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  Cross Roads Green Wave [cheat enabler]
Start game as usual. At mainmenu hit LEFT CTRL + LEFT SHIFT + F2
keycombo in order to toggle Levels Cheat. Start New Game and you
can now play all original maps.

NOTE: You may previously, or not, have seen Cross.Roads.Green.Wave.ALL
.ACCESS.CHEAT-STN which included a PATCHED executable in order
to enable built-in cheat, whereas the correct keycombo for
enabling in-game cheats is listed above.

So alright, sometimes you can not easily figure out triggers for
in-game cheats - that's when you do a CHEAT ENABLER. But surely
an ALL ACCESS CHEAT will NOT rely on IN-GAME cheats, hence the
STN labeling is inappropiate.

/Team PiZZA

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