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  Deimos Rising [cheats]
When playing game press ` to bring up console then enter supermunki to
activate cheats then enter any of these below:

SHADOWS - Toggles the drawing of game shadows
LIMITFPS - Toggles maximum frame rate
PLAYER - Provides access to player state commands
VERSION - Displays game version
INTEGRITY - Performs basic data integrity
MEMORY - Displays memory
LOGMEM - Logs memory
GAMETIME - Displays game time
DISPLAYACCURACY - Displays ground enemy destruction statistics
ALLLEVELS - Access to all levels
LIFE - Gives an extra life
ACCURACY - Accuracy to 100%
FUNDS - Gives player Money
SCORE - Gives player points
SHIELDS - Gives player shields
MULT - Gives player Bonus Multiplayer

"lookie.jpg" in zip.

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