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  Battle For Troy [trainer +13]

01) T - TELEPORT UNIT (see notes)
02) I - INVISIBLE TROOPS (see notes)
03) R - REVEAL ENEMY POSITION (see notes)
04) L - ARMAGEDDON ON (LEVEL SKIP) (see notes)
06) S - INFINITE HEALER SPELLS (see notes)


Mouse Over Options
11) M - SET RANK POINTS TO 2 (see notes)
12) H - BOOST UNIT HEALTH (see notes)
13) N - REDUCE UNIT HEALTH (see notes)


Teleport Units - Im very proud once again to bring u imo a great option
that isnt really used that much in games.. let me start by saying this
option is NOT!! in any way part of the game.. i didnt utilise a cheat code
or any spells or powers within the game.. this is 100% reversed option to
give u the ability.. click on a unit to select them.. then move ur mouse
pointer anywhere on the map and press T this will instantly teleport ur
selected unit to that location on the map.. if u keep ur finger pressed
down on T it looks like u pick the unit up :)))
warning.. dont teleport a unit outside of the map or the game will crash..
common sense really!!!

Invisible Troops - This option will make any troops that are owned or
built by u invisible to other troops.. this will not cover troops u take
under ur control with the CONTROL UNIT option.. special units such as
minotaur also do not get affected.. but i only found 1 of them in the
whole game.. im sure there are others.. but its effective as is.

Remove unit/building from game - This option completely removes a unit
from the game.. now listen carefully.. because im sure the impatient
people out there will think this option doesnt work.. select the option..
and BE CAREFUL!! only move ur mouse over units u want removed from the
game.. then WAIT!!! it takes anything from 2 to 20 seconds for the game to
catch up.. and then u will see the units disappear in front of ur very
eyes :) there is 1 tell tell sign they have been touched.. they generally
stop doing everything!! but all u really need to do is wait those few
seconds and they are gone..

Reveal Enemy Positions - This will show every unit to u on the minimap!

Armageddon!! - This option actually acts as 2 things.. 1.. it kills every
enemy in the game.. and as this is ur mission on every mission in the
game.. it also acts as a level skip.. u need to turn it on.. but dont
forget to turn it off.. or u skip to the next level after that..
WARNING!! if ur supposed to kill a certain character.. and u have taken
control of him with the other TAKE CONTROL option in the trainer.. using
armageddon wont skip the level.. so be careful not to be controlling chars
that need killing :)

Infinite healer spells - This will instantly give all ur healers 255
spells of each spell.. well there is only 2 different spells.. :) but
enjoy none the less.

Control enemy unit - move ur mouse over an enemy unit to make him urs.. u
can now control him to do ur bidding!

Set rank to 2 - because the game is poorly coded the max u can set ur rank
to without crashing the game is 2.. this is because if u set the rank to
3.. the next time u gain a rank instead of checking FIRST!! and not adding
1.. it adds 1 without checking at all.. and this makes the game crash..

Boost health - This option basically makes ur men invinsible.. it sets
their health extremely high.

Reduce Health - Same as above but for enemy.. reduces enemy health so u
just need to hit once to kill! :)

WELL!! there u have it.. my first step on the journey of REVENGE!! ill let
things rest here for now.. but i have a feeling that there are dark forces
that will never let this thing die.. so who knows.. maybe u will be
hearing more of my adventures in trainer land :)))

One final thing.. People may remember me writing up my personal rules..
one of them was that i never rls a PROPER after say 2 days at most..
this rls does infact break that rule.. and this is why..

A) That rules applies to a game ive been working on at the same time
as the other trainer maker..

B) I didnt start this trainer and was NEVER going to .. until
Dark figure started being a complete asshole.. which was days
after his rls.. so pls forgive me.. to stoop down so low i
somtimes even have to compromise my own values..

thanks *someone who cares* :)

stay cool people..

ur always humble servant.. sheep.

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