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  Caesar IV [cheats]
Standard Cheat Codes =
Win Win the current Scenario
(note that the game will say you cheated on the Win screen)

Denarii Set the current Denarii (money) to [int].
Denarii 90000
Denarii -42
*The first example set your Denarii to 90,000 and the last
one sets it to -42 (a lack of money)

Jupiter Unleash the rath of the GOD Jupiter upon the select
unit(s)/building(s). The selected targets are hit by lightning
bolts from the sky and will burst into flames! Evil!
(maybe you can also use this to burn down enemy buildings/units)

Savings [int] Increase/decrease the current Savings (money) of the Govenor
(which is you yourself) to [int].
Savings 150
Savings -42
*The first example increases your Savings by 150 and the last
one deducts 42 from it.
*To see you current savings, goto:
Advisors -> Imperial -> (Look for 'Savings:' on the left

Unlock Unlock all 37 Scenarios

Extended Cheat Codes =
Unleashed Lose the current Scenario (i'm a loser baby, so why don't you
kill me?)
-hahaha, so true

fire Toggle Fires off/on (prevents fires from starting)

satisfy Toggle citizen Dissatisfaction off/on (so your lame plebes
don't revolt)

plague Toggle Plague on/off (the plague! the plague! bring out yur
dead, burn all the dead bodies! Should stop the Plague from
occuring in unsanitary conditions.)

earthquake Earthquake!!! (cause an Earthquake to occur, which can damage

rain Rain... feel it on my finger tips, here it on my window pane,
your love's coming down like... rain!

moral Toggle Military Moral off/on (should be prevent your weak
pathetic army, "full of Unleashed members?", from fleeing in
terror if they have low moral)

requests Toggle Requests off/on (turning them off should stop your
superiors, ie: ROME, from requesting you to send tributes and



First, you should only consider doing this if you use the English Language
version of the game. Other languages probably have their own custom file,
which means that if you complete the steps below, it will probably convert
your game text into English.

If you would like to use the 'Extended Cheat Codes' listed above, then do
the following:

a) Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:

b) UnRAR ENABLER.RAR to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
Always unRAR with full paths!

2. For non-English (non-Limey) people *or* for anyone wanting to customize the
Cheat Codes (such as renaming them).

You can also edit your existing 'languagetext.xml' file to alter any of the
existing Cheat Codes and/or to setup strings for the disabled Cheat Codes.
Most of those "disabled" codes did not seem to have any effect when we
assigned words to them. Probably this is why they are disabled, because
maybe they are not meant to work. But, you may experiment if you like to
see if any other Cheat Codes will have any effect if you enable them.

Search the file for the string: CHEATCODE

You should find 52 entries that look like the following:

<String id="CHEATCODE_001"></String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_052">Unlock</String>

Just add a new string (word) between the >< characters to enable that

For those non-English game players, you can enable the 8 Custom Codes that
we KNOW to be working by changing the appropriate lines as follows:

<String id="CHEATCODE_007">Unleashed</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_026">fire</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_029">satisfy</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_033">plague</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_036">earthquake</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_037">rain</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_044">moral</String>
<String id="CHEATCODE_045">requests</String>

3. (Finally!) start the game.

4. Begin a New Game or Load a Saved Game.

5. Open the game Chat Box:
Hit the key ENTER (by default), or whatever other key you have assigned to
the 'Chat' function.

A CHAT Box should open with a cursor.

6. Input a code and hit ENTER to accept.

NOTE: Some codes will display a message on the screen saying what they did,
while others will give no feedback at all.

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