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  Joan of Arc Wars and Warriors [trainer +7]
Game Features:

F2 - Unlimited Health & Energy incl. Team Buddys
F3 - Add 10000 to Experience
F4 - Add 10 Avaible Experience & Combo Points
F5 - Unlimited Arrows (Check General Note)
F6 - Add 1000$ to your Cash (Read Note 1 in About)
F10 - Enter in Spy Mode (Read Note 2 in About)
F11 - F10 One Hit Kill incl. Team Buddy (Read Note 3 in About)

Trainer Notes:
- Note I: The Money Hack only Works in the Trade Menu
- Note II: You will change sides, therefore your own Troops will attack
- Note III: For your own Security this option disables Spy Mode, to not
get instantly killed :)

General Note: When you press F5 the Game normally makes a Quick Save ,so
press it when you are in InGame Menu.

Install Notes:
1. Unzip. Unpack that into your gamedir.
2. First start the Game then the Trainer.

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