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  Neverwinter Nights v1.10 [trainer +6]
1. Start the game
2. Start the trainer
3. Look below to see the description of each options.
All options are OFF by default

Unlimited Gold:
After you turned this on, drop/pick some gold to see effects.

Max AC:
Equip/unequip an armor to get Max AC.

Max HP:
Get killed and respawn with max HP.

Max ATK bonus:
Equip/unequip a weapon to gain Max ATK bonus.

One hit kill:
Kill enemy with one hit!

Turn everything ON/OFF:
turn all above options ON or OFF.

Change EXP:
ALT + TAB out of game and into trainer. Enter the amount of exp you want
to change. After you done that, go back into game and gain a level to
get the amount of exp you set.
Notice: this effect is permanent. The only way to change it back to
normal is to quit the game and reload.

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