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  SWAT 3 [cheats updated]
While playing, press SHIFT + ~ to bring down the console, then type:

Code Result
iamleet Complete all objectives, Win current mission
johnwoo Slows down enture game process
swatlord God mode for entire team
biggerpockets Unlimited ammo
casual Team missing pants and shirts
doubleshot Fire weapon faster
nc17 Bodies bleed more when injured
noshades Night missions play as if during the day
whosyourboss Makes teammate fire their weapon
hotstuff Suspects are harder to kill
justin Suspects never surrender
rabies Killer rats (when shot)

Can Not Hurt Team Members:
Use a text editor to edit the "swat.cfg" file in the game directory. Change the line "shootgoodguys=1" to "shootgoodguys=0". Your bullets will not harm your fellow team members during game play.

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