Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Conflict Vietnam [trainer +10]
Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer
with "pztrain.exe", and finally start the game. During gameplay
toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:

Enable Disable Option
U U Infinite Health
I I Infinite Health (Team)
J J Infinite Ammo/Grenades
K K Infinite Med Packs
L - Mass Kill (Read Notes)
N N One Hit Kill
M M Disable Map Drawing (Read Notes)
G G No Gun Heat
F9 F9 Infinite Ammo (Vehicles, Mounts)
F10 F10 Infinite Vehicle Damage
F12 F12 Toggle In-Game Menu (Read Notes)

[Mass Kill] - This is a pretty cool option. Basically, when you have
enemies around and dont feel like fighting them, just hit the key
and they will all drop dead.

[Disable Map Drawing] - Basically, you can use this to see where
all the enemies are at. When you hit the key, it takes away the map
so you can see enemies in buildings, around corners, anywhere...

Special thanks to my man spookie for the awesome in-game menu!


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