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  Hearts Of Iron - Platinum.Edition [cheats]
Press F12 to go to console, enter any of the following cheats:

Although this is a platinum edition they
changed some stuff from the original, also the cheats:

difrules - Play Like A God [on/off]
norevolts - Defeat all rebels.
fullcontrol - Total Control [on/off]
nolimit - No Troop Limits
showid - Turn Province ID's on or off
war - Start war immediately
nowar - Toggle Turns Of War [on/off]
handsoff - Hand Offs [on/off]
nofog - Fog Of War [on/off]
manpower - 5000 men
oil - 5000 oil
rubber - 5000 Rubber
steel - 5000 Steel
coal - 5000 Coal
supplies - 5000 Supplies
nuke - Nuclear Bomb
escorts - Extra Escorts
transports - Extra Transports
di - Extra Influence

New cheat in this version compared to the previous release:
nuke PLAYER - Send a nuclear bomb to opponent
revolt - ?
dissent - get dissent

-from EM

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