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  Earth 2150 [pre-cheats]
Cheats submitted by Wolfgang Weingärtner

NOTE: These cheats have not yet been tested. They may only work with German versions of the game.

To enable cheats, press ENTER and type I_wanna_cheat, then simultaneously press LEFT SHIFT, 0 (on the number pad) and ENTER.

To enter any of the following cheats, press ENTER, type the cheat text and press ENTER again to activate.

X-mas_pack = Reload ammo and full repair
Fireworks = Put mines in area (range 8)
I_love_this_game = 1000 give 1000 CR
I_hate_limits = 100000 increase unit limit to 100000 CR
Einstein 1 = enable fast research
Einstein 0 = disable fast research
Help_me_please!!! 1 = enable fast research for player only
Help_me_please!!! 0 = disable fast research
Time_is_relative = faster researches
Dirt_cheap_research = cheaper researches
The_hammer_of_Thor = Kill all enemies in range of 8
Massacre = Kill all objects in range of 8
see_you_next_life = kill selected object
Hasta_la_vista_enemigos = kill visible enemy units and buildings
Bad_time_bad_place = Damage all objects in area
Eagle_eye = show area
Let_be_darkness = hide area
No_one_hides = shows all units
No_more_secrets = shows all map
Armageddon = meteor rain

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