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  Europa Universalis Crown of the North [trainer +9]

Trainer Notes:
1 - Unlimited Money
2 - Unlimited Food
3 - Freeze Victory Points
4 - Unlimited Siege
5 - Fast Siege
6 - Max Favor By Nobility
7 - Max Favor By Clergy
8 - Max Favor By Burghers
9 - Max Favor By Peasants
0 - Resume All To Normal

NOTE: When using any of the options 6-9 you must do something that
would normally decrease or increase the loyalty of the specified
class. For example if you demand war taxes from castles it would
normally decrease loyalty of your nobility by 2 but if you have
option 6 on their loyalty will be maxed.

Unlimited Siege (Enemy cant invade your cities, take off after battle)
Fast Siege (Invade enemy cities quickly, take off after battle)

Install Notes:
1) Unpack to gamedir.
2) Run Trainer.
3) Start the game via trainer.

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