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  Alien Breed 3 - Descent *UPDATE 1* [trainer +8]
General trainer information
Make sure to run the trainer as administrator.

Before you are able to use any of the shown options below. You need
to press F12 first to enable the trainer.

Ingame hotkeys

# Hotkey Option
F12 Enable Trainer

# Hotkey Option
1 NUMPAD1 Toggle Infinite Ammo
2 NUMPAD2 Toggle Rapid Fire
3 NUMPAD3 Toggle Infinite Health
4 NUMPAD4 Toggle Super Speed
5 F1 Save Position
5 F2 Restore Position
6 NUMPAD5 Toggle One Hit Kill
7 NUMPAD6 Slow Motion Enemies
8 NUMPAD7 Freeze Enemies
8 F3 Toggle Restore Enemy Movement

Trainer notes

NUMPAD 1: Infinite Ammo
With this option enabled you will have an infinite aount of ammo.

NUMPAD2: Rapid Fire
Press numpad 2 and your weapons fire rate will increase by 20.

NUMPAD3: Infinite Health
With this option enabled you will have an infinite amount of health.

NUMPAD4: Super Speed
Press numpad 4 to get the ability to run with the speed of light

F1/ F2: Save - Restore Position
Press F1 to save your current position.
Press F2 to restore your currently saved position

NUMPAD5: One Hit Kill
This option allows you to kill anyone with one hit.

NUMPAD6: Slow Motion Enemies
This option will let your enemies walk in slowmotion.

NUMPAD7: Freeze Enemies
This option will freeze all enemy positions.
To restore enemy movement simply press F3.

Install Notes
1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Run the trainer from the desktop.
3. Start the game
4. Toggle desired Options on/off

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