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  Stunt Racer 2000 [cheats]
To activate them, type in a special driver name
from the list below after selecting 'New driver'
for the OTHER driver - ie to use the cheats on
driver 1, select 'New driver 2'.
If you have entered them correctly the border should
go funny for a second.

Note that case IS important.

SkiptraX - skip to next track
AardvarK - auto qualify as 1st, 2nd or 3rd (random)
XtraWonga - sets your cash level to #50,000
BettaCar - Improves tyres, engine

A note about the BettaCar cheat - Although the
percentages for tyres and engine do not change, your
car goes faster and sticks to the road better.
**This even works in Killer!** (although choosing gears
is somewhat more difficult than usual)

A note about all the cheats - they are saved with the
driver information when saving drivers - no need to type in 'BettaCar' every time you want to grind your best friend into the dust at Killer!
Just load in a pre-prepared driver (evil laugh ;-)

(Geek note: I got the above after I managed to crash
the program by accelerating backwards in a tight circle
until the screen went funny)

-- from lord x

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