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  Cold Zero [trainer +6]
Trainer Features:


1.) Unlimited energy
2.) Unlimited armor
3.) Unlimited ammo
4.) Unlimited skillpoints
5.) Weapons don't get worn out
6.) No exhausting while running

Some words about the previous trainer by the people in STN / MMDOX /

1.) Your trainer layout is ripped from the menu TRSI has used. This is
not only lame, this is the lamest thing we have seen since a while in
this business. We are nevertheless NOT speaking of a certain group whose
releases are 90% nonworking. We guess you know who we mean here.

2.) The energy trainer also affects the enemies. They are trained aswell
and the game is unplayable. Have you ever heard anything about quality
control? It seems you just tried to copy the method on the german trainer
done by TRSI. This method may work on the german, yes, but surely not on
the english one. Get a clue!

The PC trainer scene as of today.. 25% know what they are doing, 75% think
they could do what they think to know.

Enjoy a proper trainer (tm) Deviance!

Install Notes:
1. Unace it into your GameDir.
2. Start trainer.
3. Start the game.
4. Alt -tab out.
5. Choose options on the trainer and have fun :)

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