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  Far Cry [cheats]
First off, move the DevMode.lua ( file to the main FarCry Directory
overwritting other file.
Now Start game by adding the '-devmode' parameter, in game - use the
following hotkeys:
F4 - Toggle No Clip Mode
F2 - Move to Next Checkpoint
o - Gives 999 ammo
p - Gives all weapons
F9 - Save Current Position
F10 - Load Current Position
F11 - Toggle Extra Information
F1 - Toggles FirstPerson/ThirdPerson Camera Modes
BackSpace - Toggle GodMode
= - increase speed
- - decrease speed
F5 - Default Speed

Note: I've added the GodMode cheat and enabled the speed cheat also..
you will notice that once in devmode all the levels of the game are
also unlocked ;)

Greets: [sheep], lokii


Console Commands
Press ~ to access the console, then enter the following:

give_all_weapons=1 All Weapons
give_all_ammo=1 Ammunition
god_mode_count=1 God Mode

Change Color of your name
At the character selection screen where you enter your name, type one of the below for different colored letters:
$0 = Black
$1 = White
$2 = Blue
$3 = Green
$4 = Red
$5 = Light Blue
$6 = Yellow
$7 = Pink
$8 = Orange
$9 = Gray

For example, if your name was ''BOB'' and you wanted each letter to be a diffrent color like yellow, black then orange. You would type it like this:


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