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  Alpha Black Zero [trainer +3 - proper]
Alpha_Black_Zero_Plus_3_TRAINER = BROKEN!
Seems the lamers in IMS (who know the stuff they rel is CRAP, why they
won't even label their releases!) FAILED to see the options in this game
are all in DLL! (even a blind retarded midget with only one testicle would
spot this from a great distance). Here however is a trainer that properly
resolves option addresses from your friendly psychopenguins.

Be not ashamed to ask questions, even you can learn how to make trainers
and we would be happy to tutor you! Cowards as you are we expect you will
not dare contacting us however. Oh yeah this trainer has life aswell..
funny how you left that out, what could be the reason? And wtf with that
stupid gay ass clip option?

U - Life
I - Ammo
O - Grenades
P - Explosives

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