Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Alien Outbreak [trainer +4]
How to use this:

Just run this program.
Remember the hotkey of each cheat.
Run game and press the hotkey if you wish to enable any cheat.

Trainer Option:

Hotkeys Description
Shift + 1 / Ctrl + 1 - Enable/Disable God Mode

Nothing can hurt you, you can receive any enemy shot, you can rammed them, and your energy can reach zero without you dying.

Shift + 2 / Ctrl + 2 - Enable/Disable Powerful Ammo @ Instant Kill
Kill enemy with one shot.

Shift + 3 / Ctrl + 3 - Enable/Disable Space Continuance
If you reach any border (left or right), you will be on the other side.

Press Z Killing Frenzy @ Kill on Sight
Kill all enemy instantly, good for killing cloaking enemy ship.

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