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  Firestarter [trainer +6]

Trainer Notes:

e - Get game information (use this first)
-> Once the game is running, hit e once. This will make the
-> trainer retrieve vital information from the game. If you close
-> and restart the game, use e again !

f - infinite Psy (on/off)
-> immediately maxes Psy power and leaves it maxed until turned off.

g - high score
-> Gives you lots of points. Once you complete a level,
you will then be able to learn a ton of skills and will
kick plenty of ass in the future. Can't be turned off.

h - infinite life (on/off)
-> Does not affect monsters.

i - infinite armor (on/off)

j - infinite ammo (on/off)
-> Different code is used for decreasing different types of ammo.
-> I might have missed a spot, which could result in some
-> types of ammo not being supported by this (however, I have not
-> yet encountered such a problem)

k - infinite Artefact time (on/off)
-> When turned on, you have all the time in the world to
-> collect the next artefact.

note to iMSDOX: Your trainer didn't work as the code which
needs to be patched resides in several Dlls, not inside the game's
exe. Since the dlls are loaded to different base addresses on
different occassions, the static adresses you used could
not work.

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