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  Alpha Black Zero [all access cheat]

1) backup your own [ABZ]\Controls\System\Common.ctl
2) unrar godmode.rar in your [ABZ] directory
3) now the following cheats are available in the game :
F5 : god mode (on/off)
F11: time slower (slomo when timefactor lesser 1)
F12: time faster (funny when timefactor greater 1)

4) backup your own [ABZ]\Players\Player0.plr
5) unrar alllevels.rar in your [ABZ] directory
6) now the player 1 can load any level through the menu "continue campain"

7) have phun! and remember that war is never fun but in videogames ;)

8) bonus: if you want to play with ABZ console it's just like Serious Sam one :
summon it by [~] or [F1] and don't forget to put a '/' before each
command if you are not in menu but in-game.
use [TAB] to use automatic completion and choice proposal.
(example: 'gam_ [TAB]' or 'abz_ [TAB]')
use 'listsymbols()' to list every variable and function available.
use simple instructions like 'variable = value' or 'function()'.
all the console echo is logged in [ABZ>]\Abz.log. Have phun!

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