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Imperium Galactica III: Genesis Q&A
(hx) 01:08 AM CET - Jan,16 2002

We had a chance to speak with Mesi, PR&Sales manager at Philos Entertainment Inc., to learn more about the progress of  Imperium Galactica III: Genesis, some of the new features, and future plans for this upcoming space strategy game sequel which will be more focused on the tactical 3D real-time space battles.

1. Can you give us a little background on the development team working on Imperium Galactica III: Genesis (IG3) ?

At the moment there are 25 people working on this project, we work and play hard. Philos is a relative new development team but our members have come from a variety of different backgrounds with broad experiences in the games industry.

2. How much do you rely on the successful predecessors in the development of IG3?

Set in the not too distant future, an Alien Entity has invaded Earth, a small resistence is all that remains and have left Earth gathering help from other Alien species and galactic multi-national companies. While travelling through the Universe, it is up to you to decide whether to conclude an alliance with them or to attack them. Every kind of relationship with alien races means a new story although not necessary to complete the game, you can be sure interesting twists and rewards are there for the keen explorer.

3. How is combat handled in IG3? Can players still outfit their ships with different weapons?

The combats take place in real-time, however, the game can be paused anytime. All the commands can be given in pause mode as well, which will be implemented after reverting to the game. Although, there are 5 main ship classes, each and every ship will be unique (freely configurable). The features of the ships can be adjusted separately (they may be slower, quicker, able to avoid assaults in different ways, their armor can be focused on devastating or disabling the enemy as well as breaking down their shields). During the combat we have to manage the different weapons, shields, engine, level of energy.

4. How and what role will the 50 NPC-s take?

These characters talk to us, give us advice, thus bring life into the game. They may send exciting messages, give the story a boost as well as some tangible bonuses. Speaking of the 50 NPC-s, we also reveal that there'll be 6 different races in IG3 each having individual AI-s, then 30 alien spaceships, 100 planets and 100 different sorts of weapon and device.

5. Could you give me the names and describe some of the various player and enemy ships in the game? Likewise, could you describe some of the weapons and devices you get to use?

Spaceships differ from race to race, what's more, you'll get to see 4-5 different shiptypes of each race. At the same time, spaceships are classified according to earthly scale destroyers, cruisers, battleships, carriers, and other colony-class spaceships as well as the space stations of the colonies. In addition to that smaller bombers, special orbiters, bases built on asteroids and many other exciting details will be put in IG3.

6. Can you describe some of the alien races? And do you play as only human or can you play as any of the aliens?

Since the story of the game is a sequel to the history of mankind, the player will only be able to play as a human. While shaping the alien races we aim at creating living communities, that is the whole of their technology, world order, way of life and thinking as well as their AI have to be in accord. We hope we can come up with highly detailed, authentic and truly interesting races living up to the quality of the best sci-fi novels. However, I'd rather not get into detail regarding their characteristics as one of the players' goal will be to get to know and become familiar with these alien races, find out their strength and weaknesses, alternatively even come to terms with them...

7. What races will there be? Which ones can you control? What are their differences?

There'll be 6 different races in IG3, each having individual AI-s, then 30 alien spaceships, 100 planets and 100 different sorts of weapon and device. You impersonate a human character right from the beginning of the game. Because of the strong storyline you won't be able to play other races in the single player campaign. You get to know the six new races during your quest.

8. What are the main features of the simulation of the colony? Is there going to be a spying feature like in Alliance?

Strategic gaming experience in Genesis is ensured by colonisation. You'll have the opportunity to build colonies, establish an empire, acquire alien technology, carry out research on weapons, etc. There'll be 3 different colonies sci-lab, industry-base and shipyard. The player can decide on the type of the colony and where he/she deploys it. Colonies consist of masses of people, however, the ones who show outstanding performance may emerge in the long run. In this case an entirely individual NPC is the outcome having specific abilities and skills (scientific, engineering, military). They play a considerable role, since all the upcoming tasks in the game can be solved more efficiently with their aid. Building and managing the hinterland requires the gathering of various resources. Basic resources are minerals and energy, however, these doesn't have to be collected on a regular basis, only get the exploitation started and configured. Other resources will be accessible in the campaigns, such as for instance, alien technologies serving as the basis for scientific research.

NPC-s can also be considered a sort of resource, which are able to speed up the process of research and production as long as they are used in a specific project. And at last, time itself is a resource, since the large-scale, more extensive research and construction will take even 20-30 years, and, conspicuously enough, there won't be time for everything. Anyway, research and construction are project-focused, which means, not the entire amount and number of resources have to be secured right at the beginning, rather step by step in accordance with the requirements. The process might even be interrupted, stopped, and by reallocating the resources the pace can be decreased or increased.

Also, diplomacy has become more varied and more vivid in general. It doesn't focus on global issues any longer but rather on many micro-scale affairs, which arise during the gameflow.

9. Have you improved the space combat for IG3?

To the greatest extent. All the spaceships in IG3 can be controlled in such a detailed way as if you were playing a sim. The various sorts of weapons, engines and shields are freely configurable that is you can select and adjust them real-time during the battles.

10. How will IG3's multi-player games work?

IG3 will be a story-focused, single-player oriented game. However, we do see the demand for a good multiplayer mode that is fun to play with. For this very reason we plan to release a mission pack with new campaigns and multiplayer soon after the title is published.

11. Will the story be the driving force behind the game or will it be a somewhat secondary feature as it was in Imperium Galactica II?

The story, as previously implied, is pretty long and highly elaborated. In addition, we strive to make it as exciting as an excellent sci-fi novel.

Therefore I wouldn't like to reveal anything for the time being. There'll be all the ingredients of a good sci-fi novel in it scientific fiction, philosophy, action, conflicts, characters, mystical secrets, etc.

12. Which engine is used in IG3?

The game is based on a specially developed 3D engine, which concentrates on spectacular shield and weapon effects.

13. Is there a demo available for IG3?

There will be one. In the middle of February.

14. Which operating system are compatible with Imperium Galactica III Genesis?

MS Windows 98, 2000, Me and the new XP.

developer: Philos Entertainment Inc
publisher: homepage

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