8 players (LAN/Internet), tons of bugs, crashes
genre: 3D RTS
release: March 2002
developer: Black Cactus
publisher: Microids
Overall: 75%

last 10 comments:

Oliverposted - Mar, 18 2002 - 19:14
This game is really good in term of realtime strategy but the 3D Engine susks... the game crash lot of times despite of Microids Online support. They advice you to install older version of video drivers to have better quality... RIDICULOUS. How many patches we need to ? My note will be 2/5... but if studio team code new better patches it will increase to 4/5 !!

Makaveliposted - Mar, 19 2002 - 09:13
from what i see in the previews, the game seems to rock but when I got the game (thank god I downloaded the ISO first) the game actually LAGS on my Duron 800Mhz with Geforce 2 MX 64MB RAM. Technically, my computer specification could run C&C: Renegade with ease but this game, gosh, it was really bloody slow. The display jerks and jerks even though I set it to the lowest possible graphic mode. *shrugs* I didn't want to play the game after that, so I can't say much about the storyline.. but somehow, i've this idea that the game might impress me ... if i can run it.

Lotharposted - Mar, 20 2002 - 10:24
When the game runs slow, then download and install a detonator what support the WHQL (15.70,

Fabián Golyñskiposted - Mar, 27 2002 - 03:49
The game looks amazing, sitll with my unupdated Voodoo 3, but I unfortunatelly have a Sondblaster 128 and the original version is totally mute with this card, this only repared with the patch

Albert Nordstromposted - Mar, 27 2002 - 12:03
This game is so far ahead of the rest of the RTS pack. It has features that we have always wanted and is so easy to play. It rocks. Big time. I've got a pretty low spec machine (850 PIII, Ge4ce1, audigy, XP) and I have never had a problem with the game beyond one or two seconds of 'stutter' on the largest levels. All graphics settings at max, all sounds cranked up and no issues at all. I cannot put it down, and I've only done about 50 of the 80 or so quests. I still haven't done the Renaissance levels yet, and it has taken me about 60 hours to get this far. It is so beautiful that I spend ages on each level swooping and turning around in 'slo-mo' time. No RTS has ever been this involving or realistic. It has a typically Brit sense of humour, really deep battlefield tactics and bags and bags of replayability. The units are superbly crafted and really well balanced in LAN play. Clearly cactus and micro-ids spent their time on the new bits and (IMHO) rightly thought that we would wait for the more traditional man v. bot modes. Personally, I can wait a few months for the widely rumoured and much desired add-on and skirmish modes as I want to replay the first few levels now I know how to. So, surprise, a huge PC game from a new company and a tiny publisher has a few weany bugs. I bet there are some really worried dudes at Blizzard and Ensemble now. Hell, if the spikey dudes and micro-ids made this with under 25 people and in just 2 years, they are gonna stomp other the bloated corpses of other RTS games. Anyone for a sound track album: "quick march". "whom shall I kill". "to battle!". "I'll break their hearts x.". Complaints:> non-interactive tutorial, no clue as to Easter Eggs, no cheats yet :(

Greekposted - May, 12 2002 - 07:54
Yeah the game is great and the 3D is unique but the one thing makes the game stinks is how hard it is to play and sometimes it gets too hard and even cheat cant bail you out!

Silent bobposted - May, 26 2002 - 19:21
the graphics suck beyond belief, i only say that because the ground looks like its being software rendered ( probably is) while the rest of the game is rendered via hardware. Makes the game slow down thus made me wanna take it back (which i did)

Zergrushposted - Jun, 12 2002 - 16:54
Warrior Kings was a excellent game with nasty bugs that have kept it from pulling off a x-com or starcraft. Really could have revolutionized the genre. It does have everything rts fans are looking for. As a dedicated rts/strategy fan for more then 12 years this is what I wanted in rts titles. I havent gotten sucked into a game like this since MOO and MOM. Its a good buy for those that are sick to death of the starcraft, age of empires clones.

funky the monkeyposted - Sep, 11 2002 - 15:14
this game is not that bad but crashes alot n has a bit difficult to play when after evry level, the game crashes.i'll give it a 3/5.

CrazySpoonposted - Dec, 27 2002 - 15:10
If you guys enjoy this game then you must have worshipped Bungie's original RTS Myth. This does NOT compare to the smooth production and replay value.

Shamanrobposted - Oct, 05 2003 - 02:20
The game sucks, the designers suck, they can't even design a game that works suckers. The only suckers are those that buy this game, cos they will lose their money, cos the game won't run

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