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  Battle for Troy [trainer +5]
Trainer Hotkeys:
F2 - Lots of Cash *
F3 - Remove Solider Cap Limit
F4 - Zeus's Lighting Bolt *
F5 - Athena's Shield *
F6 - Lots of Artifacts
F7 - Back to Normal

Special Notes:
Lots of cash - Turn this option on and then go train a soldier in the
barracks and this will give you tons of gold.

Zeus's Lighting Bolt - Basically when this option is enabled any
building/wall/unit that you move your mouse over will have their
health/shield decreased to zero. So now all you need to do is send in
a single unit to just hit it once with any weapon and it will
die/collapse. Also one thing to note is when this option is turned on
and you move your mouse over an enemies barracks it will go to 0
health and it will stop producing anymore soldiers. Which in some
cases could be pretty usefull.

Athena's Shield - When this option is enabled any
soldier/building/wall you move your mouse over will will turn
invulnerable. Which truly gives a new meaning to the word 'one man
army' ;P

Hope you enjoy this fine release by iMSDOX!

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