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  Age of Mythology: The Titans v1.02 [trainer +12]
How to use:
1) Start the trainer.
2) Start the game.
3) Use hotkeys to turn various cheats on/off, or...
4) ALT+TAB back to Windows and access the trainer directly.
5) Enjoy ;)

R - Resources
B - Instant Buildings
U - Instant Upgrades
N - Instant Units
I - Immortality
S - Instant Special Attacks
K - Kill Unit
Q - All Cheats Off


Food (No individual hotkey):
Sets your amount of Food to 99999.

Wood (No individual hotkey):
Sets your amount of Wood to 99999.

Gold (No individual hotkey):
Sets your amount of Gold to 99999.

Favor (No individual hotkey):
Sets your amount of Favor to 99999. See *Imperfections.

Population (No individual hotkey):
Sets your population and max population to 0/300. I choose 300 as it
seemed the game wouldn't accept anything higher... Doesn't matter
though cause current population is set to 0 no matter how many units
you have.

Resources (R):
Only available through hotkey. Performs Food, Wood, Gold, Favor and
Population in one click.

Instant Buildings (B):
Skips the wait normally associated with building buildings. The worker
doesn't even have to go to the construction site.

Instant Upgrades (U):
Skips the wait normally associated with upgrades. Includes instant Age

Instant Units (N):
Skips the wait normally associated with training units.

Immortality (I):
Makes all your units and buildings invulnerable. In fact what happens
is that when the health of one of your units would normally decrease
it gets maxed instead. So you can actually heal your units by sending
them to war, in the spirit of the Norse ;).

Instant Special Attacks (S):
Heroes and myth units (and titans) often have a special attack. When
this attack is performed the gauge resets. This cheat makes it NOT re-
set. It's that simple, turn it on and your Cyclopes (is that spelled
right!?) can throw workers around non-stop.

Kill Unit (K):
Only available through hotkey. Works just like the built-in function
attached to the DELETE button, but instead of only working on your own
units, it works on everything BUT your own units. That sums it up. Se-
lect a unit or building, enemy, nature or ally, doesn't matter, just
not one of your own. Press K and units drops dead, buildings will col-
lapse. Kills only one at a time, just like DELETE.

God Powers (No hotkey):
Only available through trainer interface, not a problem though since
AoM has no ALT+TAB protection or anything. It's pretty straightfor-
ward. Press the read-button to read the current god powers from game
memory. Change it/them if you want and press write to write them back
to the game memory. I think Iåve mapped all possible god powers but if
you have one that I havenåt mapped, it will be shown as "
(god power id)", but you can still change it's amount. See
*Imperfections, See *God Powers


Favor often sets itself back to 100 or 200 even though you've just set
it to 99999. Just ignore this and press R when needed.

If and when you choose to modify your god powers, the game sometimes
does not react to the change immediately. To reveal the new god powers
that you've chosen click around on some of your own units that are not
currently selected. This will reveal the current god powers. Also
about god powers notice that you can't unlock god power slots that
have not yet been activated by the natural progress of the game.
You'll have to upgrade through the ages to unlock the god power
slots, and then you can change them through the trainer.

God Powers:

Here is the list of god powers that I found while making the trainer.
Most of them I found playing random maps, but later when I tried all
values I found some, that you normally wouldn't have access to, but
nevertheless they are there. I've labelled these "Special", some of
the specials are also available through the built-in cheat codes, and
others I would guess are related to campaign mission (I assume "Bless-
ing of Zeus" is a campaign related god power, I'm guessing since I
haven't actually completed the game). Worth mentioning is the SPCMe-
teor, it's a single meteor, not like the normal meteor attack, there
is only one, and it hits precise and very hard (enough to kill Town
Center and Titan), but who cares right? Youåve got the Kill Unit op-
tion :). Anyways I've made them all available to you, feel free mess
around with them. I assume all the "regular" god powers have a more
detailed description in the in game help system, so check that out.

Archaic Age: Bolt, Lure, Sentinel
Classical Age: Restoration, Ceasefire, Pestilence
Heroic Age: Underworld passage, Bronze, Curse
Mythic Age: Plenty, Lightning Storm, Earthquake

Archaic Age: Prosperity, Rain, Vision
Classical Age: Plague of Serpents, Eclipse, Shifting Sands
Heroic Age: Locust Swarm, Ancestors, Citadel
Mythic Age: Son of Osiris, Meteor, Tornado

Archaic Age: Dwarven Mine, Great Hunt, Spy
Classical Age: Healing Spring, Undermine, Forest Fire
Heroic Age: Walking Woods, Frost, Flaming Weapons
Mythic Age: Ragnarok, Fimbulwinter, Nidhogg

Archaic Age: Deconstruction, Shockwave, Gaia's Forest
Classical Age: Spider Lair, Carnivora, Valor
Heroic Age: Chaos, Traitor, Hesperides
Mythic Age: Tartarian Gate, Vortex, Implode

SPCMeteor, Blessing of Zeus, Well of Urd,
Chicken Storm, Walking Berry Bushes, Goatunheim,
Volcano, Decontruct Wonder,
Cyclops Change, Cimera Change, Caladrius Change,
Manticore Change, Nemean Change, Hydra Change,
Seed of Gaia

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