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  Call of Duty: United Offensive [trainer +12]
::Trainer Options::

01) H - Infinite Health.
02) 7 - Infinite Ammo.
03) V - Weapon Accuracy on. *
B - Weapon Accuracy off.
04) F1 - Translocation Ammo. *
05) F2 - Brainwash Ammo. *
N - Return Ammo to Normal. *
06) K - 1 Hit Kill.
07) O - Save Checkpoint Position. *
P - Restore Checkpoint Position. *
08) J - Super Jump. *
09) U - Super Speed on. *
I - Super Speed off.
10) M - Mouse Over Allied Health. *
11) G - Grenade Detonation Installation. *
T - Trigger Grenade Detonation. *
12) 8 - Friend of The People on. *
9 - Friend of The People off.

* = read trainer notes.

::Trainer Notes::.

V - Weapon Accuracy on.
When this options is activated your crosshair will not spread
while walking etc.. Whatever gun you're using will be perfectly
accurate even if you're running and shooting.

F1 - Translocation Ammo.
Probably the best option, at least it had the most work and
effort spent on it...

What this does is.......... Activating this option turns your
ammunition from normal killing ammo to a teleportation device.
Anyone you shoot will immediately be transported into your
location on the map and you get transported to where they were.

The best use of this is when you have a sniper rifle.. you can
shoot people miles away and be teleported into their position
immediately.. This enables you to get into places you're not
supposed to be.. I generally use it to teleport into the guys
that shoot you with the machine guns up in high windows.. you
are then behind the enemy and can just mow them down with your
newly acquired machine gun :))

This option does NOT! harm the people you shoot.. it just
translocates yourself and your enemy :) have fun...

F2 - Brainwash Ammo.
Activating this option turns your ammo from normal killing
ammo into a small brainwash device that confuses anyone you
shoot into thinking they are on the side of the allies..
shooting your own men with this ammo will have no affect on
them because they are already allies :)) but when used
on an enemy they will immediately start killing their own
men around them with anything they have at their disposal.

Funniest thing I did with this option was shoot a bazooka-
wielding German and then watch him take out about 10 of his
own men with 1 shot.. he then got machine gunned down by
the survivors :)) classic!!

Same as above, this option does NOT! harm the people you

N - Return Ammo to Normal.
If you use either of the 2 options above... this will
return your ammo back to normal killing ammo.

O - Save Checkpoint Position. (*** OPTION PART 1 ***)
Im sure you will remember this option from our last AGES
trainer for kill switch.. its back again to make an
appearance in COD:UO!!

Pressing O will save your exact x,y,z positions on the
level you are on.

P - Restore Checkpoint Position. (*** OPTION PART 2 ***)
After you have used O to save your position.. whenever
you wish to return to this position in the level then
just press P.. so.. O will save.. P will restore..

WARNING!!! read the notes at the bottom about how this game
works.. it affects this option..

J - Super Jump.
This option gives you as HUGE!! jump ability.. if you use
super speed aswell then the speed of your jump is also

U - Super Speed on.
Using this option will stick a rocket up your ass and allow
you to whizz around the level..

M - Mouse Over Allied Health.
When activating this option, whenever you look at one of
your fellow soldiers he will get infinite health.. this
is useful when missions rely on you keeping someone alive.

G - Grenade Detonation Installation. (*** OPTION PART 1 ***)
If the translocation wins best option.. this one definitely
wins funniest option.. MAN!! I had so much fun with this
option its scary!! Anyway... I suppose I had better tell
you what it does :))

When activating this option it installs a detonation device
on EVERY!!! grenade in the game.. no matter who throws them
you, enemy or friend... no grenade will detonate without
you detonating it.. see next option on how to detonate..

T - Trigger Grenade Detonation. (*** OPTION PART 2 ***)
Pressing T will detonate grenades..


press G to enable the grenade detonation activation..

from now on any grenades that are thrown won't
go off without you pressing T to detonate them...

What I like doing is either.. throw a grenade at the
enemy and wait for them to pick it up and throw it
back.. as soon as they pick it up detonate it :))))

or.. if you know a place where the enemy keep coming
from.. place 10 or so grenades on the floor.. and
explode them as each enemy comes around the corner..

have fun!!!!

8 - Friend of The People on.
This option turns you into a FRIEND of everyone..
The enemy will think you are on their side.. and
the allies think you are still on theirs.. so
noone shoots at you :)) you can use this to get
into enemy bases then take the option off and
machine gun the lot of them :)))

This game reloads its dlls after every death.. or every level
if you move onto another level it seems that you will need
to re-enable the options again..

BE CAREFUL!!! if for some reason you have enabled some trainer
options then shut the game down.. THEN! reload it again..
because of the way xp manages memory the changes in the code
will still be the same.. BUT!! the code caves that houses the
option code will be blanked.. because its just buffered space..
what this means to you is that it will crash the game every time
you try and play.. what you need to do if that happens is..

either!! remember the options you used and just retap the hotkeys
to activate the code caves again.. or.. copy the uo_gamex86.dll
delete the old one and rename the new one back to the old one :)

This trainer has been tested 1000%, if for some reason it crashs
I can tell you now that its due to the xp memory managment and
not the trainer, please follow the above guidelines and we can
all avoid idiot emails.


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