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  Halo Combat Evolved V1.0 [trainer +9]
Trainer Options

1 - Infinite Health + Energy
2 - Infinite Ammo (all weapons and nades) fuck off DEMENTIA
3 - No Weapon Overheating
4 - Infinite Flashlight
5 - Invisibility (see notes)
6 - Instant Kill Ammo (see notes)
7 - Vertical Limits Ammo (see notes)
8 - Chaos Sight On (see notes)
9 - Chaos Sight Off (see notes)
K - Freeze Universe on (see notes)
L - Freeze Universe off (see notes)

Trainer Notes

5 - Invisibility - This works exactly the same way as picking up
a camo PICKUP, you will become invisible after a few moments and
stay invisible as long as u dont shoot or as long as you are not
spotted shooting by the enemy.. to regain invisibility just move
out of sight of the aliens and it will return. If i hadnt already
spent 2 much time rlsing this trainer i would have taken out the
routines to make u visible once u shoot, but im now at the nfo
writing stage and the trainer is packed and ready to go.

6 - First of all with the AMMO options you can only use 1 at a
time obviously. This option does exactly what it says on the tin
:) it kills aliens instantly.. When choosing this option (and
the other ammo option) all of your team mates also get the benefit
from it.. but obviously not the aliens :)

7 - Vertical Limits Ammo - This is where the options start to get
amusing for the best part and down right funny at its extreme, when
this option is enabled, shooting an alien will project him about 1km
into the air (this all depends on what level u are on and how high
the ground level is) i suggest if u want to see the aliens fall down
to earth you only use this option outside.. if you use it underground
when you shoot an alien they just disappear :) so maybe its slightly
OK!! one more thing.. aliens are not the only thing u can shoot
so be careful.. rocks, trees, spaceships etc... they will ALL be
projected into the air when u shoot them, i was going to remove this
ability and have it JUST for aliens.. but it was just 2 much fun
shooting an alien dropship and watching it deposit its cargo of aliens
in mid air.. SPLAT!!! :)

8 - Chaos Sight - This is one of the funniest options ive created. When
you turn on CHAOS SIGHT all around you will become chaotic, this effects
aliens and your OWN soldiers so i suggest u make sure you are not around
your own men when turning it on. The most effective use of this option is
to use INVISIBILITY then walk into the middle of a group of aliens and
turn this option on.. you can then sit back and laugh ur ass off as the
aliens all start killing each other :) the chaos sight routines are
attached to the sights of your weapons, even though it seems that the
alien structures pass through this code long before u actually sight them.
All this means is that even being close to aliens and having it turned on
will make them attack the nearest thing to them..

K - FREEZE UNIVERSE - Again this does exactly what it says.. EVERYTHING!!
freezes, aliens, ships, soldiers etc.. etc.. only thing that doesnt freeze
is ofcourse yourself :) you can walk around shooting aliens (they wont
fall to the ground until you UNFREEZE but you can tell when they are dead
by the sights of your gun, if they are still alive the gun sight will be
RED, once they are dead it turns BLUE. Be careful with this option.. drop
ships and other elements have internal timers that are not frozen with
this option.. ive noticed a dropship drop its aliens 2 early onto the top
of a cliff and you cant kill them to get to the next checkpoint.. its fine
for general use though.. ive used it throughout the game and apart from that
small glitch (on first level) its fine. One funny thing that you can do
with this option.. POWER weapons will not project themselves from a long
distance.. they will just sit in mid air.. unless ur very close to an alien
in which case it will discharge onto them.. I had a group of aliens just
landed from a dropship.. I froze everything.. then charged up an energy
weapon and let it fire.. it was frozen in midair.. i did this about 5 times
all around the aliens.. then unfroze.. it was very funny to see 5 massive
bolts of energy hit these poor little creatures all at the same time :)

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