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  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [cheats]
Enable debug mode
First go to the directory where you installed the game, open up the folder named system, and open the game.ini file. If you are using Windows XP the file is located in the Harry Potter II folder in My Documents. Under


Press these buttons during game
~: toggle console
PageUp: increase game speed
PageDown: decrease game speed
Del: noclip mode
F4: select map/level
F6: full health
F9: all spells

Info for debug mode
After activating debug mode, enter these in by pressing ` which brings up a menu
1) set statusitemflobbermucus ncount #

2) set statusitemwiggenbark ncount #

3) set statusitemjellybean ncount #

4) set statusitemwiggenwell ncount #

5) set statusitemgryffindorpts ncount #(You can use it with other houses as well)

6) quit/exit (Quits the game quickly)

(1)-(5) change the # with a number

-from Fenriswolf

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