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  Age Of Mythology : The Titans v1.01 [trainer +11]
Trainer Options

C - Cycle God Power (see notes)
G - Hand of God Pointer (see notes)
R - Infinite Resources (see notes)
0 - Death Pointer (see notes)
F1 - Speed Pointer (see notes)
F2 - Encumberance Pointer (see notes)
X - Normalize Pointer
F3 - Infinite God Power on (see notes)
F4 - Infinite God Power off
F5 - Scout Reveals Map (see notes)
B - Instant Build on (see notes)
N - Instant Build off
W - Control All Wildlife (see notes)
T - Control Next Army (see notes)

Trainer Notes

C - Cycle God Power, Because most of the god powers are a pile of shite
Ive created a table from the 10 best powers in the game, this includes
the TITAN GATE so u dont need to wait around. The screen doesnt seem
to have a regular update so what u do is PRESS C then click on a
building or a unit that isnt currently selected this will prompt the
screen to update and u will see the new god power, you can cycle through
all 10 powers like this as often as u want.

G - Hand Of God Pointer, When u touch a unit or building it places "1337" into
their health, from then on this unit/building is totally invincible from any
attack on its health. NOTE!! some powers such as being turned to stone
can still kill you because they do not attack your health.

R - Infinite Resources, I cant stand trainers that train every resource and
claim +1 for each resource.. who is going to want to have 1 resource
infinite and not the rest? neways, in my first AOM trainer i did indeed
split the resources so in this one ive revised that and now all resources
get updated at the same time and its a +1. So that the computer doesnt
get the benefit u need to click on the resource panel this will bring up
a panel to send goods to ur allies.. just close this again, resources are
now MAXXED, if u run low which isnt that likely just click the resource

0 - Death Pointer, Once this is selected any troops or buildings u click on will
instantly die, dont select ur own troops. ;p

F1 - Speed Pointer, Once selected any unit TYPE!!! u click on will have a MASSIVE
speed boost, be careful with this, use it on troops native to u and u get the
most benefit, there is 1 exception to this rule, it seems that ur villagers
all run from structures built on the fly every game, so if u use the speed
pointer on ur villagers the enemies villagers are still normal speed.

F2 - Encumberance Pointer, Same as above yet turns a troop TYPE!! the speed of snails.
You can safely turn the enemies villagers into slow lazy fuckers without ur
villagers being affected.

F3 - Infinite God Powers, Stops ur god powers from decreasing also removes the time u
have to wait between uses. Turn it off when not using it so the computer doesnt
use it.. sorry, should have spent 5 mins looking for an ident or something but
i fucking hate this game.

F5 - Scouts Reveal Whole Map, I made several maphacks including LOS manipulation and
a normal reveal map instantly, I didnt want to include them in this trainer for
lame MultiPlayer cheat using motherfuckers, so I tied it to the oracle scouts
which im hoping wont work on MultiPlayer games. When an oracle scout stands
still he will reveal the whole map and it will stay revealed even if he moves.

B - Instant Build, This one is simple.. turn it on when u want to build ur
units/buildngs and then turn it off.. computer will game minimal benefit only
while you are building your own army.

W - Control All Wildlife, Just as the option says, when u press W all the animals
on the level are totally under ur control, u also gain their line of sight
which pretty much reveals the map. A good tip for u is to use the SPAWN GATE
god power and press W in the normal game the monsters that come out of it will
attack anything that is close to them, but if u press W u get control over them
aswell :)

T - Control Next Army, Press T ONCE!! and very quickly, this will take control over
the next enemy army on the list, do it again and u get the NEXT army.. etc.. if
ur silly enuff to take control of all armies then the game ends in ur victory.

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