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  Codename Panzers Phase One (Eng.version) [cheats]
1) here are the cheat codes to be typed in the cheat console (key [Enter]) :

SheepInTheTrees godmode
FreeWestMemphis3 godmode
TheFunniestJokeInTheWorld mmmkay...
SpotTheBraincell +1000 experience
MoneySong +1000 prestige
TheSpanishInquisition instant kill
Inferno install kill
BicycleRepairMan unlimited cargo
SelfDefenceAgainstFreshFruit invulnerability
MrHilter more outside support
DirtyHungarianPhrasebook win mission

2) have phun! and remember that war is never fun but in videogames ;)

NOTE: these cheats are slightly different from the former german version

-from BLeH

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