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  Dominions II - The.Ascension Wars v2.08 [trainer +2]
Unpack archive into your Dominions II directory
and run the VERMDOX.exe.
Click Run Game and Use the cheatkeys ingame.

Trainer Options:

F1 = get a lot of Magic, Dominion and Castle points

F2 = unlimited Treasury and Ressources


option [1]

simple press F1 when creating a new god and set the Magic,
Domion and Castle points like you wish. all limits are
removed and spells etc. can be set to the highest level.

option [2]

when the map is loaded press F2 and your Treasury and
Ressources wont decrease anymore. you can recruit as much
troops as you want. the ressource counter can become a
value below zero in the buy menu but it will be fixed when
you close the menu and continue playing.


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