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  Call of Duty: United Offensive [cheats]
Cheat mode:
Start the game with the +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0 command line paramenter. Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window.

Enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat a code to disable its effect.

Effect Code
Spawn indicated item give (item name)
Full health give health
Get all items give all
Ammunition give ammo
Invincibility god
Ignored by enemy notarget
No clipping mode noclip
Toggle debug mode debug (0-1)
Toggle developer mode developer (0-1)
Fly mode ufo
Teleport to a specific map node jumptonode
Play indicated map map (map name)
Suicide kill
List all cvars cvarlist
Dump all cvars to console cvardump
Reset all cvars cvar_restart
List all console commands cmdlist
List all shaders of current map shaderlist
List all images of current map imagelist
List all sounds currently used snd_list
List all entities currently used entitylist
List all currently bound keys bindlist
View graphics information gfxinfo
Save game savegame
Load saved game loadgame
Reset variable to default value reset (variable name)
Play a cinematic file cinematic
Set crosshair transparency; default is 1.0 cg_crosshairAlpha (number)
Set gravity value; default is 800 g_gravity (number)
Set HUD transparency; default is 1.0 cg_hudAlpha (number)
Set seconds that dead bodies remain on-screen ai_corpsecount (number)
Set shellshock duration cg_shellshock (number)
Set skill level g_gameSkill (number)
Set weapon knockback power; default is 1000 g_knockback (number)
Show miss distance when hitting NPCs cg_showMiss (0-1)
Spawn indicated model testmodel (model name)
Free movement while paused cl_paused 2
Return to normal paused screen cl_paused 0
Set game speed; 0.5 is half speed, 1 is default timescale (number)
Toggle AI g_ai (0 or 1)
Toggle bullet debug mode g_debugBullets (0 or 1)
Toggle bullet marks cg_marks (0 or 1)
Toggle console debugging. con_debug (0 or 1)
Toggle crosshair cg_drawCrosshair (0 or 1)
Toggle ejecting shells cg_brass (0 or 1)
Toggle entity bounding boxes g_drawEntBBoxes v
Toggle fog r_fog (0 or 1)
Toggle framerate displae cg_drawFPS (0 or 1)
Toggle FX fx_draw (0 or 1)
Toggle FX debugging. fx_debug (0 or 1)
Toggle FX freezing fx_freeze (0 or 1)
Toggle fx. If set to 0, fx will be disabled. fx_enable (0 or 1)
Toggle game timer cg_drawTimer (0 or 1)
Toggle hit debug mode g_debugShowHit (0 or 1)
Toggle HUD cg_drawStatus (0 or 1)
Toggle HUD and crosshair cg_draw2D (0 or 1)
Toggle letterbox format cg_letterbox (0 or 1)
Toggle NPC health display g_debugDamage (0 or 1)
Toggle objects and backgrounds r_drawWorld (0 or 1)
Toggle objects and NPCs r_drawEntities (0 or 1)
Toggle player and AI movement debug mode g_debugMove (0 or 1)
Toggle player and AI movement debugging. cl_debugMove (0 or 1)
Toggle rendring cg_noRender (0 or 1)
Toggle shadows. cg_shadows (0 or 1)
Toggle spawning g_spawnai (0 or 1)
Toggle subtitles cg_subtitles (0 or 1)
Toggle third person view cg_thirdPerson (0 or 1)
Toggle vehicle debug mode g_vehicleDebug (0 or 1)
Toggle wireframe mode r_showtris (0 or 1)
Unknown testgun
Unknown debug_tankall (0 or 1)
Unknown chain (0 or 1)
Unknown ai_nocriticalsections (0 or 1)
Unknown cg_skybox (0 or 1)
Unknown cg_stats (0 or 1)
Unknown cg_noPredict (0 or 1)
Unknown cg_selectPlayer
Unknown cg_tracerChance
Unknown cg_ignore (0 or 1)
Unknown cl_run (0 or 1)
Unknown cl_running (0 or 1)
Unknown dmflags (0 or 1)
Unknown g_changelevel_time

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