Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Crimsonland v1.9.8 [trainer +14]
1. Unrar/zip
2. Run bm.exe
3. Use in-game keys:

F2 - Unlimited Health
F3 - Unlimited Ammo
F4 - Shield
F5 - Speed
F6 - Reflex Boost
F7 - Double Experience
F8 - Weapon Power Up
F9 - Freeze
F10 - Fire Bullets
F11 - Perks
F12 - Inferno
HOME - Freeze Time
END - Unfreeze Time
G - Weapon Selector Player 1
H - Weapon Selector Player 2
J - Special Weapon Player 1
K - Special Weapon Player 2
U - Disable Unlimited Health
I - Disable Unlimited Ammo
O - Disable Unlimited PowerUps
P - Disable Unlimited Perks

NOTES: - F2 and F3 work for both players
- F4 - F10 gives the powerup to you and makes it unlimited. You
will not see the bar, but it's there.
- F11 gives you 1 Perk and makes it unlimited.
- F12 sets the time to a big amount, so all monsters will attack
you at once.
- G and H are Weapon Selectors. Press the button and your weapon
will cycle.
- J and K are special weapons. These were not in the Weapon
Selectors, but they are good weapons.

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