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  Claw [hints & cheats]
The Unofficial Claw Helpfile v0.1

By Alienz9k

1)This is not an official Monolith software.

2)This is not the official Claw Help file. This is an unofficial one.

3)All images of Claw and related characters used in this software are a courtsey of Monolith Productions Inc.

4)I do not give any official support to this software.

5)No guarantee is provided with this software.I will not be responsible for any data loses,computer crashes or anything that is a result of using this software.

6)You will use this software at your own risk.

The Unofficial Claw Help File v0.1

By Alienz9k

This software provides almost all you need to know about Claw from cheats to complete step by step Level Guides. This software is FREEWARE. You can distribute it via Floppies, CDs, DVDs, WWW, etc. Make as many copies as you want and redistribute it to all your friends and relatives who play Claw.

Basic designs by SparkBoy (Thx a lot buddy)

Re-editing, programming and compilation by Alienz9k.

All images of Claw and related charecters are a courtsey of Monolith Productions Inc.

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Please also refer to the Official Claw Helpfile for more information regarding Gameplay.

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