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Real War
(hx) 03:32 AM CEST - Oct,17 2001

Real war is real-time strategy game based around the theme of real war between the US and the ILA terrorist faction. It contains buildings, vehicles of all terrain and soldier that you can command in to action against your opponent. First off, this game is a typical RTS including modern weaponry - 60 different unit types. You can choose the single-player campaign of 24 single player missions (each with specific objectives), 12 for the US side and 12 for the Independent Liberation Army (ILA), or skirmish game. Similarly to other RTS games, you simple start start with a headquarters and then build land, air, and sea command centers to unlock the basic units. Don't expect any technology tree here, you can only do rare upgrades and unlock a few new units. To produce units, you'll need energy from power generators and supply depots, but don't expect any kind of micromanagement. The game itself is a commercial version of Joint Force Employment, a game developed for the US military by Semi Logic Entertainments. But it's not the same game (indeed, I don't believe the original War sim for US Army has so _poor_ AI etc..) - Rival Interactive recreated original game as Real War for the general public. Yeah, the title of this game sounds good but this game is pretty far away from any "REAL WAR". The game looks more like a game for kids and not for regular RTS players :) So what's wrong with Real War? First, there is no realism to this game. For example, several your FA-18 can hardly destroy one enemy warship, tank or even a single enemy soldier. :( Also AI in this game is horrible, you units prefer to acts like insect under drugs, I mean they needs permanent babysitting. Also game's design isn't not much, seems to be poorly conceived and implemented. So, compared to others games (Earth 2150, Warzone 2010 etc), Real War plays very poor. If you like good RTS games, this game will probably piss you off. Download playable demo (59MB).

snd: 2/5 - poor, ugly speech - voice from Actor R. Lee Ermey doesn't fit well
gfx: 3/5 - acceptable, simple&bland, some nice explosion effects, vehicles are rendered in 3D though the game is 2D, 3D acceleration at resolutions up to 1024x768, visually impressive mission briefing sequences
playability: 3/5 - pretty easy, repetitive&boring and really no "Real War", VERY stupid AI, Interesting HUD interface, large arsenal of units, multiplayer LAN/Internet up to 4 players, annoying copy protection scheme (it can take ages for a CD-ROM drive to recognize)
genre: RTS
release: September 2001
developer: Rival Interactive
the game is similar to: Earth 2150, Warzone 2010...
publisher: Simon & Schuster Interactive
Overall: 48%

last 10 comments:

ANOTHER REMAKE?posted - Oct, 17 2001 - 06:33
looks like a crappy remake of red-alert.

Peter McAllposted - Oct, 17 2001 - 08:56
Very good game !

commoposted - Oct, 17 2001 - 10:55
its a fun, simple game, nothing amazingly new, but its fun to lob nukes and cruise missiles around. I like it.

Ingu Kangposted - Oct, 18 2001 - 12:18
It's a fantastic game! It is very good to see real weapon as like a Stealth, F-16 and etc.

momo5583posted - Oct, 18 2001 - 16:41
It´s a very good game, but i have played the demo only!!!:-( Do someone have the vull version?? I want it!

THIS GAME IS TOTAL Sposted - Oct, 18 2001 - 23:36
TOTALLY UNREALISTIC. The game has no scope it tries to incorporate good war units in a unrealistic fashion which makes it lame. COULD have been a lot better if they increased the scopeand include more logistics to it. scope increase means small things like bigger battle area,FOG OF WAR,NIGHT/DAY changes,weather,etc ... this game, is basically something that you get in a bargin bin. Games in a bargin bin are usually there but not limited to 1. there crap 2. good game but its time has passed cause of newer realesed games. 3. company marketing GROUND COMBAT UNREALISTIC Gun range on tanks too short. tank accuracy too fake. imm tanks need to be refueled??? weapons damage unrealistic(under rated damage). AIRCOMBAT UNREALISTIC where are the guns on the F-16?? can't strifing ground convoys?? A-A missles are BVR on a F-16 idiot. no variety on A-G munitions. range of A-G munitions unrealistic. NAVY/OTHER STUFF UNREALISTIC ships don't fire missles everywhere they use cannons. you need satelites to use cruise missiles. using a nuke would kill every unit in the screen not just wipe an area. NO FOG OF WAR???? what i am playing barbie's fun house???? off course i could continue but why bother you get the picture. Anyone truly into war games will see this game for what it is. WHICH IS A PIECE OF SHIT GAME.

<*EVIL*-Gigenburt_unposted - Oct, 19 2001 - 02:43
i hav ta agree. taa game was two melon.

Thanosposted - Oct, 19 2001 - 03:53
Before trying the demo, I have a question: Can I play on the side of the talibans? If not, the game would be as fun as playing Age Of Empires with the guys of the lasers and nukes.

Sevarnceposted - Oct, 19 2001 - 04:52
were can i get the demo

wan liposted - Oct, 19 2001 - 12:14
Not a Good Game

DocMeltonposted - Oct, 19 2001 - 19:55
Interesting aspect of REAL has a better scope of actual physics to war, opposed to C&C. Of course those who have no idea what real war is and sit on their butts, have no idea how great this game is.

SHIT GAME DON\'T PLAposted - Oct, 20 2001 - 02:27
Having a "better scope of actual physics to war, opposed to C&C" does not mean the scope is good ENOUGH the physics are still pathetic and unrealistic. The game still lacks realism AND THATS UNDISPUTABLE!!!!!!!! The Game basically just uses the names of war machines but does not include the actual realistic performance behind those machines, thus making the game unrealistic. IF YOUR GOING TO MAKE CRAPPY GAMES PLEASE DON"T RIPE OF THE BRAND NAMES OF MILITARY MACHINES AND TRY TO PASS THEM OFF AS SOMETHING WORSE IT DIScREDITS THE MILITARY MAcHINES. THAT MAKES ME ANGRY!!!! BUT NOT CRAZY!!!! If you don't mind unrealistic games then i guess you may like this game. but if your REALLY INTO WAR GAMES THIS IS NOT A GOOD GAME FOR YOU AVOID IT.

Mr. Assposted - Oct, 22 2001 - 03:20
it is a 1 dimention no weather or storms that brake out. Units never go were i tell them to. If they dont kill the target then they go after if... Othere words meening they die becouse the unit go's back into its base or somethin... they coulda spent more time on the handling then what everying looks like.. i rate it a 7 outa a 10

Blade0o0posted - Oct, 22 2001 - 22:48
OMG, this game is like something from 1994. I kept thinking I was missing something. This game is for those with small minds, unable to process realistic multivariable situations. This game lacks real world attributes. Um.... I sucks

pajaposted - Oct, 22 2001 - 22:59
very very very bad, unrealistic game. AI is bad and units are ugly !!!

Chrisaphyerposted - Oct, 24 2001 - 15:06
48 is about right mine was donated by my EB'S friend so for free who cares Empire Earth will be superior Quake III forever Duke forever whenever

Blue_Acidposted - Nov, 03 2001 - 04:55
its a nice game with the LIGHTS out

Flashposted - Dec, 04 2001 - 15:35
Lousy game-don't waste your $$.

Like it....posted - Dec, 08 2001 - 15:42
It's a nice game for free download, and it's only good for multiplayer. Ow, and use the latest patch, keeps your units from goin ape-shit.

Georgeposted - Dec, 11 2001 - 14:27
I'm glad finally there's people who do this idiotic game the justice it deserved (the score of 40 something). The cartoon aspect was worse than C&C and the enemies didn't budge as you shoot them to dust!

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