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  Battle Mages [trainer +10]
Trainer Notes:
Use keys ingame to activate options. On some systems you may need to
alt-tab out of the game to use options!

Note on mana option: its divided on two keys as you do not always
want to increase maxmana when you need a refill.

Note on magic "school" level option: this is the level of spells
are you able to learn by studying. This option also increases the
number of spell slots.

Note on recruit monsters option: you may need to click your new recruits
before they stop fighting and become part of your troops.

Note on recruit civilians option: after activated, all newly created
extra characters such as civilians, boars etc will become part of your

1 - increase experience points
2 - increase gold
3 - increase magic skill
4 - increase magic "school" level
5 - increase maximum mana
6 - max out mana
7 - increase military skill
8 - increase leadership points
9 - recruit monsters
0 - recruit civilians
+ - freeze timer (numpad +)

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