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  Conflict Vietnam [trainer +12]
Toggle the keys on/off
1. (K)-Infinite Life (Current Plyr)
2. (M)-Infinite Life(Squad)
3. (U)-Infinite Ammo
4. (N)-Infinite Meds/Nades
5. (J)-Kill ALL
6. (H)-One Hit Kill
7. (I)-No Weapon Overheat
8. (G)-Infinite Life(vehicles etc)
9. (F9)-No Enemy Fire
10. (F10)-Skill Increase
11.(F11)-One Hit Barrel/Box damage
12.(F12)-Infinite Ammo (mounts etc )

options explained

1. (K)-Infinite Life (Current Plyr)
This options give you unlimited life for the character that you are currently using
it does not protect your team mates (quick Tip) scroll thru the characters with
your mouse wheel or tab and it will refill your characters life bar :P,
giving infinte to the one your stay on

2. (M)-Infinite Life(Squad)
Well ok the game gets a bit Mental with the enemy coming at you from all sides
sometimes your team mates need to be protected
so here is infinte life for them also

3. (U)-Infinite Ammo
As you can probably imagine this option does just that :)

4. (N)-Infinite Meds/Nades
You can Revive your Buddies as many times as you like
Very handy if you prefer to play without using the infinite life options
Go on .. be a devil, see if you can do the game without using the infinite life options :)

5. (J)-Kill ALL
Remember when i said the game can get a bit mental ? so many baddies firing at you
Well Have no Fear Eradicate the lot by using this option,
it will kill every enemy instantly.. can be funny to watch them all drop like stones

6. (H)-One Hit Kill
Make killing the enemy a bit easier with a single shit kill
all it takes to kill your enemy is 1 hit :)

7. (I)-No Weapon Overheat
Further along into the game you will come across this problem with the weapons
Well keep your guns chilled by enabling this option

8. (G)-Infinite Life(vehicles etc)
Not only having to contend with looking after your squad, making sure there healthy
you have vehicle that lose life when hit too ,
Not anymore you dont :P

9. (F9)-No Enemy Fire
This is a great little option ,it stops them buggers from shooting at you
ohh by the way i almost forgot also stops your team mates from shooting at them :)
but your selected character can run around like a loony firing til your hearts content

10. (F10)-Skill Increase
Another great option ...i know iam spoiling you :)
Ok let me explain how this works...
Throughout the game you accumalate points for shooting so many enemy etc etc
when you complete the level yoour points tally per character is all added up ,
your shown a chart where you can swop these points etc for stars
on the options you have a max of 10 stars for each item ,
maximum stars for pistol your a crack shot with it
maximum stars for booby traps and you deactivate a booby trap faster
then you can say jack robinson !!..the snag is this ,,,the further along the stars you get
say the first is 20 points ,by the time u get the the 10th one its gonna cost
you well over a 1000 points per star
enabling this options wipes out the costs altogether
all you have to do is click away at the desired skill you want til you have max stars
and before you know it you and your other characters will be super crack soldiers skilled to the max
everything you do or did before you will be better at it ..i think i have explained this enough
i do tend to go on a bit :)

11.(F11)-One Hit Barrel/Box damage
Scenario ..lil fecker is hiding behind Diesel Barrel or Container it usualy take a few shots
before you can destroy the barrels(they explode)
This option you can explode the barrels/boxs etc with just 1 shot!

12.(F12)-Infinite Ammo (mounts etc )
Jump onto a mounted machine gun and fire like Hell you have unlimited ammo

Well...Thats it for another day i guess, have fun !,
Its an addiction !!

to all my friends

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